Guns Not Leading Cause Of Child Death

Guns Not Leading Cause Of Child Death — Establishment propagandists and power-mad politicians have been pushing the trope that guns are the leading cause of death among children.

David Harsanyi of The Federalist fact-checked it.

“According to the CDC, the number one killer of children between 1-14 are accidents — vehicular, suffocation, and drowning,” he writes. “Twice as many kids under 12 died in cars than from guns. Also, if these studies began at birth rather than starting at one, the leading killer of all children would be diseases and genetic abnormalities.”

Harsanyi further notes that the studies cited by America’s answer to TASS count 18 and 19-year-olds as “children.”

This further inflates an already inflated count.

“When you take 18- and 19-year-old adults out of the equation, the number of gun-related deaths among kids plummets considerably,” he says.

He also points out that if one starts counting at fetal viability late-term abortion is by far the leading cause of death among the young. He says that — more than 8,000 viable unborn are killed annually with and probably more than 50,000 after 15 weeks.

Hey soccer moms, ask yourselves why so many traditional media sources would so unashamedly distort the data.

Guns Not Leading Cause Of Child Death

Joe Biden Hypocrite On Everything

Joe Biden Hypocrite On Everything — Graphic images have again been released from that laptop of Hunter Biden’s that establishment mouthpieces called Russian disinformation in October 2020.

The latest data dump involved pictures of Hunter, naked, waving a gun in a hotel room with a prostitute, bottles of vodka and bags of white powder.

The gun appears to be a 9mm.

Dang boy, you can blow someone’s lung out with that.

If Hunter was black he could look forward to a life in prison.

Well not now with Donald Trump’s reforms, but under the laws Hunter’s daddy got enacted, oh yeah.

The laptop has been conclusively confirmed as Hunter’s.

It leads to an interesting question as to why the filth on it appears to be being doled out to match current events, rather than all at once.

Joe Biden Hypocrite On Everything
Joe Biden Hypocrite On Everything

Biden Can’t Even Control His Kid’s Gun

Biden can’t even control his kid’s gun.

Take that however you want.

As per Arthur Schwartz:

Hunter Biden lied on a Form 4473 to illegally purchase a gun, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison & a $250K fine. His girlfriend then dumped that gun in the trash next to a school. He wasn’t even arrested. Why don’t we enforce existing laws before demanding new ones?

Biden Can't Even Control His Kid's Gun

Biden Can’t Even Control His Kid’s Gun

Guns Gays And June

Guns Gays And June — Delaware County Vice Chairwoman Elaine Schaefer during her short speech at Monday’s Media Memorial Day event alluded to the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uldave.

She said we should embrace our common values and consider curtailing our freedoms.

OK, we can work with her. Can she work with us?

The intransigency by gun right defenders comes from the reasonable assumption that for those like Ms. Schaefer it is about banning guns and not about stopping mass shootings, or even mundane weekly shootings in places like Chicago and Philadelphia.

We challenge Ms. Schaefer to make the first step of faith. Simply say, “I support the right of a sane, law-abiding adult to have an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine.”

“Law-abiding” should be self-evident but we can start considering the definitions of “sane” and “adult”.

We can then start discussing whether ending cash bail is wise and do the same for not just defunding but demoralizing the police.

We can ask how we can create a culture where life is revered. When prominent politicians express support for the literal killing of babies it’s easy to see how certain ungrounded young can acquire a nihilistic philosophy.

How about instead of our schools teaching that we exist by chance and nothing matters once we die, we start teaching that we are here for a purpose and that we face a judgement after death at which we must account for what we have done?

No sane, law-abiding adult supports mass shootings or mundane weekly ones. That’s the common value we share.

Gay Be Not Proud

June is being pushed by the establishment bullies as “Gay Pride Month”. We should love everyone and we can think of a couple of gay journalists who have become heroes of ours, but it’s beyond stupidity to encourage pride in participating in objectively destructive sex acts or rejecting half of humanity and not creating children of your own.

What one should be proud of is standing up to establishment bullies.

Guns Gays And June
Gillette Stadium lit up in celebration of #Pride2022
Guns Gays And June

Oligarch and tyrant mistrust William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-30-21

Oligarch and tyrant mistrust William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-30-21


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Oligarch and tyrant mistrust William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-30-21Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of their arms.

Oligarch and tyrant mistrust William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-30-21

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly — Joe Biden is pushing for gun control. Seriously? He can’t even get his family to do the responsible things 99.999 percent of legal gun owners do.

You heard about that right?

Yes, Hunter Biden and Joe’s daughter-in-law Hallie violated gun laws and common sense safety concerns after a domestic tiff.

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly
Barry, Joe and Hunter

This occurred Oct. 23, 2018 near Wilmington.

Just be clear, Hallie was not Hunter’s wife. She was the widow of Biden’s other son Beau. Hallie was merely Hunter’s paramour. Playas like Hunter can expect tiffs with their mistresses, though, no matter how temporary.

Anyway, Hallie threw Hunter’s .38 caliber revolver into a trash can outside Janssen’s Market which is across from Alexis I. du Pont High School breaking numerous laws. Why did Hunter have a handgun anyway? For what it’s worth, he lied through his teeth on the ATF Form 4473 to get it.

See the part about Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?

Hunter is most certainly an unlawful user of controlled substances.

Anyway, the then former vice president apparently did his best to cover up for him. Secret Service agents were reportedly dispatched to the gun dealer, StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply, and demanded the paperwork for the transaction from the owner Ron Palmieri.

Palmieri rightfully refused, but later turned over the papers to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which is the proper authority.

