Venezuela Leads World In Refugees, Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Told; McCormick To Try Again For Senate It Seems

Venezuela Leads World In Refugees, Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Told; McCormick To Try Again For Senate It Seems — Pennsylvania Leadership Conference opened Thursday at the Penn Harris Hotel in Camp hill and ends Saturday.

Tidbits picked up Friday were, as per Daniel Di Martino, that Venezuela, which was once the world’s fourth richest nation, now leads the world in refugees; former Bridgewater CEO David McCormick who ran a primary race last spring to fill the Pennsylvania Senate seat vacated by Pat Toomey is planning to try against Bob Casey Jr. in 2024; and that The Freedom Foundation has convinced over 136,000 teachers to opt out of their union giving them more take home pay along with control of their political donations.

Di Martino, a native of Venezuela, was one of the speakers and said his homeland’s descent into poverty was entirely due to socialism and was voted in by the population that was seeking “change”. McCormick was interviewed on stage by journalist Salena Zito.

The Freedom Foundation facts were provided by Ashley Varner and Zach McDonough.

Also among those speaking were former Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen and Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association President David Taylor who warned about the consequences of legalizing marijuana for recreational use; State Treasurer Stacy Garrity; State Auditor General Timothy DeFoor; State Sen. Scott Martin (R-13); and Congressman Dan Meuser (R-9).

The headline speaker of the day was former Trump campaign manager and senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, which we were unfortunately unable to hear.

The big news will likely come tomorrow when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks. Again, we do not expect to be able to attend.

Venezuela Leads World In Refugees, Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Told; McCormick To Try Again For Senate It Seems
At the Face the Culture booth are Chester County attorney and podcaster Carmela Ciliberti; Lehigh County communications specialist Anthony Messina; Chester County Committeewoman Donna Ellingsen; Leah Hoopes of Delaware County, who is the co-author of The Parallel Election; Marlene Downing of Susan B Anthony Pro Life America; and Kim Kennedy of Face the Culture

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss — Elizabeth Preate Havey has resigned as chairwoman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee. She has held the post since 2018.

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss

Her replacement will be picked March 1 during the party’s endorsement convention.

Speculation is that it will be Christian Nascimento. The former president of the Methacton School District who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against Madeleine Dean in 2022.

Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?

Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs? — An emergency meeting has been called by the Pennsylvania State Republican Committee, we have been told.

Does it involving censuring Sen. Pat Toomey for his gutless vote to convict President Trump and stay in the good, and profitable, graces of the cool-kid crowd in the D.C. establishment?

Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?
We once admired this guy

We certainly hope so.

Why has Toomey been silent about vote fraud concerns, anyway? Does he really think it’s OK keeping minority observers from observing vote counting? That, that happened in Philadelphia is without dispute.

By the way, why didn’t the establishment media call the attack on the White House in June, an insurrection?

Did they call the attacks on the Mark O Hatfield Courthouse, along with numerous other federal buildings in Portland, Ore., an insurrection?

The destruction of a police station in Minneapolis?

The CHAZ district in Seattle?

The shooting of the Republican House Majority leader in 2017?

The near-fatal assault on Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) by his Democrat neighbor?

Pretty fair questions dontcha think?

You think Toomey might have paid better attention to Michael T. van der Veen. Here he is setting CBS straight.
Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?

Reilly Replacing Asher As RNC Committeeman After Deal

Reilly Replacing Asher As RNC Committeeman After Deal — Bob Asher, who has been Pennsylvania Committeeman on the Republican National Committee since 1998, will be replaced by former Delaware County GOP Chairman Andy Reilly, according to deal announced by Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas. Reilly now heads the GOP’s  Southeast PA Caucus. The switch will be made at the close of business of the state GOP’s winter meeting which is scheduled for Feb. 5, if the deal is approved.

The deal allows Asher to serve the first seven months of the new four-year term with Reilly serving the rest.

Note, this means Asher serves through the election.

