Delco Prepares To Stop Use Of Covanta; Expect Trash Costs To Hike

Delco Prepares To Stop Use Of Covanta; Expect Trash Costs To Hike — Delaware County (Pa) Council, yesterday, May 15, approved two ordinances. One extends the existence of the Delaware County Sold Waste Authority to Jan. 1, 2074. The other incurs $35 million in debt for it.

The money will allow the authority to rip down its existing trash transfer stations and replace them with neato, shiny new ones.

More significantly it will allow it to expand its use of the Rolling Hills Landfill in Berks County with the goal of ending all use of the Covanta trash-to-steam plant in Chester.

Right now Covanta takes about 85 percent of Delco’s trash with the rest going to Rolling Hills.

Delco is not the only municipality that uses Covanta so it will not necessarily close when it stops getting Delco’s trash.

Covanta brings in about $8 million a year in revenue to Chester and provides electricity to power 48,000 homes.

Chester residents seem to want Covanta gone.

We sort of sympathize.

If we lived in Tinicum would we want Philadelphia International Airport gone?

If we lived in Marcus Hook, would we want the refineries gone?


On the other hand, if the closing of industry means wealthy Haverford Prep alumni get hip neighborhoods that produce nothing but hipness, and the not-so-wealthy are priced out of their homes, maybe not.

And if it means no air transport or gasoline, and the cost of garbage disposal doubles, definitely not.

The ones running Delaware County are not deep thinkers.

Delco Prepares To Stop Use Of Covanta; Expect Trash Costs To Hike

Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies

Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies — David Galluch at Broad+Liberty points out that Pennsylvanians could be living in clover if the state wasn’t run by those who hate energy.

At least for most of us.

Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies
Gov. Hypocrite

Of course, they love energy for themselves. One can’t go to a free Super Bowl party on a bicycle, right Josh Shapiro? That would be gauche. A private jet is required.

At least we hope it was a private jet. Josh isn’t really saying.

Oh, if he went commercial our poor governor would have been snickered at the whole night by his 1-percenter buddies.

Anyway, Galluch points out that Shapiro appears to be planning to maintain Pennsylvania’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which makes it impossible for Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry to operate.

“So much for supporting an industry that supports the employment of over six percent of our commonwealth,” he says.

Read his column, here.

Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies

Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO

Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO

By Bob Small

PECO is planning a $12 million investment in Swarthmore as part of a larger statewide electricity initiative that calls for removing lots of trees.

You can call the plan “We Kill Trees To Go Green”

The current utility poles are 35 feet tall, and PECO wants to replace them with fifty footers.

The assessment at the Nov. 15 borough council is that 124 trees must go, most of which are decades old. PECO promises to replace them with 2-and-a-half-foot saplings

PECO refuses to use underground electrical lines it was revealed despite their use in Springfield and at Swarthmore College.

PECO cites higher costs as among the reasons they don’t want to tunnel in the dirt in the borough.

Swarthmore Borough Council has been in negotiations with PECO, but has not found a way forward as of last night’s meeting.

In keeping with our tradition, Swarthmore residents are beginning to organize, with letters and phone calls as the first salvo in the battle.

While PECO has not approached my block yet, but we don’t know that they won’t. To be clear, my household is not involved with the organizing.

There are numerous other examples of PECO’s attempts to destroy trees in a similar fashion. A few are listed below.  ›  2022 › 08 › peco-plan-to-replace-trees-with-poles-sparks-nether-providence-protest

peco-poles-trees-nether-providence – DELCO.Today  ›  p › stop-peco-from-destroying-trees-in-lower-merion-township

Stop PECO from destroying trees in Lower Merion Township  ›  story › opinion › letters › 2021 › 01 › 17 › lte-why-peco-cutting-down-trees-landisville-road-plumstead › 4178989001

Why is PECO cutting down trees? – The Intelligencer

Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO
Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO

Fifth Column Environmentalists

Fifth Column Environmentalists — The confidence Russia had in its Ukrainian invasion stems from the world’s dependence on its oil and natural gas.

One of the reasons for this dependence is due to policies passed in the name of environmentalism in Western democracies.

Several European counties — including Germany — have banned fracking, notes Gatestone Institute.

Germany is also shutting its nuclear power plants.

This important nation is almost entirely dependent on Russia for its energy.

Of course, the US can’t help. Two years ago we may have been an energy exporter but now with Green New Dealies running things and pipelines shuttered, not so.

What’s horrifying is that this weakening is not the result of domestic stupidity but out-and-out treasonous greed.

Yes, our environmental activists are getting mega-bucks from Gazprom, the Russian energy giant which is funneling the money through Bermuda.

They are literally fifth columnists.

Bet your left and right foots that our media outlets and politicians are getting cuts as well.

Oh, the Chinese are also giving greenbacks to greenies, says Gatestone.

Be mad, be angry.

Don’t bleat, roar.

