Corruption Rampant In Montco; Resident Describes To Commissioners Cronyism And Falsifying Documents

Corruption Rampant In Montco; Resident Describes To Commissioners Cronyism And Falsifying Documents — Sean Connolly took his peeled onion to his county commissioners, this morning, March 21.

“I know about the corruption that goes on in Montgomery County,” he said.

Connolly said deeds and certificates of occupations have been falsified, and crimes were covered up by law enforcement. He laid all at the feet of Josh Shapiro who chaired the Montco Commissioners before becoming Pennsylvania attorney general in 2017 and then governor in 2023.

He said Shapiro was involved in a backdoor deal with Scott Rifkin to sell the 200 acre county-owned Parkhouse property as county commissioner.

Connolly, a former Montco deputy sheriff, said Shapiro had a long-standing personal relationship to the Toll family of Toll Brothers developers. He said Shapiro has taken substantial campaign contributions from the Tolls and that he has worked to cover up complaints over Toll Brothers homes such as water-intrusion..

That’s what started Connolly’s crusade. He had purchased an expensive Toll Brothers home in 2017. There were problems even before he moved in and he, his wife and kids were living in a hotel. After he moved in, things were not fixed.

The roof leaked. There were gas leaks, and frozen pipes. The framing from basement to roof was compromised.

He said there were about 20 other homes in his development with the same problems.

He said the certificate of occupancy had been falsified by the township code inspector. Connolly said he contacted police and nothing happened. He sought his records via a right-to-know request and what police gave him was redacted.

Connolly said his deed was illegally recorded.

He was unable to get relief from the authorities — whether at the municipal, county, state or federal level — that allegedly protect citizens in such matter.

So he has taken the matter to the public.

Yesterday, he was interviewed by Emerald Robinson and gave far more detail than he was able to in the three minutes granted by the Montco Commissioners.

He has also started the website in which he shows the receipts he acquired on his journey.

Connolly has branched off into investigating the other scandals involving Montgomery County. In his three minutes before the commissioners he cited the one concerning conservatorships. In an interview afterwards, he said there is a looming child sex scandal.

Some have accused Montco’s courts of using their power in the appointment of guardians to rob the elderly of their estates. The late talk show host Marti Oakley had it as a regular topic.

We have written several times about Elaine Mickman who says the county has worked with her ex to strip her of her home and assets.

Today we met Arthur who brought a sign saying “DA Steele Protects Guardianship Corruption.”

Arthur also has a website:

There is a whole lot of smoke in Montco and somewhere we think there is a raging fire.

Other ugliness revealed, today, was that King of Prussia was the nation’s second largest source of child trafficking behind Las Vegas.

A woman, who said she worked at one of the county’s Jefferson-Einstein hospitals, said young foreign women constantly arrive to give birth. The fathers are invariably “disgusting” American men with fake address. She was in near tears. She said she fears what happens to the babies after they leave.

Commissioner Tom DiBello backed her up. He said that Pennsylvania is the worst state in the nation for child trafficking due to its location and interstates.

One speaker said that taxes rose 34 percent over the last four years.

The commissioners passed a bizarre Soviet-sounding ordinance establishing a “Food Policy Council”. This would include “stakeholders” who are people who have no stake in the production or profitability of an enterprise.

Commissioner Neil Makhija said the county has 600 farms but only six percent grow vegetables.

Resident Joe Rooney of Abington called out their stupidity.

He said this was a five-year Soviet plan.

“How many of you people have ever raised chickens?” he asked. “How many of you have ever raised turkeys?”

We have a suspicion that there will be a whole lot less than 600 farms by the time this bunch is through.

There are a whole lot of half-acre backyards in Montco that would make just peachy vegetable patches. Who needs swimming pools and barbecue pits? Hey Neil, let all your wealthy suburban supporters know they can solve this problem themselves.

Despite the serious problems, today’s action by the commissioners was mostly creepy wokeyness. There were poetry readings and celebrations of women’s history month. Makhija took great pride in the upcoming “pride” month. Why one would take pride in pointless, dangerous and deviant sex remains a puzzle.

Maybe in a few short years the child traffickers will get a month of their own.

Corruption Rampant In Montco; Resident Describes To Commissioners Cronyism And Falsifying Documents
Arthur with his sign outside the commissioners meeting room.

The interview by Emerald Robinson of Connolly along with Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes:

Corruption Rampant In Montco and Corruption Rampant In Montco

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