AG Wants 30 Days To Answer Connolly RTK

AG Wants 30 Days To Answer Connolly RTK — The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General says it needs another 30 days, or until April 24, to answer the right-to-know (RTK) request Sean Connolly submitted March 18.

RTK Officer Sharon K. Maitland said the extension was needed due to the extent of Connolly’s request.

Connolly of Collegeville bought a Toll Brothers-built house in 2017 and says its shoddy construction makes it barely livable.

He has recorded his grievances at

He says state, municipal and Montgomery County authorities are protecting Toll Brothers and then Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Connolly seeks communications between the AG office and attorneys Jennifer Horn and Carter Williamson of Horn Williamson relating to Toll Brothers along with documents such as inter-office emails and meeting agendas involving former Consumer Protection Division Director Sarah Frasch in which Connolly was mentioned.

He also seeks financial records relating to use of special agents used to contact Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, both of Delaware County, after they reported election irregularities in November 2020 to former US Attorney Bill McSwain.

Connolly also asked for all communications sent to Dr. Scott Rifkin who is an advisor to now Gov. Shapiro. He says Shapiro, Rifkin and others were involved in a backdoor deal to sell the 200 acre county-owned Parkhouse property while Shapiro was a county commissioner.

Connolly has numerous other request in his RTK and we are including a pdf of the attorney general office’s response.

AG Wants 30 Days To Answer Connolly RTK -- The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General has informed Sean Connolly they will need another 30 days,

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