Japan Has Few Mass Shootings

Japan Has Few Mass Shootings — With the increase in mass shootings and crime in general, those whose goal is to disarm sane, law-abiding adults in America are citing a disarmed Japan as a solution.

Japan bans guns, hence there is no shooting, they say.

Of course, Mexico, Honduras and South Africa also ban guns and, well, that does’t seem to be helping.

Could there be another reason why Japan has such a low murder rate? Could it be how they handle mental illness?

An estimated 302,000 people are hospitalized in Japan with mental health-related issues, as per Japanhpn.org. Yes, Japan has the most people hospitalized in psychiatric wards on a per capita basis in the world.

A few hours ago, we posted a graph showing the trend of mental health incarcerations with prison incarcerations in the United States.

There were about three times as many people incarcerated in mental hospitals as there were in prisons in 1960. The chart stops at 2001 with almost six times as many in prisons.

You think maybe if we started taking mental health more seriously, the shootings might stop?

And let’s not forget culture. A culture that teaches that men are supposed to protect the weak is going to a whole lot happier than one that says always look for the easy out.

A culture that tells women to sacrifice for their children is going to be a lot safer than one that encourages women to dispose of them.

Here are some questions for those who insist that guns in the hands of sane, law-abiding adults are the problem.

Another point: On Wikipedia’s page of the most murderous nations, El Salvador is listed as number one. It looks like El Salvador has solved its problem.

Japan Has Few Mass Shootings

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  1. Yes it is sad what is happening out there I worked in an Emergency ward when Canada’s “Rights and Freedom Charter was enacted, they just opened the doors or the mental institutions and put them all on the streets? , they really did this. You can imagine what a horror that was, most of them had no place to go no home would take them in some hadn’t even been outside in many years. The Police had to bring them all into us for help we had no place to put that many people so in groups they decided that they would commit crimes and get arrested and they did but the police had the jails full these people had nothing to eat no where to go really really stupid government policies. This was the first daddy Pierre Trudeau’s doing. Of course now his son Justina doesn’t follow the rights and freedom charter for us but uses it against us like his father. Of course I could not believe any Canadian would vote for the liar son when the father was such a liar too but now they are telling us our elections were fixed too and they are blaming the Chinese? The Trudeau’s both were very connected to Europe and the USA and just the French Province of Quebec they both hated the 80% of English Canada, so I can believe that the elections were fixed but there are a lot of Canadian Pot smokers and druggies and daddy promised to make legal but son finally did.

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