The Secret Service claims it has no record of its agents investigating the issue which would have happened while Biden was preparing his presidential campaign.

Sure. We believe them. LOL.

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly

Murt Quits Ammo Tax Bill

Murt Quits Ammo Tax Bill — The neo-feudalists who want to be our kings and queens are using the pandemic to try to sneak in a new law to make it harder for sane, law-abiding adults to defend themselves.

Murt Quits Ammo Tax Bill
Note that the prime sponsor withdrew his name.

The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee received, March 10, House Bill 2344 which would require a  “permit to purchase” for ammunition, and tax all ammo purchases. 

The prime sponsor was Thomas Murt, a Republican who represents the 152 District, which consist of parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery counties.

Murt has withdrawn his name from the bill. That’s a good thing but the bill remains with 10 other solons backing it.

This bill is counter-productive to the problem it presumes to solve namely mass shootings and random acts of violence. What must be recognized and what its supporters deny is that it is good for sane, law abiding adults to have guns and ammunition, while it is bad for the insane and criminal to do so.

The bill is aimed solely at the sane and law-abiding. Hey sponsors, if you need a clue as to how to solve the problem consider that the United States had 450,000 more mental hospital beds in the 1950s that it does today with about half of the population.

If you want another clue, consider that mass school shootings in the United States didn’t start happening until those who rule us declared the start of life to be just a matter of opinion.

If you still need a clue, consider that murders in Philadelphia plummeted when the state overruled the city to give the residents the right to carry.

The bill is not likely to go anywhere.

“This unconstitutional legislation is an affront to every law-abiding gun owner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Rob Kauffman (R-89) said. “HB 2344 goes on the list of anti-Second Amendment legislation that will never see the light of day as long as I’m Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in Pennsylvania.”

Murt Quits Ammo Tax Bill

AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms

AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms — Now and then one finds oneself in a waiting room trapped with Today or Strahan, Sara & Keke or The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it dawns that there are people who actually watch this stuff regularly.

And it dawns that these are largely stay-at-home moms and that these shows are their source of information about politics and the world at large.

The realization then comes that this is why this demographic is voting for people who advocate policies that strip their freedoms and decrease their prosperity.

Ours too unfortunately.

So how do we convince these moms that they are being programmed, propagandized and otherwise lied to?

How do we make these moms understand that if they continue to vote the way the do they will have 1980s-level crime rates, permanent debt, children educated to be weak and submissive to authority and fashion, deliberate blackouts and general misery?

Let’s start with guns. Click on the above link regarding crime rates. Notice how the murders and meanness started dropping in the late 1990s? That’s when restrictions on the possession and use of firearms started being removed.

It’s not a coincidence.

But, but, but what about those scary AR 15s? It is estimated that there are between 8.5 million and 15 million semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines in private hands in the United States. These are mostly AR 15 and AK 47 style weapons.

In 2018, there were 297 murders committed with rifles, which would also include things like lever-action Winchesters and bolt-action .22s.

Even if all the rifles were AR 15s and AK 47s that would mean only .0003 percent of this type of weapon were used to commit a murder. You’d be more in danger going out for a boat ride as about 330 people drown annually in boating accidents according to the CDC.

Please understand you watchers of daytime propaganda that people who support gun rights are not bad people . They want peace and friendly neighbors and happy children just like you.

People who oppose political correctness are not racists, either. They are actually the opposite. People who support school choice are not anti-education.

“Conservatives” are not bad people. People who lie to you and manipulate you for their ends sorta are, though.

Try to understand why “conservatives” think as they do. More importantly try to understand why you think as you do.

AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms
AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles — Charlie Kirk makes a great point on Twitter to counter those seeking to restrict 2nd Amendment rights due to recent publicized shootings — as opposed to the far more frequent unpublicized shootings in places with strict gun control.

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Charlie noted that there have been 403 deaths this year from being shot by rifles while ICE arrested over 2,000 illegal aliens with murder charges last year.

Why are Democrats more upset with rifles than illegals when illegals cause more deaths?

By the way, did you know that medical mistakes cause 250,000 deaths per year? Should we ban hospitals?

Our position is simple: Every sane, law abiding citizen should be encouraged to have a gun, including, no especially, an AR, and to vote. Every insane or criminally inclined person should be prevented from having a gun or voting.

Smoke that SJWs. Corrupt use of the ballot is just as destructive as corrupt use of the right to bear arms.

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Gun Rights Mean Civil Rights; Call to Action

Gun Rights Mean Civil Rights; Call to Action — Defenders of the Second Amendment and self defense rights are being urged to attend hearings in Harrisburg, Sept. 24-25. Being considered are “red flag” laws which will allow gun confiscation without due process; “universal background checks” which is de facto universal gun registration; and bans for AR-15s which has become the best-selling rifle in America.

It is noted that paid corporate shills wearing red shirts will be in attendance.

The hearings will be 9 a.m. to noon, Sept. 24 and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Sept. 25 before the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee in Capitol’s North Office Building, Hearing Room 1.

Frederick Douglass pointedly noted that a man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

There are some who shouldn’t have access to guns, but they shouldn’t have the right to vote either. Ponder that “social justice” phonies.

This gun control push is not about making things safer — which all sane, law-abiding people desire — but about taking rights from sane, law-abiding people which will do anything but make things safer.

Gun Rights Mean Civil Rights; Call to Action -- Defenders of the Second Amendment and self defense rights are being urged to attend hearings in Harrisburg, Sept. 24-25. Being considered are "red flag" laws which will
Gun Rights Mean Civil Rights; Call to Action
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