Howard Alexander And Olivia Taylor

Howard Alexander And Olivia Taylor — At last night’s raucous Delaware County, Pa. Council meeting something set off Howard Alexander of Marple and he was escorted from the room by police.

We understand he was told to just go home and chill out.

Which is exactly how matters such as this are supposed to be handled.

But what would have happened if he had been a black woman?

Would he have been hauled to the station, strip-searched and made to stand in a cupboard for an hour before being charged with an obscure misdemeanor?

That’s what Upper Darby Council did to Olivia Taylor for doing basically the same thing.

OK, Upper Darby is calling Olivia “white” but really.

If Olivia did at the Government Center — or anywhere else — what she did in Upper Darby we are confident she would have been treated as Howard.

A more interesting question is would Howard have been treated as Olivia, if he did in Upper Darby what he did in Media?

We think maybe not.

Unless he was effectively pointing out that Upper Darby Council is filled with scofflaws and tax dodgers, and their solicitor disrespects veterans.

Then maybe yes.

Upper Darby is run by thugs.

If County Council wants to regain trust and end partisan divides, they should call their fellow Democrats on Garrett Road and tell them to make Olivia’s bogus charge go away.

And tell them to stop being thugs.

We doubt that’s going to happen, though.

Howard Alexander And Olivia Taylor
No, she’s not white, despite what the paper says

Delco Council Told Unauthorized Software On Voting Machines

Delco Council Told Unauthorized Software On Voting Machines — Delaware County (Pa) Council was told, last night, April 17, that there was unauthorized software on its Hart Verity Voting 2.7 voting system.

The software is MathNET Numerics Dll, said Robert Mancini of Upper Providence.

This is a dynamic link library for MathNET.Numerics and can be used for manipulating data, Mancini said.

He said it’s listed neither on the Pennsylvania Department of State certification of the system, nor thee U.S. Election Assistance Commission test report for Hart 2.7.

Mancinie said the machines must be immediately secured and that an investigation be conducted as to how the software appeared.

“This would include an inspection of the administrator logs due to the fact that software cannot be installed without administrator privileges and whenever the software is installed, that will show up on the administrator logs,” he said.

Secure build validation were performed on but nine of the county’s 428 precinct machines, Mancini said. These must now be done on every machine, he said.

He said a criminal complaint will be filed within two weeks against a public official in Delaware County.

His three minutes can be watched here starting at 1:08:56.

If we trusted the county, we’d chalk this up to something innocent.

As it is, this must be taken seriously and investigated.

What is the big secret with Fort Orange Press, anyway?

Delco Council Told Unauthorized Software On Voting Machines

BillLawrenceOnline Addresses Delco Council

BillLawrenceOnline Addresses Delco Council — We like to keep ourselves out of the story but at yesterday‘s Delaware County, Pa. Council meeting we thought we’d put the bug in their ear that a former Don Guanella building could be a great new home for the Delaware County Historical Society.

The county is looking for a new home for the society, after all, and museums go hand-in-glove with parks.

Unlike mental hospitals.

However, earlier in the evening Councilman Kevin M. Madden said all the county wanted was a “sliver” of the property and we felt obliged to point out that the 40 acres they don’t want rezoned is a lot more than a sliver.

We said there is a real trust problem between the Delaware County public and its government.

And then we felt obliged to bring up the county ballot printer Fort Orange Press of Albany, N.Y.

Really, what is the big secret regarding Fort Orange Press?

Robert Mancini of Upper Providence submitted an open records request for its correspondence with the county.

The county said no. You may not see it.

Mancini appealed to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.

Yes, you may see it, they said. It is public record.

County appealed to county Common Pleas Court and, unsurprisingly, won.

We pointed out to council that the innocent reason the county fought this is simple arrogance.

That’s a bad thing.

We then pointed out that the more logical reason though is that the county is hiding something.

That something would have to do with our elections.

That’s a far worse thing.

Our two minutes at the podium can be found here starting at 1:35:47.

Madden would respond during council comments saying they would not use the full 40 acres zoned institutional.

Which get us back to the trust issue.

If the zoning isn’t changed nothing much would stop them if they should decided they needed it all.

