GOP Fails Constituents

GOP Fails Constituents

To the Editor

The following comments are directed at the Delaware County Republican Party press release dated April 24, 2024.

On social media in February 2024 (see photo) the comment “all endorsed delegate candidates have agreed to support the Presidential candidate that emerges victorious in our county, PA’s 5th Congressional District, in the State Primary on April 23rd.” was posted.

Congressional District Delegates are unbound and have no obligation to support any candidate at the Convention. To state there were “many attempts to mislead voters” is inaccurate. These are facts.

Mr Agovino is quoted “To be crystal clear the Delco GOP is committed to defeating Joe Biden in November and supporting Donald Trump through the next six and beyond.” I find this statement to be disingenuous.

The penultimate paragraph of the press release reads in part “underpinned by the robust leadership the Republican Party is renowned for” is laughable.

I have zero representation due to this so called robust leadership. The 161st State House, the 9th Senatorial district, the 5th Congressional District, our check and balance to Robert Casey in the US Senate, the entire County Council, the Governor’s Office and the Presidency were lost as a result of the LACK of leadership in the state and county GOP. The Delaware County Republican Party is not robust it is frail.

The entire point of the Primary election is to allow voters, not leadership, to determine who best represents us. We demand choices not rubber stamps. As a result voter turnout is abysmal because voters don’t see a point to checking a box for an endorsed candidate running unopposed. Quite frankly this is despicable and borders on communism.

Finally, Nimarata “Nikki” Haley was able to capture nearly 1 in 4 Primary voters, a candidate who suspended her campaign months ago, is a testament to the poor leadership, disorganization and lack of unity that plagues our party, our county and ultimately our nation. Party leadership can, and must, do better. Or resign.

Joseph B Dychala

Aston Township.

GOP Fails Constituents

5 thoughts on “GOP Fails Constituents”

  1. Joe, totally agree, the leadership of my township vocally supported Nikki Haley and the sheep totally went along with it.

    1. Nikki Haley didn’t win a single town in 2024 in Delco. So no one went along with it.

  2. There were several towns that supported Trump and are supporting Trump. This is a myth you all conjur up. Ridley, Marple, Clifton, Aston, Media, and Chi are all very pro-Trump with Republicans there very engaged with our party.

    Take this crap out of here. You’re being a sore loser.

    1. If you think Aston Republicans aren’t RINOs you need your head examined. NB the complete lack of Republican representation above the municipal offices in Delwarew County.

      Take YOUR crap out of here.

  3. What a dumb letter. Full of inaccurate commentary. Some the your opponents didn’t do hardly anything. I voted for Straw and Willauer and that’s it. They’re the only one’s I knew have worked hard to elect President Trump in 2020 and elect Republicans since. Everyone else I didn’t know or didn’t like. Pat Bleasdale talks down to a lot of people at meetings.

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