Wolf Gives GOP Opening On Charter Schools

The Philadelphia School Reform Commission voted, Feb. 18, to approved five of the 39 applications for new charter schools.  Wolf Gives GOP Opening On Charter Schools

Gov. Tom Wolf chimed in decrying the decision. Oh, the Philadelphia School District can’t possibly handle it he said. He cited  the district’s $80 million budget deficit.

Charter schools, of course, are cheaper to run than traditional schools so one would wonder what exactly is Wolf thinking until one realizes that he, like the rest of the Democrat Party, is in the pocket of the teacher unions. These entities get the lion’s share of the blame for the inflated cost of public education.

Anyway, this creates a very nice opportunity for the GOP. Charter Schools are strongly supported by a significant section of the city and these supporters had in the past not been willing to look twice at a Republican candidate. If the party starts championing Philadelphia charters there is a pretty good chance this will change for many of them.

You would not need all of them or even most of them to start making a difference in elections.

Wolf Gives GOP Opening On Charter Schools

Tom Wolf Halts Death Penalty

Tom Wolf Halts Death Penalty
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf

Our new Gov. Tom Wolf has just declared (Feb. 13)  a moratorium on the death penalty in Pennsylvania.

Wolf has arguably overstepped his bounds under the law. The penalty is the law of the land and and a rather stringent due process is applied to those who receive it.

If Wolf reveres life so much why does he not show the same concern for the helpless in the womb as he does for the monsters who kill in cold blood?

The truth is that he doesn’t revere life. He’s merely squeamish and, of course, does not wish to offend political allies.

Tom Wolf is just another one of the filthy rich disciples of Tom Steyer who believe that only aesthetics matter with regard to morality and that the rules that apply to thee should not apply to we.

Tom Wolf Halts Death Penalty


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