Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops

Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops — The Wolf administration in its not so brilliance closed rest stops on Pennsylvania’s interstates excepting the Turnpike.

The oh-so-necessary-in-these-times truckers objected. The Trump Administration learning of the stupidity confronted the Wolf gang who agreed to reopen stops in seven counties albeit the one in Delco on I-95 stays closed.

As with the Turnpike, the indoor bathrooms will remain closed but each stop will have five portable toilets that will be sanitized daily along with two hand-washing stations.

Medical personnel have noted that the outdoor toilets are far more likely to spread the Wuhan virus, than the indoor ones.

In more stupidity, PennDOT has suspended all construction projects. You would think now would be a pretty good time to get the work done.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Monday (March 16), sent home all toll booth operators. Motorists who don’t have E-ZPass will have their license automatically photographed and a bill for the toll sent to them. A man-made traffic snarl has just ended. Will the toll booth takers ever come back?

And Philly will not be enforcing its parking kiosks, meters or residential parking time limits.

Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops
If the trucker is resupplying the TP it could work out, maybe

Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People

By Leo Knepper

Back in January, we shared a Guest Post with our readers on the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). The author, Lowman Henry, noted:

“[T]he Wolf Administration has entered into an agreement with nine other mostly northeastern states to cap each of the states’ carbon emissions from transportation (your car). The states have one year to come up with a plan. Such plans will most certainly include additional taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel…the money will be “redistributed” to “low carbon transportation systems” – in other words urban mass transit…Thus the lofty sounding Transportation and Climate Initiative allows Governor Wolf to advance two of his top agenda items: establish a new revenue stream to keep urban mass transit afloat and penalize users of carbon-based fuels. Keep in mind, those users include you every time you start your car or use a product that was delivered to the store by motor vehicle, which is to say everything.” (Emphasis added)

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People
Rich and Indifferent

The TCI plan was released on Dec. 17, and it is everything we feared it would be. The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania, CAP, has joined with allies from across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in voicing our opposition to this plan. We noted in a joint letter:

“Legislators should not allow one citizen of a state — the governor — to impose such serious financial burdens on all other citizens. Such a decision rightfully belongs to the people’s representatives and should be reached through the legislative process, not by the decree of a single executive. “The TCI is a poorly conceived, fundamentally regressive, and economically damaging proposal.”

Pennsylvania already has one of the highest gas taxes in the country. According to TCI’s own estimates carbon emissions will decrease by 19 percent from 2022-2032. They don’t think that’s good enough. Instead, the TCI is advocating a new gas tax ranging from five to seventeen cents per gallon in order to reduce emissions by only an additional one to six percent. The mere fact that Governor Wolf would consider increasing the tax yet again is appalling. The question now is whether or not the legislature will take substantive action to reclaim its power of the purse to combat the measure.

Wolf Plot Hikes Energy Costs For Working People

Most Leftist Governor Is Tom Wolf Says HuffPo

Most Leftist Governor Is Tom Wolf Says HuffPo

By Lowman S. Henry

In 1992, then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton ran for president as a centrist Democrat with an eye toward capturing what was at the time a much larger moderate section of the electorate.  It worked.  He won. He declared “over” the era of big government.

Today the era of big government is alive and thriving and his party has moved into a full embrace of socialism although they attempt to soften its image by calling it “democratic socialism.”  Bill Clinton’s brand of moderation would not stand a snowball’s chance in today’s Democratic Party.

Here in Penn’s Woods, where once Democrats positioned themselves as champions of the working class, ultra-Left wing give-away programs have replaced economic advancement as the principal focus of the party’s policy agenda.

Governor Tom Wolf, crowned by the Huffington Post as the “most liberal governor in America,” has certainly lived up to that reputation.  In just the last year he has taken steps to embroil Pennsylvania in a draconian multi-state agreement purporting to address so-called climate change, proposed restrictions on Second Amendment gun rights, unilaterally overspent the state budget, and vetoed legislation protecting unborn babies with Down Syndrome.

But the governor is not alone in taking a hard Left turn: the state’s big city mayors are right there with him pandering to the party’s radical base while proposing job crushing policies, violating constitutional rights and abandoning common sense.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto stoked the crowd at something called the Climate Action Summit by announcing his opposition to any additional petrochemical cracker plants in the region. Setting aside the fact neither the plant being constructed in Beaver County nor any contemplated plant would be built in the City of Pittsburgh, Peduto railed against fracking and the perceived evils of carbon based fuels.

The problem is the plant currently being built by Royal Dutch Shell, as with development of the fracking industry as a whole, have literally created tens of thousands of family sustaining jobs for the blue collar constituency formerly courted by Democratic politicians.