Fifth Column Environmentalists
You know they care about the environment because of all the $$ they give environmentalists LOL
Fifth Column Environmentalists

Pennsylvanians Face Higher Electric Bills Thanks To Democrats

Pennsylvanians Face Higher Electric Bills Thanks To Democrats

By Leo Knepper

In February, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) requested that the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) delay joining the Regional Green House Gas Initiative (RGGI) for a year. On Tuesday, July 13, the EQB ignored that request and approved the RGGI regulation. As we’ve mentioned previously, this is an attempt by Governor Wolf and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to sidestep the General Assembly. Joining RGGI will bring the Commonwealth into a regional cap-and-trade scheme, devastate a swath of the economy, and increase electric bills for every ratepayer in PA.

It is hard to overstate just how much damage joining RGGI will do to PA’s economy. In their statement on the EQB’s vote, the Power PA Jobs Alliance did an excellent job in summarizing some of the problems this will cause:

“RGGI will also preclude the construction of any new natural gas fired electric generation plants within the Commonwealth that could otherwise replace lost generation from the closure of older fossil fuel plants. In recent years, Pennsylvania union workers built more than a dozen major natural gas plants within the Commonwealth at a cost of over $14 billion. Under RGGI, these projects will no longer occur within Pennsylvania and, as we have already seen just from the threat of RGGI, Ohio and West Virginia are benefiting from billions of capital investment in existing coal and natural gas plants, but also new natural gas plants.”

Power PA Jobs also notes that three coal-fired power plants in Indiana and Armstrong Counties are responsible have a $2.87 billion impact on the economy. This impact includes hundreds of direct employees and thousands of associated jobs. Governor Wolf’s misguided attempt to remake the Pennsylvania economy as he sees fit will destroy the livelihoods of these people and their families.

The House and Senate are considering legislation to prevent the Governor from unilaterally entering RGGI. The Senate passed SB 119 with a veto-proof majority in June; it is awaiting action in the House. The legislation is currently assigned to the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

We urge you to email your House and Senate members and encourage them to support the legislation to stop the Governor. You can do that by clicking here and filling in your information.
Pennsylvanians Face Higher Electric Bills Thanks To Democrats
Pennsylvanians Face Higher Electric Bills Thanks To Democrats

Bidens Pro Ukraine Energy While Anti-US Energy Or Things That Make You Go Hmm

Bidens Pro Ukraine Energy While Anti-US Energy Or Things That Make You Go Hmm –Put this in the category of things that make you go hmmmm. Joe Biden wants to end fracking (and the entire oil industry for that matter) in America. His son Hunter was on the board of directors of Burisma, which is one of Europe’s major producer of natural gas.

Bidens Pro Ukraine Energy While Anti-US Energy Or Things That Make You Go Hmm --Put this in the category of things that make you go hmmmm.
Ukraine Gas Good, US Gas Bad!

Hmmmm. There must be a logical explanation for it!!

Bidens Pro Ukraine Energy While Anti-US Energy Or Things That Make You Go Hmm

Joe Biden Mansions Show He’s Fake On Climate Change

Joe Biden Mansions Show He’s Fake On Climate Change — Working class Joe Biden’s primary residence is a 6,850-square-foot mansion in Greenville, Del. and a 4,800-square-foot vacation house in Rehoboth Beach. Further he is renting a 12,000 square feet mansion that boasts marble fireplaces, a sauna, five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a gym in McLean, Va.

Joe Biden Mansions Show He's Fake On Climate Change
One of Joe Biden’s planet destroying residences.

You seriously think he seriously believes that global warming is a problem?

My Democrat friends, you are being conned.

Joe Biden Mansions Show He’s Fake On Climate Change

Dems Hate America, The Proof

Dems Hate America, The Proof –Here’s a story that you likely missed. When the cost of oil crashed in March, President Trump sought to restock the strategic petroleum reserve. The Democrats killed the $3 billion deal a week later. They called it a bailout for big business. Leave aside a purchase at what was thought at the time a bargain basement price to fill a strategic need is anything but a bailout, failing to recognize that a strong domestic oil industry is necessary to our security is rather anti-American. It’s almost treasonous.

Dems Hate America, The Proof
The treason party

But they did it. No harm though. When the price of oil went negative, Trump offered to let the oil companies use the strategic reserve for storage, and the oil firms took him up on it using oil in lieu of dollars to pay the rent. Win-win all around, it seems. It was actually kind of brilliant on Trump’s part.

One downside is that the original plan called for filling the reserve to its capacity which would have required 77 million barrels The new plan calls for the storage of just 30 million barrels and, of course, the oil companies continue to own the stored oil.

Still the Democrat Party sabotaged a plan to increase our security at a bargain basement price and help an essential, job-intensive industry. We’ll call it treason.

By the way, did you see where China is buying 117 supertankers worth of cheap oil?

