Pennsylvania Election Disgrace As Senate Winner Remains Unknown

Pennsylvania Election Disgrace As Senate Winner Remains Unknown — Here we are in Pennsylvania 14 hours after the polls closed and we still aren’t sure who won the most talked about election of this year .

Will Mehmet Oz or Dave McCormick be the Republican who takes on John “Whatcha doin’ joggin’ on my street, boy” Fetterman for U.S. Senate this November?

Pennsylvania Election Disgrace As Senate Winner Remains Unknown
So, did he win? Can’t say yet.

The official Department of State website’s data is thousands of votes behind that of tweeters.

Oh yeah, and did you see were 21,000 mail-in ballots were unscannable in Lancaster County due to a printing error?

Has anybody investigated the broken seal on ballot drop box at the Avon Grove Library in Chester County, or is that just being shrugged off?

The citizen candidates we backed — Mike Miller, Ron Vogel, Carmela Ciliberti and Alex Entin — didn’t win getting between 30 and 40 percent of the vote excepting Vogel who got 20 percent in a four-way race.

None of these people should be embarrassed. Their performance was remarkable considering their lack of money and their establishment opposition.

And none better go away. They are now all veterans with experience and knowledge to be shared.

This is no longer a contest between Republicans and Democrats but between Citizens and Partisans.

Citizens are those who get involved in government to serve. Partisans are those whose motivation in politics is an easy life.

The advantage the Partisan has is investors. The lovers of money are always willing to invest a little to make a lot which is why the Partisan is always going to have money people willing to give him a look.

The advantage the Citizen has is potentially overwhelming numbers. People really don’t like those who take their money just to make their lives harder.

They do have to be woken up, however.

Pennsylvania Election Disgrace As Senate Winner Remains Unknown

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Election Disgrace As Senate Winner Remains Unknown”

  1. Bill I couldn’t agree with you more. This explains what Mastriano has faced, and will be dealing with for the November election.

  2. When the Dems decide who will be easier for Fetterman to defeat is when the winner will be declared.

  3. A sliver of optimism?

    Yesterday I worked the poll as the Judge of Elections. Surprisingly, a few Democrat voters who came in did not realize that PA has a closed primary, meaning that you can only vote if you are registered GOP or Dem. And that you can only vote within your party.
    Well, the real surprise was that these few Dems decided they wanted to vote on the GOP ballot because they are ashamed to be Dem and can’t stand what is going on because of the Dems. Two actually left without voting at all. And asked for info on how to change their party. I gave them the info.

    Maybe things will go well for the GOP in November if more Dems are feeling the way these voters did.

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