Mastriano Demands Baby Formula Crisis Be Addressed By Wolf

Mastriano Demands Baby Formula Crisis Be Addressed By Wolf

This letter from May 13 was forwarded to us by Carol Klein. Thank you Carol.

Dear Governor Wolf and Acting Secretary Johnson:

We write to you today regarding mounting concerns over baby formula shortages throughout our Commonwealth and nation. Knowing that this critical predicament is affecting our most vulnerable population –newborns and infants– we are seeking immediate redress. Within the past few weeks, this issue seems to have only escalated, and the reports throughout Pennsylvania of scarce formula stock and empty shelves at grocery stores and pharmacies are numerous and unacceptable.

We are concerned for the families who are unable to find formula for their infants, including for babies with rare metabolic diseases, such as Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD), Phenylketonuria (PKU), and Homocystinuria, who require special formula to survive.

While this issue is nationwide, Pennsylvania’s leaders cannot sit idly by and wait for the federal government to act. We have an obligation to be proactive for Pennsylvanians in addressing this matter and to have alternate plans in place before we face a statewide crisis.

Accordingly, your response to the following questions would be appreciated:

  • What is your plan to address the baby formula shortage within our Commonwealth and the concerns of parents and families?
  • What is the status of baby formula availability in our hospital nurseries?
  • Is the Commonwealth actively working with the federal government to address this crisis? If so, in what ways?
  • Is there any credence to reports that baby formula is being shipped to the border for illegal immigrants while many Pennsylvania store shelves are empty?
  • Do we have a government emergency stockpile in our state? If so, what is your plan for use and distribution? 

Additionally, we propose the Commonwealth consider the following options to help bring some immediate relief to parents:

  • Urge the Attorney General to monitor formula pricing and hold retailers and anyone having access and/or attempting to resell baby formula accountable for price gouging. Such individuals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Communicate with parents and families about efforts being taken to resolve this crisis, and instructions on how to obtain formula, with regular updates on the state’s progress.
  • Explore public-private partnership (s) with food banks, charitable organizations, and other nonprofits who may have access to baby formula.

We trust that you will both be diligent in your responsibility to address this crucial matter to ensure the well-being and health of our children. It is imperative that we act now.


Senator Doug Mastriano, 33rd Senatorial District

Senator Michele Brooks, 50th Senatorial District

Mastriano Demands Baby Formula Crisis Be Addressed By Wolf
Mastriano Demands Baby Formula Crisis Be Addressed By Wolf

Wolf Income Tax Hike Would Reward The Corrupt

Wolf Income Tax Hike Would Reward The Corrupt

By Leo Knepper

Every year Pennsylvania’s Governor presents a “budget proposal” to the General Assembly. Governor Wolf’s budget addresses have typically included items that would be harmful to Pennsylvanians. For example, Wolf has requested a new extraction tax on natural gas producers every year. And every year, the General Assembly declines. They point to the impact fee that generates millions of dollars per year for the Treasury to justify their correct decision.

Wolf Income Tax Hike Would Reward The Corrupt
Worst governor? Tough competition but in the running.

Governor Wolf decided that simply recycling his standard bad ideas just wouldn’t cut it this year. Instead, he added a request for a massive personal income-tax increase. How large of a tax increase does he want? The Governor is asking the General Assembly to increase the personal income tax rate by 46 percent. He notes that Pennsylvania has a “structural deficit” and that his tax increase would increase education funding. (See, he’s doing it for the kids.)

Governor Wolf didn’t mention that the structural deficit was caused by chronic overspending by the General Assembly. Nor did he say that he made it worse due to his unilateral decision to shut down vast swaths of the Pennsylvania economy last year. It must have surprised him to learn that shuttered businesses wouldn’t provide the same level of tax payments as open ones. As a side note on educational funding, Pennsylvania spends over $20,000 per year per pupil and ranks ninth in the country for per-pupil spending.

The Governor also included a call for increasing Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $15 per hour. We doubt that he has considered how many of the businesses who survived his shutdown can now afford higher labor costs.

It’s doubtful that the Republican-controlled General Assembly will go along with either proposal. It’s hard to rule it out entirely, though. Remember that Pennsylvania now has one of the country’s highest gasoline taxes thanks to a Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, and Republicans in the General Assembly. However, we don’t anticipate either the House or the Senate going along with much of Governor Wolf’s budget proposal. We’ll keep you informed as the budget process moves forward over the next few months.