Tabas called it a “unity resolution”.

“In the spirit of unity, Bob and Andy have agreed that there will be no more campaign email or other communications except for those relating to convention matters and the election of the President and our candidates,” he said. “Both Bob and Andy have pledged to work together to support me and our efforts to re-elect President Trump and our great candidates”

Here is Tabas’ complete statement sent yesterday:  

As we begin our final stretch to the June 2nd Primary, I want to thank all of you for everything you are doing for our President and candidates, and I want to share with you the agenda and further details on our State Party meeting scheduled for July 10th.

As I said in a previous email, our July meeting will be virtual, using a platform that will allow all members to see, hear, and participate in the meeting. We are working with a vendor who specializes in securely operating such meetings. There will be options to accommodate each member’s access to the meeting no matter what your technology capabilities are. Voting will be done using a secure and transparent process.


Our two principal agenda items will be: (1) the approval of the 31 At-Large Delegates and 31 At-Large Alternate Delegates to the Republican National Convention; and (2) the election of our Republican National Committee members.


I am very pleased to announce that I have secured a Unity Resolution with a solemn and firm pledge from the two announced candidates for National Committeeman: Bob Asher and Andy Reilly. In the interest of unity for our Party, both Bob and Andy have agreed to my plan to present a single Joint Resolution, to be voted upon at our July 10th meeting, that would split the four-year term of RNC Committeeman, elect Bob Asher for a term ending at the close of business of the 2021 PAGOP Winter Meeting (currently scheduled for February 5, 2021), and elect Andy Reilly for a term commencing at the close of business of the PAGOP 2021 Winter meeting and continuing for the remainder of the four-year term.

In short, if jointly elected this July, Bob has agreed to serve until February, and Andy has agreed to split the term with Bob and then serve the balance. This single resolution may include suspension of the RPP Rules for implementation, which benefits the President, our Party, all of our candidates –– and most importantly, our unity.

In the spirit of unity, Bob and Andy have agreed that there will be no more campaign email or other communications except for those relating to convention matters and the election of the President and our candidates. Both Bob and Andy have pledged to work together to support me and our efforts to re-elect President Trump and our great candidates.

I want to thank Bob and Andy for demonstrating leadership that reinforces the value of working together for the good of all, and I look forward to their support and involvement as we go forward.


I worked long and hard for this Resolution, which provides important continuity during a critical election year, and also allows for peaceful transition to the future. It’s an agreement that respects everyone, and I know that I have your support for it and its implementation as an overwhelming number of you have expressed your hope for this.

From day one of my election as Chairman last July, my goal has been to unify our Party. My motto is strength through unity. These past several months have been challenging for all of us, but I am confident that through unity and hard work the President will win in November and we will be victorious for our other candidates.

Stay strong. Be confident. God bless you all and God save President Trump and the United States of America

Reilly Replacing Asher As RNC Committeeman After Deal Reilly Replacing Asher As RNC Committeeman
Reilly Replacing Asher As RNC Committeeman

Wosewick Out At GOP Says Our Little Birdie

Wosewick Out At GOP Says Our Little Birdie — Gerry Wosewick, the one-time finance director for House Speaker Mike Turzai was tapped in July to be the executive director for the Pennsylvania Republican Party. It was just after Lawrence Tabas took the job as party chairman following a heated battle to replace Val DiGiorgio who resigned in disgrace. As a consolation prize his rival Bernadette “Bernie” Comfort was named to run President Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania.

Well, we have just been informed by a little birdie — The Philadelphia Inquirer would probably call it a GOP consultant who spoke on condition of anonymity but we’ll go with little birdie — that Wosewick is gone and his duties are being performed by staff.

Gerry, you have any idea as to who those GOP consultants who spoke on condition of anonymity to the Inquirer are? They implied that the Trump campaign was walking away from the state party, after all.

