Seal Shows Tampering On Ballot Drop Box In West Grove, Pa.

Seal Shows Tampering On Ballot Drop Box In West Grove, Pa. — A security seal has found altered this morning (May 16) on the ballot drop box at the Avon Grove Library in West Grove, Pa.

Carmela Ciliberti has informed the Chester County Commissioners, Voter Services Director Karen Barsoum, District Attorney Deb Ryan and Sheriff Fredda Maddox and provided photographic evidence.

Ms. Ciliberti is seeking to unseat incumbent John Lawrence in 13th State House District in tomorrow’s Republican Primary.

Seal Shows Tampering On Ballot Drop Box In West Grove, Pa.
The seal at 2:34 p.m., May 15.
Seal Shows Tampering On Ballot Drop Box In West Grove, Pa.
The seal at 9:31 a.m., May 16
Seal Shows Tampering On Ballot Drop Box In West Grove, Pa.
The letter informing those charged with enforcing election law.
Seal Shows Tampering On Ballot Drop Box In West Grove, Pa.

Write In Nicole Missino In 165th District

Write In Nicole Missino In 165th District — Nichole Missino, who the Springfield Republicans want to take on incumbent Democrat Jennifer O’Mara in the 165th District Pennsylvania State House race, needs 300 write-in votes in tomorrow’s primary to get on the ballot for November.

The spelling must be exact.

The 165th District consists of Springfield Township, Morton Borough, Media Borough, Swarthmore Borough, Upper Providence Township and part of Marple Township.

Write In Nicole Missino In 165th District
Write In Nicole Missino In 165th District

Bartos And Sean Gale Also Seek GOP Senate Nomination

Bartos And Sean Gale Also Seek GOP Senate Nomination

By Bob Small

Jeff Bartos, the 2018 GOP lieutenant governor candidate, has quite a resume but very little traction, polling less than 10 percent in the latest tallies.

He helped initiate the Pennsylvania 30-Day Fund a non-profit that raised millions to provide  forgivable loans to small businesses affected by Covid 19 closures. This was inspired by the Virginia 30-Day fund, started by Pete Snyder.  There is nothing comparable in any the resume of any of the other Senate candidates.

He previously worked for the Mark Group and Toll Brothers, in the real estate market.

Bartos And Sean Gale
Jeff Bartos

He has a law degree from the University of Virginia.

He has attacked three of his competitors, David McCormick and Carla Sands, as “political tourists” with questionable recent connections to Pennsylvania. He claims to have the most in-state donors of any of the GOP Senate Candidates.

John Fetterman, to whom he lost to in 2018, encouraged him to run for Senate and called him “ a really great dude who would elevate the conversation in Pennsylvania.”

Sadly, this bi-partisanship is seen by some as a defect.

Sean Gale is the brother of Joseph Gale, who is running for governor.

He is barely polling, as is Joseph Gale in his race. This is certainly not the Galeforce meant to shake up the state.  Part of his campaign strategy has been to attack candidates Kathy Barnette and Jeff Bartos, along with incumbent Pat Toomey on his campaign website.  Among other charges, he has called Toomey “Specter 2.0”

Bartos And Sean Gale
Sean Gale

He has specifically criticized Jeff Bartos for giving donations to Democrats, though the last one was 2014. Note: though his wife, Sheryl, gave contributions until 2016. He specifically called Bartos a RINO, a charge that has been thrown around quite a bit.

Sean Gale is a graduate of Villanova Law School.   

Among other campaign issues, he has said he would prioritize repealing the Affordable Care Act but would seek a replacement system and also supports tax breaks for businesses and individuals.

Bartos And Sean Gale

Kathy Barnette On War Room

Kathy Barnette On War Room — Below is a link to Kathy Barnette’s appearance yesterday, May 12, on Bannon’s War Room addressing some of the criticisms against her and doing it very well.

Trump’s last endorsement has us solid for the Turk but Kathy is very impressive.

Kathy Barnette On War Room
Kathy Barnette On War Room -- Below is a link to Kathy Barnette's appearance yesterday, May 12, on Bannon's War Room addressing some of the criticisms
Close, but still Oz

John Lawrence Frantic Panic, Fears Carmela’s Door-to-Door Campaign

John Lawrence Frantic Panic, Fears Carmela’s Door-to-Door Campaign — Long-time incumbent John Lawrence, the establishment’s choice to fill the 13th District seat in the Pennsylvania House, is officially panicking about Carmela Ciliberti, his opponent in Tuesday’s Republican Primary.

His new batch of expensive — expense doesn’t matter when the establishment is paying — mailers says If Carmela Ciliberti comes to your door . . . ask why she’s lying about John Lawrence.

So John, you haven’t been going to their doors to explain things?

We can see where you might have a problem Tuesday.

Lawrence says Ciliberti will do anything to win.