By the way and for the record, we actually respect Madden for recognizing the need for a better mental health response.

In 1960, when mass shootings and rampant homelessness were not issues there were three times as many incarcerated in mental hospitals than in prisons.

As of 2001, the latest we found, there were six times as many in prisons.

Obviously, we don’t want to return to the days of Pennhurst but we ought to recognize the necessity of finding a happy medium.

Just not in a recreational space.

BillLawrenceOnline Addresses Delco Council

Delco Gets Update About $19 Million Health Department

Delco Gets Update About $19 Million Health Department — Delaware County, Pa., Council, last night, April 17, got a lengthy update from Health Director Melissa Lyon regarding her department.

Among the highlights was that she has hired a DEI director and that she has acquired 30-plus vehicles, and they are all electric.

She noted her budget is $19 million which surprised the large crowd that was on hand concerning the county’s consideration for using Delco Woods in Marple as a secured mental facility. (See other story)

Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther pointed out that about $11 million of the money comes from state and federal grants.

Council better start watching its pennies. Michael Gowdy of Marple noted in public comments that Delco taxpayers could wind up paying twice the $22 million to the Philadelphia Archdiocese for Delco Woods if it loses its lawsuit regarding the valuation it placed during the taking of it by eminent domain.

Also consider the ballot dropboxes, a stupidly unnecessary expense. It’s not the cost of the boxes or even the cameras allegedly protecting them, but the labor, inefficiency and unneeded complexity of transporting the ballots to the county center.

The postal service delivers ballots for free, you know.

Delco uses more dropboxes than any other county. Its 39 are more than Philadelphia, 26, and Allegheny counties — the first and second largest –combined.

Earth Day Activities

The county recognized Earth Day activities for April.

County Sustainability and Resilience Manager Rebecca Yurkovich noted that there will be a Tree Planting and Park Clean Up at William Penn and Ethel Waters parks, in Chester, 9 – 11 a.m. Saturday, April 20.

Also, there will be a stream and plant health event starting 10 a.m., April 22, at Delco Woods in Marple. Meet at the Reed Road parking lot.

Political signs from the primary election will be recycled 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 26 and 9 a.m. to noon, April 27 at Rose Tree Park.

Other Matters

Council introduced Jim Peterson as director of purchasing.

It declared April 14 to 20 as Public Safety Telecommunications Week. Emergency Services Director Tim Boyce was recognized along with the rest of his department.

The county passed 24 items by unanimous consent. It also appointed Matthew Piotrowski to the Delaware County Drug & Alcohol Commission through Sept. 1; and appointed councilwoman Christine Reuther to the Community Action Agency of Delaware County through April 30, 2025.

During initial public comments, Carris Kocher of Concord said freedoms are being impinged throughout the world in the name of health. She said this is being led by the WHO and other globalists. She said that county Solicitor Jonathan Lichtenstein prohibited county workers from answering her query as to whether they took an oath of office as per state law.

Delco Gets Update About $19 Million Health Department

Delco Gets Update About $19 Million Health Department

Delco Council Threatened With Tar and Feathering Over Delco Woods Mental Facility

Delco Council Threatened With Tar and Feathering Over Delco Woods Mental Facility — About 150 packed Delaware County (Pa.) Council’s meeting room, last night, April 17, to protest the possibility of a former Don Guanella building becoming a home for mental patients.

The county got the 213-acre property between Sproul and Reed roads in Marple via eminent domain from the Catholic Church in 2021.

The price tag was $22 million and it was to be a park.

About 170 undeveloped acres were zoned residential. The rest was zoned institutional and contained a facility for boys with mental disabilities.

The tract was officially named Delco Woods, April 3.

On Monday, Marple Township, reacting to the county, rezoned the property to all open space. Marple also rejected county requests for occupancy certificates for three buildings. Two would have been for office space and one for the mental patients.

The county says it will sue to keep the institutional zoning.

Executive Director Update

Last night, County Executive Director Barbara O’Malley said other locations for the mental health facility are still being considered but Delco Woods has significant advantages. The county already owns it and it has buildings that might serve as secure housing.

Sandy Garrison, chief of Human Services and Community Support, said the county has funding for a mental health facility but can’t get a program running. She says they have investigated 25 locations with none being satisfactory.