Wosewick Out At GOP Says Our Little Birdie
Wosewick Out At GOP Says Our Little Birdie

Pennsylvania Trump GOP Rift Had Seeds Planted In Summer

Pennsylvania Trump GOP Rift Had Seeds Planted In Summer — The Trump Campaign in Pennsylvania has reportedly moved from the state Republican Party headquarters and is renting its own place.

Pennsylvania Trump GOP Rift Had Seeds Planted In Summer
Lawrence Tabas, the good guy

Media reports sourced from anonymous “GOP consultants” blame the state GOP led by Lawrence Tabas for the rift.

We remind all that last summer’s battle to replace disgraced Val DiGiorgio as state party boss was resolved by tasking one-time never-Trumper Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Comfort with running Trump’s Pennsylvania campaign. This ended her opposition to Tabas, the popular choice and ostensibly brought party unity.

We also remind all that Ms. Comfort, who was a strong Val ally, is still working with one-time (?) never-Trumper and disgraced former GOP boss Bob Asher.

Pennsylvania Trump GOP Rift Had Seeds Planted In Summer

Pennsylvania Petition Primer; Trump Mistake Addressed

Pennsylvania Petition Primer; Trump Mistake Addressed — Old friend Tony Maalouf, who is running for alternate delegate to the GOP Convention, Aug. 24 to 27 in Charolette, N.C., has made a great primer on the petition process which we are putting below.

Tony tells us he thinks the error found on the Pennsylvania petition for President Trump is a innocent mistake and not sabotage.

We have heard that from other trustworthy people too.

Tony’s video:

Pennsylvania Petition Primer; Trump Mistake Addressed
Pennsylvania Petition Primer (And Trump Mistake Likely Innocent)

Pennsylvania Trump Petition Problems

Pennsylvania Trump Petition Problems — Nominating petitions for the 2020 election start circulation tomorrow, Jan. 28, in Pennsylvania and we have troubling news of sloppiness concerning those for President Trump. At least one glaring typo has been found and we are hearing reports of ill-trained circulators.

Pennsylvania Trump Petition Problems
What exactly is Ocean Bvld?

Typos shouldn’t keep the President off the ballot but given Pennsylvania’s partisan Supreme Court and pettily arcane ballot access laws who knows what trouble might be brewing.

Bernadette Comfort, who opposed Trump in 2016 and is an ally of never-Trumper Bob Asher, was strangely picked to run the the President’s Pennsylvania campaign.

Feel free to start the conspiracy theories.

Update: We just herad (Jan. 28) from a person involved in the process who says it’s not conspiracy but simple incompetence. We believe her. Call it the DiGiorgio legacy.

For the record we believe that Lawrence Tabas is doing an excellent job as Pennsylvania GOP chairman cleaning up the disaster he inherited.

Pennsylvania Trump Petition Problems
Pennsylvania Trump Petition Problems

Wagner Blasted Asher In Chairman Battle

Wagner Blasted Asher In Chairman Battle

By  David Wilmot

Deplorables protect the President against bad advice from people who don’t have his back. Bob Asher suffers another defeat.

In Pennsylvania, a new State party chair was elected Saturday, but it was not who the establishment wanted or who the President was told to endorse.  It was the candidate that the MAGA volunteers, “Deplorables” and Trump Supporters believed would be able to deliver the state for the President in 2020.

The second week of July showed how effective the Trump MAGA grassroots can be when it throws its weight around.  The selection of a new state party leader for the PA Republican party should be a simple procedure. Rarely does anyone outside of the ruling elite get involved.   The fight is limited to state party delegates with the winner taking the spoils of victory with the ability to determining which candidates gets money and help.

A little background.  Over a month ago the Chair of the PA Republican party, Val DiGiorgio, resigned after it was revealed that he had a habit of exposing himself via text messages.  The MAGA people did not trust Val and never believed he supported the President.  