The damage done by Peduto’s comments drew a rare rebuke from Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald who told KDKA radio: “No city has benefitted more from the shale revolution than the city of Pittsburgh. Not just the county, the entire region.”  A number of area labor leaders, whose members are experiencing the best jobs of their lives from shale-related development, also joined in denouncing Petuto’s comments.

Peduto, along with his Pittsburgh City Council allies, also has made headlines for the effort to violate the constitutional Second Amendment rights of city residents. In the wake of the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue last year, council pushed through and Peduto signed three controversial measures into law.  The laws were immediately challenged in court where defenders of Second Amendment rights correctly argue they are unconstitutional.

In what could be considered an electoral rebuke of Peduto’s far Left policies, and the rush to socialism within the Democratic Party, the counties outside of Allegheny in the Pittsburgh media market  turned bright red in last November’s general election.  Republicans flipped control of county courthouses in Westmoreland, Washington, Greene, and Armstrong counties, while Fayette, Butler and Beaver remained in the GOP camp.

Meanwhile, across the state, Philadelphia Mayor Bill Kenney literally flies the flag for socialism.  In “celebration” of the 70th anniversary of the coming to power of Mao Zedong and his Communist Party in China the Chinese flag was hoisted at City Hall.  This was done in fealty to “diversity,” although how honoring a brutal regime that has murdered millions celebrates diversity remains a mystery.

The far-Left tilt of Pennsylvania’s two big city mayors underscores the growing geographic and ideological chasm in the state’s political landscape.  Our urban areas have politically become socialist enclaves, while more rural areas grow more conservative.  Leading Democratic Presidential candidates include outright socialists, while Donald Trump’s economic populism prevails in the Republican Party.

Thus the upcoming presidential election is not just your typical battle between Republicans and Democrats; it will pit democratic socialism against capitalism in what will be a pitched battle for the economic soul of America.

Mr. Henry is chairman & CEO of the Lincoln Institute and host of the weekly Lincoln Radio Journal

Most Leftist Governor Is Tom Wolf Says HuffPo

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R — Richard King, who is the husband of Pennsylvania Superior Court Republican candidate Megan King, has informed us that the Democrats have resorted to the last weapon in their arsenal — the race card.

Fools Tools Racist Democrats
Vote For Megan King

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party, on its website, accuses Mrs. King and her running mate Christylee Peck of supporting the “the white supremacist ideology” –an irony we will describe in a bit –and being pro gun and “anti-women”. Anti-women? Don’t ask, it’s not supposed to make sense.

It seems, though, that it is the side that doesn’t want women to have guns to defend themselves against 6 foot 2 thugs intent on hurting them that should be the considered the anti-women side. We guess you can’t overdose on irony. See below.

Richard tells us that Megan’s father is a proud Irish American who served in the Peace Corps in Nigeria. Megan taught Sunday School and is the farthest thing in the world from a “white supremacist”. We agree. She’s not a white supremacist or a supporter of white supremacists. We will describe the real, literal supporter of white supremacists below.

Richard also noted that the George Soros’ money is letting the Dems outspend Republicans three to one in the southeast part of the state.

Richard knows we opposed Megan in the primary but fear not, we are voting for her and every other Republican on Nov. 5.

Now, regarding the supporter of white supremacists who holds an important post in Pennsylvania’s government. One of the vilest blights in Pennsylvania’s history was the York Race Riots of 1969. Lilly Belle Allen was in a car with her parents and her sister Hattie Dickinson looking for a grocery store. Hattie turned on North Newberry Street. She saw a young white man with a rifle. She started to turn the car around but it stalled at the intersection of Gay Avenue. More young white men with guns appeared. Hattie panicked. Her parents, in the back seat, started praying. Lilly Belle jumped out of the car to get to the drivers seat. “Don’t shoot,” she shouted. The men opened fire killing her.

Nobody was arrested. Nobody was charged. The crime went unsolved until the York Dispatch and York Daily Record wrote about the anniversary of the riots in 1999.

Interest was renewed. Investigators found that three of the members of a white gang known as the Newberry Street Boys committed suicide over the years. Another, suffering from terminal cancer, told investigators what he knew before he died.

Police were eventually led to the home of Donald Altland, who admitted nothing. He confessed to his wife that night though. The next day he drove his truck to the Susquehanna River and shot himself leaving a taped confession and and a message scrawled on a napkin, “Forgive Me, God.”

Police had a enough to file charges against several former members of the gang. One of them described how a police officer had passed out rifle ammunition and directed the youths “to kill as many n*****s as you can.”