Dems Hate America, The Proof

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People

By Leo Knepper

Back in January, we shared a Guest Post with our readers on the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). The author, Lowman Henry, noted:

“[T]he Wolf Administration has entered into an agreement with nine other mostly northeastern states to cap each of the states’ carbon emissions from transportation (your car). The states have one year to come up with a plan. Such plans will most certainly include additional taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel…the money will be “redistributed” to “low carbon transportation systems” – in other words urban mass transit…Thus the lofty sounding Transportation and Climate Initiative allows Governor Wolf to advance two of his top agenda items: establish a new revenue stream to keep urban mass transit afloat and penalize users of carbon-based fuels. Keep in mind, those users include you every time you start your car or use a product that was delivered to the store by motor vehicle, which is to say everything.” (Emphasis added)

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People
Rich and Indifferent

The TCI plan was released on Dec. 17, and it is everything we feared it would be. The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania, CAP, has joined with allies from across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in voicing our opposition to this plan. We noted in a joint letter:

“Legislators should not allow one citizen of a state — the governor — to impose such serious financial burdens on all other citizens. Such a decision rightfully belongs to the people’s representatives and should be reached through the legislative process, not by the decree of a single executive. “The TCI is a poorly conceived, fundamentally regressive, and economically damaging proposal.”

Pennsylvania already has one of the highest gas taxes in the country. According to TCI’s own estimates carbon emissions will decrease by 19 percent from 2022-2032. They don’t think that’s good enough. Instead, the TCI is advocating a new gas tax ranging from five to seventeen cents per gallon in order to reduce emissions by only an additional one to six percent. The mere fact that Governor Wolf would consider increasing the tax yet again is appalling. The question now is whether or not the legislature will take substantive action to reclaim its power of the purse to combat the measure.

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People

Wolf Executive Action Crushing Pa. Economy

Wolf Executive Action Crushing Pa. Economy

By Gregory R. Wrightstone

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf’s executive action to impose a Cap and Trade system on carbon dioxide emissions is easily his most harmful act in his two terms as chief executive of the state. As one of the most liberal governors in the nation, his progressive impulses have, until now, been constrained by a GOP-controlled House and Senate. His move to bring the Keystone State into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and impose a costly and economically crippling carbon trading system is an attempted end-run around the GOP to implement a tax without legislative approval.

Wolf Executive Action
But he gets to keep his lifestyle.

On Oct. 3, Wolf signed an executive order that began the process of adding Pennsylvania to a group of northeastern states that constitute what has been called the “first mandatory market-based program in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” It is now up to the Department of Environmental Protection to draft the proposed regulation and then go through possibly two years of a legislative comment period. According to news reports, the legislature does not have veto power, although we expect to hear disagreement on that point.

In short, the program would establish a market through which electricity providers purchase “emission allowances” to offset their CO2 emissions. The current market rate for purchasing these carbon offsets is $5.20 per ton of CO2 emitted. According to the most recent statewide data (2016) from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) these energy providers emitted 82 million metric tons which would have generated about $400 million in revenues.

The overall goal of the plan is to make electricity derived from fossil fuels more expensive and, hence, renewable energy more competitive.

According to the RGGI, the state would “invest” the money generated into “energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other consumer-benefit programs.” That would likely include subsidies for wind and solar projects, home and office weatherizing and expansion of public transportation programs in the state’s largest urban areas to name a few beneficiaries.

That nearly half-billion dollars in costs would not be absorbed by the power generators but would be passed on to consumers in the form of increased energy costs. Not only would this make Pennsylvania a more expensive place to live, it would render the state less competitive for energy intensive businesses compared to neighboring Ohio and West Virginia and other locales that have no plans for artificially inflating electricity costs.

A review of the effects of the RGGI last year revealed that member states saw a 12 percent drop in goods production and a 34 percent drop in production of energy-intensive goods. This is likely attributable to a 64 percent increase in electricity prices in RGGI states between 2007-2015.

Additionally, according to the study, the cost of wind and solar power has averaged two to three times the megawatt-hour rate as compared to existing conventional fuel sources. Any increase of renewable energy supplies would necessarily further the price increases to consumers.

An important but overlooked factor in the decision-making process for the state is just how much or how little effect a reduction in the state’s CO2 emissions would have on future temperature changes. The overarching goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to lower the future temperature of the Earth, so how much temperature rise would be averted by eliminating all of Pennsylvania’s CO2 emissions from coal and natural gas-fired sources? Using the calculations for predicting warming from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, if 100 percent of the state’s electricity generation emissions were eliminated, only 0.001 degree Fahrenheit in warming would be averted by the year 2050. This difference is well below our ability to measure global temperature.

This extremely small — and immeasurable — effect should not be overlooked in discussions of whether to impose the significant burdens of Governor Wolf’s proposal on the state and its citizens. How many lost jobs is a reduction in temperature measured in thousandths of a degree worth?

In short, the governor would infringe on the freedoms of people and make them significantly poorer for virtually no advancement of his stated intention to avert global warming. The legislature, the business community and all right-thinking citizens should stand against his economically crippling proposal.

Mr. Wrightstone is the author of Inconvenient Facts: The science Al Gore doesn’t want you to know

Wolf Executive Action Crushing Pa. Economy