Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO

Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO

By Bob Small

PECO is planning a $12 million investment in Swarthmore as part of a larger statewide electricity initiative that calls for removing lots of trees.

You can call the plan “We Kill Trees To Go Green”

The current utility poles are 35 feet tall, and PECO wants to replace them with fifty footers.

The assessment at the Nov. 15 borough council is that 124 trees must go, most of which are decades old. PECO promises to replace them with 2-and-a-half-foot saplings

PECO refuses to use underground electrical lines it was revealed despite their use in Springfield and at Swarthmore College.

PECO cites higher costs as among the reasons they don’t want to tunnel in the dirt in the borough.

Swarthmore Borough Council has been in negotiations with PECO, but has not found a way forward as of last night’s meeting.

In keeping with our tradition, Swarthmore residents are beginning to organize, with letters and phone calls as the first salvo in the battle.

While PECO has not approached my block yet, but we don’t know that they won’t. To be clear, my household is not involved with the organizing.

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Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO
Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO

One thought on “Killing Trees For Green Energy With PECO”

  1. Well on my street here in Ontario they replaced our poles with cement ones and took out two thirds of the street lights??
    Saying that though they still harvest our forests (out of site) roots and all to grind them up and sell them as green energy to Europe??

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