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R
Literally supports white supremacists

That officer was identified as Charlie Robertson. Robertson, a Democrat, would go on to become York’s mayor. His campaign manager? Future Governor Tom Wolf.

Yeah Pennsylvania Democrat Party, put that in your racist, hypocritical pipe and smoke it.

Superior Court is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. Terms are for 10 years.

Only fools, tools and racists are Democrats. Vote straight R.

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools

By Leo Knepper

In 2018, over 50,000 students were denied education scholarships through the EITC (Education Improvement Tax Credit) and OSTC (Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit) due to a lack of funds thanks to statutory limits. There is currently a waiting list of eligible businesses willing to provide $80 million to the programs in exchange for the tax credits offered. Who could possibly think that standing in the way of expanding educational opportunities is a good idea? The answer is, sadly, Governor Tom Wolf.

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools
Does he really hate children that much? Yes, yes he does.

Almost immediately after passage, Governor Wolf announced his intention to veto HB 800. The legislation would have increased the EITC and OSTC limits by a combined $100 million. The bill would have also expanded scholarship eligibility to include more middle-class families. Despite his lofty rhetoric that a zip code shouldn’t determine the quality of a student’s education, his veto guaranteed that children will be trapped in failing schools. Pennsylvania currently spends more than $16,000 per student, on average, per year. Despite that amount being well over the national average, too many schools fail to provide the education that students deserve.
The EITC and OSTC provide assistance to families who live in school districts that underperform and allow students an opportunity to reach their full potential. Our friends at the Commonwealth Foundation estimated that the increased tax credits and eligibility requirements in HB 800 would have benefited 90,000 students over the next five years.
Expanding educational opportunities and empowering parents should be a bipartisan issue, but it isn’t. Thanks to the opposition from teachers’ unions and their allies in the Governor’s Mansion and General Assembly, Pennsylvania’s students pay the price.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools

Wolf Vetoes Work Requirement For Adults On Welfare

Wolf Vetoes Work Requirement For Adults On Welfare

By Leo Knepper

Back in July the House passed legislation that would have added work requirements to the welfare code. As we noted then:

“In our research, we found that nearly 60 percent of Pennsylvania families who were required to engage in job search activities or training for the federal “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families”(TANF) program participated in ZERO hours of qualified activities (see page 17). Although the qualifications for TANF are different than for medical assistance, the similarities of the populations made it a reasonable comparison. If a greater percentage of medical assistance recipients specifically, and welfare recipients in general, were required to engage in work search activities it could have a remarkable effect reducing the number of families needing assistance and a positive impact on Pennsylvania’s finances in the medium to long term.

“In 2014, Maine required “able-bodied childless adults” (ABCAs) to work, train, or volunteer on a part-time basis to continue to qualify for food stamps. In two years the number of ABCAs receiving food stamps dropped by 90 percent. First, imagine the saving that taxpayers in Pennsylvania would reap if we instituted the same requirements. Second, imagine how that would benefit the states revenue collection. If all of those people who were currently receiving assistance that could work but weren’t, returned to the workforce it would be a long-term boon for Pennsylvania.”

Similar language to the House bill made it into the final welfare code. Although it was narrower in scope than the House legislation, Governor Wolf vetoed the changes. Medical assistance payments account for nearly 30 percent of the Pennsylvania budget. Based on what happened in other states, adding work requirements for able bodied adults is a commonsense way to lower costs and encourage beneficiaries to reenter the workforce. Unfortunately, Governor Wolf is not interested in lowering the bill for taxpayers. He only seems interested in raising taxes on hardworking Pennsylvanians.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.


Wolf Vetoes Work Requirement For Adults On Welfare

Wolf Vetoes Work Requirement For Adults On Welfare

Wolf Unglued By Scott Wagner

Wolf Unglued By Scott Wagner — Ed. note: We find any accusation of racism that Gov. Wolf makes to be disgustingly ironic.

Wolf Unglued By Scott WagnerBy Scott Wagner

Last Sunday I attended an event in St. Louis, and I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Steve Bannon. And oh boy, the liberals have come completely unglued, especially Tom Wolf.

The Governor was so unnerved, that he scampered right over to his computer and “cried racist” — again. This time in an email to supporters.

Let’s call this exactly what it is: a classic liberal distraction. He wants to change the focus — and who can blame him?

If I was Governor Wolf, I’d want to change the focus, too.

If I was Tom Wolf, I’d want to talk about anything other than his inability to balance a budget — which has earned him his second credit downgrade since he took office, and left local governments scrambling for the funds they need to operate.