A special convention was called to replace the Chair.  A half dozen candidates threw their hat in the ring for the open position.  The establishment quickly coalesced around the current vice chair and acting chair, Bernie Comfort.  David Urban, a member of the 2016 Presidential campaign and advisor to the successful effort to win Pennsylvania, was quick to have Donald Trump Jr. send out a tweet supporting Comfort.  Other candidates were strong-armed to back out of the race.  All did, except Lawrence Tabas.

Lawrence Tabas, had risen to fame among the MAGA people and Trump base as an early supporter of Trump in the 2016 primary and, more notably, his successful defense of the Trump victory when Jill Stein sued in an attempt to delay the certification of the Pennsylvania Trump Victory.  In 2017 Lawrence Tabas ran against DiGiorgio and lost by 2 votes.

Then on July 2 an article hit the website PoliticsPa that would rattle the MAGA groups across the state.  It was the last few paragraphs that would be copied and emailed:

Meanwhile Scott Wagner, 2018 PA GOP Gubernatorial candidate, bashed Bob Asher, an early supporter of Comfort, in an email on Friday to state committee members. 

“I am very concerned, as I am sure you are also,” Wagner writes in the email. “The State Chairman election two years ago was bloody and had many casualties, and as a result many good people resigned from state committee.”

Wagner accused Asher of undermining his campaign against Gov. Tom Wolf and believes he should stay out of the race for the good of the party. 

“Mr. Asher’s politics have left our party bitterly fractured and highly dysfunctional,” Wagner writes in the email. “His politics have sidelined good people, and left many others disillusioned and disenchanted. Because of his politics we have a political machine that lines the pockets of Harrisburg political consultants, but delivers loss after loss to the Republican Party.”

“The last thing we need right now are more of Bob Asher’s politics. Bob Asher needs to keep his nose out of the election of a new party chairman,” Wagner writes. 

To many in the PA Trump-cohorts, Asher is hated as much as Hillary.  He is seen as a never-Trumper and is said to have been the force behind the 2016 convention’s last-ditch effort to stop Trump by changing the rules and unbinding all the delegates. Asher controls the once influential Pa Future Fund. 

From the Wikipedia page on Asher, “Asher was convicted of perjury, racketeering, conspiracy and bribery in connection with a state contract award. He resigned after the conviction and served one year in federal prison. The case gained national attention in 1987 when his co-defendant in that case and political ally, Pennsylvania State Treasurer Budd Dwyer, committed suicide on television just before sentencing.”

Among the dissident republicans in Pa there is a consensus: any candidate backed by Asher is controlled by Asher and no friend of the people. 

“We quickly figured out what was going on,” said one active Trump supporter, “The next chair would control the money coming into the state for the re-election of the President, and if Asher has anything to do with it, that money will go to the usual suspects who will pocket as much as they can.”  Pennsylvania is too important to the re-election for the decisions to be left up to grifters.

Asher’s and David Urban’s people put the hard press on state delegates to support their candidate.  Delegates were strong armed and outright threatened with losing access to the Trump Whitehouse. 

The lines were drawn.  On one side was Lawrence Tabas and the Trump base, and on the other side was Bernie Comfort, Bob Asher, and David Urban.

Outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, five days before the party would vote on the new chair, there was a meeting of trump supports from around the state.  One person at the meeting described it, “We are just sharpening the pitchforks and lighting the torches.  We are going to come at them from every angle.  Asher, Urban, and the rest of the swamp will not know what hit them.”

They needed to get the truth out of what was going on.  They needed to let the delegates know they were being watched and if Asher was given effective control of the State party, the delegates would be held responsible. 

Within hours a social media blitz started.  A website went up with information as well as phone numbers and emails of every state delegate. 

The following appeared on the political blog, “Bill Lawrence Online” and was quickly disseminated on social media and emailed around the state.

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool? — The below message was sent from us from well-connected Republican and we are going to share it.

(The next State Republican Chair) cannot be Bernadette Comfort. 