For a more in-depth examination of the Governor’s budget proposal, watch the video below. CAP CEO Leo Knepper sat down with Carl Marrara, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Pennsylvania Manufacturer’s Association, to discuss the Governor’s budget address and its impact on the Commonwealth’s economy.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Wolf Income Tax Hike Would Reward The Corrupt

Levine Incompetence Led To Elderly Deaths

Levine Incompetence Led To Elderly Deaths — Chris Saullo sent a link to this article from the Delaware Valley Journal describing how the incompetence/indifference of the Wolf Administration and Health Secretary Rachel Levine led to thousands of unnecessary Covid-19 deaths in Pennsylvania.

Wolf and Levine ignored desperate pleas from advocates of the elderly as deaths in long-term care facilities exploded.

And now Illegitimate President Joe Biden has nominated Levine, a seriously disturbed person, as the nation’s assistant health secretary.

Pennsylvania has 20,063 covid deaths as of today (Jan. 22), with 10,212 coming from long term care facilities.

Levine Incompetence Led To Elderly Deaths
Levine Indifference Led To Elderly Deaths

LocalisedAperture More Pennsylvania Proof Positive Of Vote Fraud

LocalisedAperture More Pennsylvania Proof Positive Of Vote Fraud — Twitter poster LocalisedAperture downloaded a million 2020 General Election records from — about a third of the data set — and did some deep diving.

He filtered for ballots recorded as received by the state the day they were requested by mail. He found more than 11,000. Do we have a great postal system or what?

He then filtered for applications “approved by the government, mailed out by the government, received by the voter, filled out by the voter, mailed back to the government on the same day.” He found 8,205.

We don’t just have a great postal system, we have a magic postal system.

He then filtered for ballots received by the government before they were mailed. He found 7,403.

What can explain this? Time travel. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Time travel

Donald Trump won this election. There is really no doubt.

LocalisedAperture More Pennsylvania Proof Positive Of Vote Fraud
LocalisedAperture More Pennsylvania Proof Positive Of Vote Fraud

Covid Death Rate Dropping Dramatically But Wolf Sees Need For Thanksgiving Obstacles

Covid Death Rate Dropping Dramatically But Wolf Sees Need For Thanksgiving Obstacles — Gov. Tom Wolf has announced for Pennsylvania restrictions greater than when Covid-19 was most virulent last spring. These include wearing a mask in the home; and requiring out-0f-state visitors to be tested 72 hours before arriving.

It’s just in time for Thanksgiving.

The Wolf Administration is saying they are warranted because of the spike in Covid cases as per the below chart for Bucks County:

Covid Death Rate Dropping Dramatically But Wolf Sees Need For Thanksgiving Obstacles

Pretty scary, huh.

Here’s another chart from yesterday for Bucks:

Covid Death Rate Dropping Dramatically But Wolf Sees Need For Thanksgiving Obstacles

Yeah, we are being played. Maybe Wolf & Levine think with Dominion voting machines being used in Pennsylvania, their side will be in office as long as Iran’s ayatollahs. We think they are wrong. Resist.

Charts are courtesy of Dean Malik.

Covid Death Rate Dropping Dramatically But Wolf Sees Need For Thanksgiving Obstacles

Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers

Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers — Noted cyberactivist Ron Watkins a.k.a CodeMonkeyZ has discovered that the Pennsylvania Department of State had Dominion Voting Systems include a function to allow operators to re-mark blank ballots.

There certainly must be an innocent explanation, right?

Here’s the source document from the Pennsylvania Department of State’s official website.

You can find the request on page 9 in the Scope of Certification section or page 63 of the pdf document.

Or just look here:

Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers
Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers

Wolf Funding State Races In Hopes For Mutton Meals

Wolf Funding State Races In Hopes For Mutton Meals — Elaine Mickman has let us know that Tom Wolf, one of America’s worst governors, has pumped $1.3 million into state legislative races this year in an attempt to achieve a neo-feudal majority.

Wolf Funding State Races In Hopes For Mutton Meals
If you’re not a sheep you wont’ get eaten by this guy

If you like being a peasant, vote Democrat.

Wolf was more than a happy to support brutal a racist in his quest for power, let it be known

Wolf Funding State Races In Hopes For Mutton Meals

Authoritarian Lawless Tom Wolf

Authoritarian Lawless Tom Wolf

By Joseph B. Dychala

Gov. Tom Wolf has forced a lawless state on the citizens of Pennsylvania. He has criminalized behavior of law abiding, tax paying business owners and consumers alike.