John Lawrence Frantic Panic, Fears Carmela's Door-to-Door Campaign
Carmela Ciliberti, going door to door

Carmela worked 20 years for a flight training company, before becoming a lawyer. If that doesn’t show blind lust for power, John Lawrence eats puppies.

Carmela entered the race when it appeared that Lawrence was more interested in representing establishment string-pullers than keeping the promises he had been making to his conservative constituents such as herself.

Lawrence, in his mailer, cites endorsements from various “conservative” action groups.

You ever wonder who fills their coffers? You ever think that might be part of the reason they never seem to get their way?

If Lawrence was even trying to solve this state’s problems, it would have been well apparent after the 12 years collecting a legislator’s salary. His deeds would be known and the desperate mailers unnecessary.

There wouldn’t even be a race, actually.

Vote for Carmela, May 17. Vote for change.

John Lawrence Frantic Panic, Fears Carmela's Door-to-Door Campaign
So John, you haven’t been going door to door?
John Lawrence Frantic Panic

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races

By Bob Small

Melissa Hart is the sole woman in the Pennsylvania governors’ race. A former GOP congresswoman from outside Pittburgh, she describes herself as a “practical problem solver”.  It should be noted that the red “learn more” button on her campaign site doesn’t move no matter how many times you press it, so you have to learn more from other sources, which you should do anyway; in other words, don’t trust the campaign website only.

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races
Melissa Hart

 Ms. Hart served from 2001 to 2007 as the first female Republican from Pennsylvania to serve in Congress. She is probably the closest we will get to a “moderate Republican”, although she is solidly anti-abortion.

On the Senate side, there is Kathy Barnette, who is among the top three candidates, and about whom much has already been written, and Carla Sands who is polling around 6 percent. 

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races
Kathy Barnette

Upon the passing of her husband, Fred Sands, in 2015, she assumed the leadership of his company and became the first woman to serve as chair and CEO of Vintage Capital Group.

In 2017, President Trump appointed her as ambassador to Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races
Carla Sands

As an actress, she made 15 appearances in the TV soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful.  She also appeared in a few movies, including Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell (1988) as Carissa.  

She is one of the wealthiest candidates in this race, having recently sold two homes for a combined $32 million.

She sees herself as the best candidate to beat John Fetterman, saying about Mehmet Oz “he actually chose as an American citizen to go fight for Turkey in the Turkish Military, not the American military” and Dave McCormick as being “closer to Beijing than to DC”.

Hopefully, we will get to a point where we forget to mention a candidate’s gender .

Three Women In Two Pennsylvania State-wide Races

Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November

Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November — Donald Trump, at about 1 p.m., May 12, released a statement on Truth Social saying:

Kathy Barnettte will never be able to win the General Election against the Radical Left Democrats.

She has many things in her past which have not been properly explained or vetted but if she is able to do so, she will have a wonderful future in the Republican Party – and I will be behind her all the way.

Dr. Oz is the only one who will be able to easily defeat the Crazed, Lunatic Democrat in Pennsylvania. A vote for anyone else in the Primary is a vote against Victory in the Fall.

We like Kathy and we feel she has taken a lot of rather vicious and unfair shots since her rise in the polls.

On the other hand, she’s made a lot of amateurish mistakes as well.

And she has not been well-vetted for the public.

We suspect, though, The Donald has done some vetting before giving Oz his endorsement.

If President Trump feels that strong about it, guess he’s managed to flip us back to the Turk.

Sorry, Kathy.

John Fetterman is a hypocritical racist thug and must not become a member of the U.S. Senate.

Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November
Donald Trump Truth Social Statement about 1 p.m., May 12
Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November

Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

UPDATE: Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November

Kathy Barnette has forwarded her military records to Jack Posobiec showing she served with the Army National Guard of Alabama and as a Reserve of the Army from Sept. 24, 1993 to Dec. 5, 1997 leaving with a rank of E4 and an honorable discharge. 

Guess she’s got our vote back. 

She should probably get a new PR guy.

Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records
Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn’t Establishment’s Choice

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn’t Establishment’s Choice

By Nicole Roman

Observing the political arena during the last decade I have learned politics is an industry that is ethically challenged.  I believe it is fair to say many citizens have witnessed the depths of what some self-serving, motivated folks will stoop to for political gain. Due to the manipulation of personal videos, the manipulation of personal media posts and publishing of fake news there are too many immediate “rush to judgement” verdicts despite not having the facts. For example, the attacks on Nick Sandmann, the Duke Lacrosse case, the Jussie Smollett fiasco, and the despicable treatment of Judge Kavanaugh. In the end, the facts presented in court would prove to expose the accusations as wildly false.

The complete facts in Ron Vogel’s case were never fully exposed by certain high ranking members of the Republican Committee. If they were, it would have been clear to the members that certain high ranking members of the Republican Committee were building a house of cards for the sole purpose of taking down the leading candidate because he was not their “establishment” choice.