How she got the nod: Bernie was a Never-Trumper. She is supported, and a tool, of Bob Asher.

Bob Asher is the ultimate Republican Never-Trumper. At the 2016 GOP Convention he was the force behind the last minute push for a rule change to un-bind the delegates so they could be corrupted to change their vote to an unnamed candidate other than Trump (most likely Kasich.) Asher has never publicly uttered the words “President Trump” in public. Asher only backs candidates he can control – this is important and the reason he wants Bernie. 

• David Urban is a 30+ year friend of Bob Asher. 

• Rob Gleason, the party chair before Val, supported Lawrance Tabas. Gleason was early for Trump in the Primary. His reason for backing Tabas is he knows Tabas can raise money and re-establish the party. 

• David Urban hates Rob Gleason. It is said he hates him with every fiber of his body. 

• Urban backs Bernie to stick it to Gleason. It also gets him points with his buddy Asher. Putting him and Asher in affective control of the state party. Urban gives Trump bad intel for Don jr. to tweet his support for Bernie. Urban tells the Trump campaign that it’s a done deal and the come July 4th Bernie will be the only nominee for State Chair. 

• Lawrence Tabas sees what is going on and understand how it will end. Tabas knows that Asher is behind Bernie and with Bernie as the head of the party they will do the least possible in 2020 while pocketing as much money as possible. 

• Ted Christian takes his orders from David Urban.

We need to support Lawrence Tabas. 

• Email the state committee people. 

• Show up at the state convention with your Trump Flags and homemade Lawrence Tabas posters. 

In the following days, Trump supporters continued to build pressure on state delegates with emails, social media, and phone calls. 

Wagner Blasted Asher In Chairman Battle
Wagner Blasted Asher In Chairman Battle
Wagner Blasted Asher In Chairman Battle
Wagner Blasted Asher In Chairman Battle

By Thursday, enough delegates had committed to Tabas to secure a victory and lock out Asher.  The final knife was an article that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday suggesting that Bernie Comfort, as Vice Chair of the party, hand been approached by a staffer who alleged sexual harassment by the former chair, but Comfort took no action. 

A person close to Bernie Comfort said Bob Asher cut off all communication with her starting Thursday, two days before the vote, when the pressure was mounting.

Under the massive pressure, Bernie Comfort conceded she could not win.

To save face for the President, a deal was struck.  Bernie Comfort would be named the chair of Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania, and a joint press release of support would be issued by Comfort and Tabas. 

The vote Saturday was by acclimation and Lawrence Tabas was made Chair.  

Everyone seemed to stay a few steps away from Bob Asher.  He was noticeably alone as he walked around the Hershey Hotel before the vote.  During the meeting, Asher, as national delegate, was seated next to Bernie on the stage.  Bernie never sat next to Asher, keeping one chair between him and herself, and her back to him most of the meeting.

The Trump supporters were not happy with Bernie being placed as Chair of Trump’s state campaign, but they seemed to understand it was important for the President to safe face after the bad information he was given.  

Wagner Blasted Asher In Chairman Battle

Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest

Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest — Bernie Comfort is quitting the race to replace disgraced Val DiGiorgio as Pennsylvania Republican chief leaving a clear field for Lawrence Tabas.

Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest???
Bernie out??

It isn’t surprising considering how it broke yesterday that while vice chair she ignored complaints from young Republican women concerning the Grand Old Party’s dashing Valentino. The PoliticsPa poll has Bernie in third place at just 6 percent behind Tabas at 58 percent and Ted Christian at 32 percent.

 The vote  will be broadcast live on PCN at 1 p.m.

By the way, have you seen where Stradley Ronon has removed Val’s page? Brutal, Val. Brutal.

Update: A joint statement by Tabas and Ms. Comfort says Ms. Comfort will remain vice chair and serve as President Trump’s campaign chair for Pennsylvania. See image below.

Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest
Bernie Quitting Contest
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