Under his regime the rule of law no longer exists, it is now do what you feel bold enough to risk in response to his decrees and edicts while participating in a strange game of ‘Mother, May I’ allowing only baby steps and a contrived return to the starting line on every turn as part of his totalitarian rule book.

Business will be closed- many shuttered for good, livelihoods affected, years or decades of sobriety lost, lives literally ended due to despair all while an underground economy thrives and a shrinking revenue base leaves the state adding further irreparable damage to an already faltering economy.

Wolf is an authoritarian and a zealot. Every Communist revolution throughout history begins with an attack on a class of people. In our case the castigated and demonized are our neighbors and friends, our small business owners who simply wish to pursue Liberty and the animating contest of freedom to make their living in a manner they see fit.

I submit that Wolf has broken the fragile public trust that is the fabric of our civil society. He has seized property and possession with absolutely no due process rights by declaring “small business” must remain closed. He ignores the will of WE, the People and our elected representatives by vetoing nearly every bill that comes across his desk then proceeds to implement his unilateral edicts then changes them on a whim.

Wolf has proven beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that he is unfit to lead free men and women. He speaks of “democracy” yet refuse to acknowledge our Federal and State Constitutions, our Bill of Rights and the norms of our Representative Republic.

I believe Thomas Westerman Wolf must be removed from office and I am publicly and continually calling for immediate impeachment investigations for abuse of power and negligent criminal behavior. Tom Wolf is an enemy of a free people and as such has forfeit the privilege of serving as our governor. He must be removed from office before his lawlessness is forever enshrined in public policy.

Authoritarian Lawless Tom Wolf

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.

By Kim Kennedy

We have two America’s happening right now guided by two completely different ideologies.  States run by red Governors are largely working to open their states from the shutdown or have already done so.  Western Journal reports, “15 days after restrictions started being lifted, Kemp indicated on Twitter that the emerging evidence supports his decision and proves his critics wrong.  “Today marks the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide (1,203) since hospitals began reporting this data on April 8th,” he posted Saturday. “Today also marks the lowest total of ventilators in use (897 with 1,945 available). We will win this fight together!” he added.”1. We have the ongoing deteriorating state of Pennsylvania with its citizens suffering under poor leadership.  I had mentioned in a previous article published April 27 about how Gov. Wolf was ignoring representative government tactics of dealing with the potential of a major health crisis and was dictating policies with no input from legislators or private sector.  Governor Wolf continues the same stance, acting as if he is the Supreme Leader in Pa answerable to none.  He has no sense of urgency to help citizens regain lost time and revenue for business owners.  Many counties in Pa have either not had a single case of COVID or 10 or less cases. 

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.
Covid response warrants Impechament

In speaking with Pennsylvania State Rep. David Zimmerman (R-99) concerning the overall handling of the COVID-19 situation in Pa, I share this report with you.  The lesson that must be learned: Democrats cannot hold public office in this country.  They do not respect representative government and defy rule of law, with little or no consequences.

Yes, the Governor does have absolute power granted to him in health emergencies.  Are we still in a health emergency?  Well, we are seeing data manipulated and used and some of it later exposed for being false.  Reader be aware!  The Republicans hold the majority in both the House and Senate.  Rep. Bryan Cutler is the House leader and has reached out, without success, to have Gov. Wolf meet jointly in planning sessions on how to get Pennsylvania moving again.  This has been his way of “leading” throughout most of his 2 terms.  Rep. Cutler would like to stop payment on some of his pet projects in order to force a conversation.  Interestingly, before COVID-19 the state had close to a $1 billion surplus, 800 million of that is gone.  Even more interesting, the money was directly appropriated by Gov. Wolf himself, bypassing the process of going thru the legislation process.  I asked, where did that money go?  Rep. Zimmerman listed off Human services projects, help for his campaign and it appears as though where other funds went is unknown.  On March 19, the state was put into a 90 day lockdown.  The latest day of opening again is June 4, two days after the Pennsylvania primary.  Rep. Zimmerman is in complete agreement that Health Secretary Levine should step down and face criminal charges.  Zimmerman owns several retirement communities in Lancaster county.  One of them in Ephrata, Fairmount Home, was ordered by the Department of State to take a patient from a hospital who had COVID-19.  Not the jurisdiction of the government.  It’s a completely illegal demand and it never should have happened.  Dr. Levine should be held accountable for this.  Rep. Zimmerman does support Rep. Metcalfe’s call to impeach Gov. Wolf.  Rep. Metcalfe’s call for impeachment are listed at the end of this article.