Ms. Garrison said a facility would be staffed 24/7 and have time secured locks. It would be used as a stop for those about to return to community who had been receiving high level care.

There are 25 persons in Delco who need such a place, she said. They range in age from their 20s to their 70s.

Ms. Malley vehemently denied the rumors that the building would be used to house illegal aliens.

Shouts from the crowd showed that many doubted her claim.

Kevin M. Madden chimed in.

“You might not like us because we have a D after our name,” he said.

This angered the crowd even more and hoots of scorn filled the room.

Madden also said that just a “sliver” of the property would be used for the facilities.

Public Comment

Charles Alexander of Marple, whose postings on Chuckles Sports have kept Delco’s illegal alien concerns in the spotlight spoke first during public comments. He brought up Jan. 8, 2020 action in which the county consented to a refugee resettlement program.

He said things are getting worse and the county is ignoring why.

Concerning health facilities, he said that there were 10 hospitals in Delco when he was born. Now it’s down to “three OK ones and a travesty.”

“You have awakened a sleeping giant,” he said.

He quoted Congresswoman Maxine Waters infamous call to harass Trump Administration officials and applied it to Council.

Sharon Devaney of Haverford Township asked councilmembers if they had read the paperwork she presented at the last meeting concerning her auto accident involving an illegal which left her crippled.

“I was a Democrat,” she said pointedly addressing Madden’s earlier claim that the complaints were political.

“We want the truth,” she said. “We want everyone to get a long.”

James Small quoted Edward Snowden regarding conspiracy theories and said he didn’t trust council. He asked that they resign.

Tar and Feathering

Howard Alexander of Marple, Charlie’s father, also said he was a former Democrat. He said the last Democrat for whom he voted was a “Muslim queer“. He wanted to know how many council members had taken money from George Soros. Alexander threatened them with tar and feathering.

Kathy from Haverford said the councilmembers have violated their oaths of office and outright lied about Delaware County not being a sanctuary county.

She noted that the council’s Facebook page prohibits comments in violation of Supreme Court rulings.

The council’s explanation for the policy is to stop “misinformation.”

“You’re a bunch of hypocrites,” she said.

She asked why the county is using the money it received as part of opioid lawsuit at Philadelphia hospitals.

“Why no rehabilitation at the prison?” she asked. “They are human beings.”

Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby noted that while the letter regarding refugee resettlement concerned the Trump Administration, council fails to understand things have changed. It is ignoring the massive influx of illegals occurring under Biden.

Biden is literally flying in illegals, she said. They are not vetted for disease or criminal records.

“They are being staged,” she said. She said even if the county is not directly involved they know about it and can do something about it.

Tax Bomb Looms?

Michael Gowdy of Marple brought up some scary points for taxpayers regarding Delco Woods’.

He asked that it be confirmed that the Philadelphia Archdiocese is challenging the $22 million price set by the county during the eminent domain acquisition.

Solicitor Jonathan Lichtenstein did so.

While Lichtenstein refused to discuss the litigation details such as the price the former owners value the land, Gowdy noted developers had offered the Church $45 million and $35 million for it.

This could mean that county might be on the hook for double what it expected to pay, he said.

That wouldn’t be counting the $2 million in interest it would have to pay if it loses.

Joe Finio of Marple said people of all political views united to save the park. He said the county made a solemn promise that it would be used entirely for recreation. He said the buildings were originally declared unusable and wondered what had changed.

Trish Adams of Delco Skatepark Coalition said the master plan called for a skatepark where the buildings are.

Tom Flocco, citing video posted by Charles Alexander showing HIAS Pennsylvania collecting food and clothes for illegal in Delco, asked the county to address non-government organizations.

He mentioned a rumor about illegals living at the McIntosh Inn in Middletown.

Council Accused Of Disrespect

Colleen Labalty (phonetic) was another who said the council was losing trust.

“I don’t understand how people lose their morals,” she said. “How they sell out.”

She noted her husband was a legal immigrant.

“Stop with the Democrats and Republicans,” she said. “We are all people.”

Denise Manley (phonetic) of Marple said the debate was about safety, not mental health.

