Pennsylvania Supreme Court To Hear Gun Rights Case

Pennsylvania Supreme Court To Hear Gun Rights Issue — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hold a hearing, Sept. 13 in Courtroom 456 at Philadelphia City Hall concerning Stanley Crawford et al vs the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania et al.

The session starts at 9 a.m. and Crawford is the first case scheduled.

Crawford seeks to overturn decades-old state law and precedent prohibiting municipalities from passing gun laws stricter than the state.

Commonwealth Court rejected the case in 2021 it should have no chance on Wednesday s Supreme Court is baldly partisan and out-and-out fascist in its lack of respect for the law and Constitution.

We’d like to note that when Pennsylvania forced Philadelphia to make it easy for citizens to acquire concealed carry permits in 1995, murders dropped dramatically.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court To Hear Gun Rights Case

Pennsylvania Supreme Court To Hear Gun Rights Issue

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  1. The conflation of all guns as the source of gun violence is a false didactic tactic that completely ignores the differences between the owners of the guns. A legally obtained and owned firearm is a tool of safety and security to its owner and those in proximity to the owner who legally carries their legally owned firearm. Hence the drop in murders after the 1995 ease on obtaining carry permits in Philadelphia. Likewise, a criminal who is illegally in possession of a firearm is, first and foremost, a criminal. There has never been a law that will stop criminals from committing crimes or from criminally possessing firearms. And, unless we find a way to get the cops on scene before a criminal shoots their gun, it is the law abiding gun owners who are our first and best line of defense. I wrote that in one breath. It’s a shame we can’t stop Philadelphia officials from ‘shooting’ tax dollars fighting this kind of case.

      1. Read your piece on Japan and it so obviously true as to be painfully disturbing. Remember the tagline “Very interesting but stupid” from Arte Johnson of Laugh-In fame? Well that has been replaced by “Very interesting but true” in recent years, as we have no time for the truth, especially the government and its media henchmen. The handling of mental health in the US has generally verged on the barbaric and often crossed the line routinely. Think about the lobotomy, old school electroshock therapy (as opposed to more modern lower voltage variants), or the still too prevalent over medication into zombiedom that passes for mental health care, and one could easily become confused about who the crazies in society really are. I know there is compassionate care available, but it is rare and often unaffordable to those who need it most. Then there are the care limits placed by insurance policies. It’s no wonder that our mentally ill live on the streets or receive prison in lieu of needed care; and we wonder how our society has become so demoralized?

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