Fulton County Dominion Investigation

Fulton County Dominion Investigation — Examinations concerning the 2020 General Election are making news in Arizona, New Hampshire and Michigan but a report regarding what happened in Fulton County was made Feb.21, by Wake Technology Services Inc. of West Chester, Pa., and the results are troubling to any with an open mind.

Fulton County is a Republican bastion of 14,619 in south central Pennsylvania. It went more than six to one for Trump as would be expected with a turnout of 81 percent.

But there are red flags. Log files from its Dominion Election Management System server showed that there were 142 scanning errors during 3,383 individual events on Nov. 3. This is a rate of 4.2 percent. The rate set by the federal government is .0004 percent. Also, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools were installed. This software is not part of the Election Assistance Commission certified configuration for Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5A. and makes the system certification invalid.

“There is no valid reason for Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to be installed on the EMS. This software toolbox allows any user with access to change and manipulate the EMS databases without logging (recording) to the Database, EMS or OS logfiles,” says the report. “Dominion has installed this toolbox on all installations of their software that we have inspected.”

There were other software issues such as patches not being up today and non-election software like Solitaire and MS Edge installed.

The report also lists other troubling results from the investigation. Dominion has not provided Fulton County with training manuals, training and system manuals. Further, Dominion has refused to give the county an Implementation Attestation document saying it has not been completed because it is “optional”.

Wake TSI notes that Dominion’s position conflicts the Conditions for Certification report.

Further, the Logic and Accuracy Testing Requirement was not fulfilled.

“A simple human error, or a bad actor, could cause huge issues with accurate ballot counting if it is not caught by proper testing both before and after an election, as is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” the report says. “This problem falls not only on Dominion, but also on the Commonwealth’s Department of State for not enforcing their own certification guidelines.”

The report also notes that the company’s executive vice president was threatened and harassed after his name became public in connection the investigation. Why would that be?

You can find a pdf of the full document at this link.

Another point, WakeTSI has high praise for the election officials in Fulton County and the votes there were probably accurate. Dominion systems, however, were in use in many counties in Pennsylvania including Montco and Erie.

As noted a bad actor could cause huge issues.

Fulton County Dominion Investigation -- Examinations concerning the 2020 General Election are making news in Arizona, New Hampshire and Michigan
Fulton County Dominion Investigation

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