She accused council of laughing and “snickering under their teeth” during the comments.

“It’s not about Republican or Democrat,” she said.

She suggested council consider the shuttered Glen Mills School for a mental facility.

Susan Long of Maple dittoed her regarding the disrespect council was showing.

“You brought up the ‘D’, Mr. Madden,” she said.

Republican Chairman Speaks

Delaware County GOP Chairman Frank Agovino of Springfield said that what happened in Marple two days earlier compelled him to speak.

He said he wanted to let the Marple resident and township government that he fully supports them.

Scott Thomas of Marple said that council has no right to be concerned about “misinformation.”

“It’s our government that gives us the most misinformation,” he said.

He noted that one of the big causes of mental health issues is the drugs flowing across our open borders.

Jim Castaldi (phonetic) described himself as one of the “most middle of the road speakers”.

“It’s safe to say the jig is up,” he said.

He said they those who fought for the park thought council would keep its promises.

A man who said he had been an EMT said the safety precautions at mental health facilities often fail. He said noted that he had taken many to the county’s existing mental health facilities and took them back again after they walked away.

A man said the original plans for the building area called for a community hub with recreation facilities.

Proximity To Schools

Sam Lassiter (phonetic) of Marple said he would not bring his young children to a park next to a mental facility.

He had worked in mental health, he said.

“Let it be a park,” he said. “It’s next to two schools.”

Marc Giosa says he has sold real estate for 23 years.

He say it’s not uncommon for someone to pay $50,000 or $100,000 over list price to buy a home in Marple.

He say, however, thathe has seen first hand how a mental facility will cause home prices to plummet.

“This will affect property values,” he said.

“It is within walking distance of two schools,” he also noted.

Gregg Miner of Upper Chichester said he was surprised to learn that Delaware County was a sanctuary county.

He asked council to compile a report showing how many illegals come into Delaware County; their effect on crime; and their fiscal impact.

Liz Piazza Defends Marple

Liz Piazza of Upper Providence, the GOP candidate for the 165th State House Seat which includes Delco Woods, said he was there to support Marple Township.

“What you are doing to Marple is unacceptable,” she said. “They put their trust in you.”

She noted that she grew up in Marple and that her son still lives there.

Patricia Bleasdale of Glen Mills said what the council is doing builds distrust.

Dave Clark of Ridley also noted trust is an issue.

“What is troubling the United States as a whole is the bait and switch tactics used by the political class,” he said.

Joanna of Brookhaven said it was crazy to put a mental institution where a park is.

Demetrius of Marple said there was a group home on his street for those with mental issues and they get out.

Council Response

With public comments over, Lichtenstein angrily took issue with claims that the 2020 letter concerned illegals.

He said it was for legal refugees many of whom had served alongside Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lichtenstein said the motion was passed at a council meeting and not “in the middle of the night.” He noted it had been done at the request of the Trump administration.

Councilwoman Elaine Paul Schaefer repeated what she said at the last council meeting that she opposed any governmental use for the park.

“I truly feel the frustration of the community and share in their goals,” she said.

She said she was hopeful that they will find a better place for the mental health facility.

Madden agreed that the issue was trust.

“We’re just doing our best,” he said.

He noted that county’s lawsuit is just to preserve their options and they don’t have any “blueprint in place” on what to do with the buildings.

He said the county would not use all 40 acres that it is trying to keep zoned institutional.

Councilman Richard R. Womack said he appreciated everyone coming out. He said he heard their concerns and would work to find another place.

Councilwoman Dr. Monica Taylor also thanked the crowd and reiterated that nothing has been carved in granite.

Christine A. Reuther reminded everyone that Tuesday was primary election day.

Delco Council Threatened With Tar and Feathering
The scene before the meeting
Delco Council  Threatened With Tar and Feathering Over Delco Woods Mental Facility
Attendees line the wall

Delco Council Threatened With Tar and Feathering Delco Council Threatened With Tar and Feathering Delco Council Threatened With Tar and Feathering

Constant carnival William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-18-24

Constant carnival William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-18-24

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Constant carnival William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-18-19 Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. Psalms

Answer to yesterday‘s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Everything being a constant carnival, there is no carnival left.
Victor Hugo

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