Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals

Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals — Charles Alexander has posted video on X that is proof positive that HIAS Pennsylvania is helping illegals find sanctuary in Delaware County, Pa.

HIAS Pennsylvania is an NGO or “non-government organization.”

NGOs are used by plutocrat globalists to escape rules binding governments to affect policies overwhelmingly unwanted by the citizenry.

Illegals, unlike immigrants, are those who enter our country against our laws.

Some might be otherwise decent people but many are criminals of the worst sort and deserve no sympathy.

Regardless, social order collapses when laws are purposefully ignored by government and misery prevails.

Charles is the proprietor of Chuckles Sports and has been writing about illegals in Delco.

And giving county government angina.

It is within the realm of possibility that HIAS, or another NGO, buys or leases the shuttered Springfield and Delaware County Memorial hospitals and uses them to house illegals.

The county must restrict the ability of NGOs to subvert the laws and norms.

Here is Charles’ video:

Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals

Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals

5 thoughts on “Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals”

  1. What is HIAS? Please define. The acronym was listed in the article but not the full name.

  2. Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. They have been around for over 100 years, but more recently they have been hijacked by the open borders cartel, as has Catholic Charities and other NGOs with religious affiliation. Alejandro Mayorkas, disgraced DHS head sits on their Board. They are also linked to Gov Shapiro.

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