Legislation was passed in 1977 that allows a local disaster emergency to be declared by the governing body of a political subdivision upon finding a disaster has occurred or is imminent.

Each political subdivision included in a declaration of disaster emergency declared by either the Governor or the governing body of the political subdivision affected by the disaster emergency is authorized to exercise the powers vested under this section in the light of the exigencies of the emergency situation without regard to time-consuming procedures and formalities prescribed by law, according to the law.

“Gov. Wolf’s orders in response to the COVID-19 outbreak have violated a number of our God-given rights affirmed in the United States Constitution,” said Zimmerman. “In particular, his order mandating the closure of physical locations of all businesses that he has deemed ‘non-life sustaining’ has violated our citizens’ rights in many devastating ways.”

Zimmerman said Wolf’s order constitutes a taking of property from business owners without just compensation. “The lack of due process and judicial review permitted under his order also violates the Constitution. In addition, this order coupled with the stay-at-home order, has violated our rights to free speech and assembly,” he said.

Another troubling aspect of his mandates is the utter lack of transparency demonstrated by the administration, Zimmerman noted.

Agencies under his control have stopped responding to requests for records and his office has refused to provide vital information,” he said. “The waiver process established under the Department of Community and Economic Development resulted in arbitrary and capricious decisions about which businesses may stay open.”

Zimmerman said that the public, press and General Assembly all have the right to know about these decisions and how they have been made. “While the Wolf administration has finally slowly begun to release some of the relevant information regarding which businesses received waivers, they have yet to release any information about how or why these decisions were made,” he said. His delays and obfuscation have been, and continue to be, entirely unacceptable.”

Zimmerman also noted Wolf’s failure to adequately administer the unemployment compensation system. He said that countless Pennsylvanians have been unable to collect their benefits.

“His focus on restraining business is particularly disturbing, as the majority of deaths due to the pandemic have been residents of long-term care facilities,” Zimmerman said.” The governor should have focused his attention there, but he has entirely failed to implement a comprehensive state plan to protect our most vulnerable citizens who reside in nursing homes, which have had inadequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment and testing kits throughout the outbreak.”

Zimmerman said impeachment is the only means to address the actions of Wolf.

“As Gov. Wolf has violated so many of our fundamental rights as citizens of the Commonwealth, I will be introducing a resolution impeaching the governor and exhibiting Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. His actions plainly constitute the misbehavior in office required for his impeachment under the Pennsylvania Constitution.

“While these are certainly challenging times, Gov. Wolf must be held accountable for his actions that have harmed so many of our citizens and violated so many of our rights. No individual or office is above the law.”

It is clear that this Governor is going to rule Pennsylvania as if her were Sovereign Lord.  He is not.  We are a representative government.  All Americans need to know this and be aware, this can happen anywhere!• Take responsibility for your own liberty• Participate in peaceful, public demonstrations• Constantly write to leadership and tell them what is happening in your life as they take their good ole time opening the state.  Remind them that you vote!• Exercise your Constitutional rights.• PRAY!  The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turns it wherever he wills.  Proverbs 21:1

Ms.Kennedy is founder of Restore the Culture.

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep. Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep. Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.

Wolf Shapiro Bully Nuns In Pennsylvania

Wolf Shapiro Bully Nuns — The sick and evil people — that would be you Gov. Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro — who have acquired control of Pennsylvania’s executive branch are continuing to torment The Little Sisters of the Poor.

The bullying was started by Barack Obama who tried to force the Little Sisters –an order of Roman Catholic nuns who care for the elderly poor in homes across the country and that has a home in Pittsburgh — to offer health-insurance plans that paid for contraceptives, including some abortifacients.

This was part of Obamacare.

Obviously, this is a violation of well-understood tenets of their faith. In the grand scheme giving the order an exemption would make little difference. Why do Wolf and Shapiro feel such a need to compel these nuns to violate their beliefs?

The Supreme Court in 2016 vacated fines that had been levied against them and told lower courts to find a resolution. In 2017, the Trump Administration issued an executive order giving them the exemption.

You think that would have resolved the matter? Not for the Wolf Gang. Rather than letting sleeping dogs lie they sued the Sisters again and the equally bigoted Third Circuit agreed returning the mandate.

So now, today, May 6, oral arguments are again occurring before the Supreme Court. May God grant that the Sisters win for good this time.

Wolf Shapiro Bully Nuns