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn't Establishment's Choice
The Vogels

Accusing anybody of antisemitism, racism and sexism, is a very serious claim, especially for a public figure and one who will be representing the citizens of his district. Therefore, it is essential that the facts be completely uncovered and deeply studied to be absolutely certain that claims are accurate. This is especially true before you take the serious step to censure a candidate.

In the case against Ron Vogel, it is clear to see that the full facts as presented were not examined in total, and if they were, the full facts were not explained or considered because, if they were, if would lead to total exoneration of any accusation against Ron Vogel. Because there was a rush to judgement in this case and because the accusations clearly don’t match the full facts, the obvious conclusion is that there was a political vendetta against Ron Vogel by certain members of the executive Republican Committee that voted to censure him.

Fact: About ten years ago Ron watched a video parody, a clip from the movie Downfall, that had Hitler in it and he thought it was funny.

Full Fact: The subject matter of the video consisted entirely about a hockey playoff game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. This is one of many similar videos on YouTube and has been on there for years. Youtube monitors their site and deletes objectionable/racist videos. How can this one have been on there for a decade? Simple, it is not anti-Semitic in any way.

Under these new standards of racism, if you watch a parody with Hitler in it, you are a racist. We’ve all heard of the film Jojo Rabbit. It was a comedic film which included Hitler. The film was chosen by the National Board of Review and the American Film Institute as one of the ten best films of the year. It won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards. Millions of people saw this movie. Are we to believe that all of these people are anti-Semitic? We know that is nonsense, just as is their claim against Ron as being racist.

Fact: Ron is being accused of being racist because somebody sent him a message using an offensive word.

Full Fact: Ron DID NOT use the offensive word and it was in no way being used in any context in an offensive manner. So, if you believe the claim against Ron, the new standard is that if anybody decides to send you a message containing an offensive word, YOU are now a racist!  Again, this is another nonsensical claim against Ron Vogel. 

As far as the sexist claim, it is even weaker, if that is possible.

Fact: Ron posted a link to a song that he liked.

Full Fact: The artist of the song goes by a name that could be offensive to women. The lyrics of the song are not offensive. So, this new standard is that if you listen to any music from an artist who has a name that can be construed as offensive, you are now sexist. Another poorly thought out, false claim against Ron!

So when full truth is known, the whole house of cards against Ron comes tumbling down. But why was this house of cards built in the first place? Was there some sort of hidden agenda??

Consider some of the timing of the politics involved. An original date had been set for the Chester County Republican Convention. Mysteriously, the convention was rescheduled just days before that was to take place. And then, it was rescheduled yet another time. At this time there were five candidates campaigning for the position and straw polls had Ron Vogel as the leader. However, somewhere in this extended time period, Guy Ciarrocchi announced that he is terminating his failed campaign for governor and is running for the U.S. Congress Representative position in District 6. Question.  Does this give the appearance that the Republican Committee changed the dates of the convention to accommodate and allow Guy Ciarrocchi the time he would need to enter the 6th District race?  Did you know when the Chester County convention finally took place, Ron Vogel finished as the top candidate, beating Guy Ciarrocchi by a wide margin (190 votes to 137 votes). This must not have sat well with the “Establishment” Republicans.

In fact, Ron Vogel was the ONLY candidate to come out of both the Berks County and the Chester County Conventions with a recommendation by the Republican Party.

It’s no secret that Ron Vogel has been running as an anti-establishment “common sense” candidate and that likely stirred ire and discontent among the Republican establishment.  It’s no secret Ron is not a politician.  Ron has answered the call from respected citizens and leaders throughout our local communities asking for hard working non-political figures to run for office. 

It’s been known in the Republican circle that the Republican establishment wants Guy Ciarrocchi to win. To what means can they tip the scale? Does the end justify the means?

Just after their Chester County Republican Executive Committee “secret” meeting to discuss these bogus claims against Ron Vogel, there was an article about it in the local newspaper the next day with “facts” that would only have been known to the participants of the “secret” meeting. Why would anybody from the Republican Executive Committee leak that info? The plausible explanation is to hurt Ron Vogel, the candidate who was the front-runner.  Did they follow it up with their “hurried and “before the facts” censure to help their “chosen” candidate, establishment Guy Ciarrocchi, along?  So, to them, it appears as the end does justify the means. 

But, the voters will not see it that way.

Why can’t there be honest elections?  Why does campaigning take such unethical turns?  Why do “connected” individuals continue to win these congressional seats?  Why does our community continue to wonder and ask how was this representative elected?!  Common sense voters will consider all of these questions and in the end the voters will demand justice and justice is seeing their chosen candidate, Ron Vogel, being voted in as the next Representative in District 6.

Nicole Roman is a resident of Norristown.

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn’t Establishment’s Choice
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