There are many things Governor Wolf would rather not discuss.

Where does a broke, big-spending governor, with bad credit and no conscience look for more money? If you guessed your wallet, you guessed right.

Tom Wolf would prefer not to get into those details.

I’m on a mission to get rid of career politicians that attach themselves to government and drain the wallets of hard working Pennsylvanians. I see a new day for the citizens of this commonwealth and an end to epic mismanagement, waste, fraud and abuse.

My mission makes Tom Wolf extremely uncomfortable.

He sees the freight train coming. Of course he’s alarmed. Of course he cries “racist.”

Tom Wolf can call me whatever he wants — until we defeat him in November of 2018.

Sen. Wagner represents the 28th District in the Pennsylvania Senate.


Wolf Unglued By Scott Wagner

Pennsylvania Racist Supporting Democrat Governor

Pennsylvania Racist Supporting Democrat Governor -- Once upon a time there was a vicious race riot in York, Pa. A young city police officer took the side
Pennsylvania’s Racist Supporting Democrat Governor

Pennsylvania Racist Supporting Democrat Governor — Once upon a time there was a vicious race riot in York, Pa. A young city police officer took the side of the white supremacists shouting epitaphs and acting in such a vile way he was even charged with murder for the death of a black woman.

He was acquitted but little doubt was left regarding his feelings towards minorities.

That man was Charles “Charlie” H. Robertson who would become the city’s mayor. His campaign manager was — wait for it — Tom “Big Bad Phony” Wolf.

Wolf, of course, is now our governor.

Wonder if Antifa would back building a statue of him.

“. . .fascisti si dividono in due categorie: i fascisti e gli antifascisti”–Ennio Flaiano


Pennsylvania Racist Supporting Democrat Governor

Wolf Prison Closing Political Move

Wolf Prison Closing Political Move

By Leo Knepper

As surely as night turns to day, politicians make decisions to improve their chances of re-election. For Governor Wolf, that means a proposal to close two state prisons. Just like his move to close Unemployment Compensation call centers was politically charged, Wolf’s decision to close prisons is also politically motivated, and it isn’t just Republicans who are making that complaint:

Wolf Prison Closing Political Move
Can this man do anything right?

“On Monday, another budget fight took shape during a Senate hearing in which Democratic and Republican lawmakers accused Wolf of playing politics with the safety and economic security of their communities…

“‘Why does this decision have to be made so fast?'” asked Sen. Wayne Fontana, D-Allegheny, whose district includes a prison in Pittsburgh.

“The facilities have to be empty by July 1 to to [sic] meet the full budget savings in the 2017-18 fiscal year, [Corrections Secretary] Wetzel replied.

“‘That’s the political reason,’ retorted Fontana, who said he did not believe the savings estimates if the prison employees are offered jobs elsewhere.”

Governor Wolf is trying to erase from voter’s minds his last two years of tax and spend budgets by proposing modest spending cuts. His targets thus far have been smart from a political perspective: two prisons, two mental hospitals, and reduced spending on economic development are targets that were sure to garner objections from Republican lawmakers. With a $2 billion deficit, Wolf is proposing small cuts that his opponents will object to; giving him the opportunity later to say “I tried to make spending cuts, but the General Assembly wouldn’t let me. I guess we’ll have to raise taxes.”

If we ignore the Governor’s political motivation in closing the prisons specifically, does it make sense from a policy perspective?

Although the union representing Corrections Officers would disagree, closing the prisons is the right choice from a fiscal standpoint. According to the Commonwealth Foundation, the Pennsylvania state prison system will be 92 percent full if two prisons are closed; that allows enough room for an uptick in the inmate population.

Now that the floodgates are opening for cost cutting, we hope that the next item on the chopping block is the $250 million from the “Race Horse Development Fund.”

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Wolf Prison Closing Political Move

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem — The Washington Post is continuing its politics of hate and division against  President-elect Donald Trump despite owner Jeff Bezos’ desperate offer of the peace pipe.

Yesterday, Nov. 11, the rag carried a story about and ran on its website a video of a teenager shouting “white power” in York, Pa. The kid was in proximity to a Trump sign.

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem
Charlie Robertson’s campaign manager

The story mentioned the 1969 York Race Riot and brought up how York Mayor Charles “Charlie” H. Robertson was charged in 2001, while in office, with the murder of a black women due to actions he committed as a young police officer during the riot. Robertson was acquitted albeit there didn’t seem to be a defense that he was a noble defender of law and justice for all, and in fact, admitted to shouting a racial slur.

Which gets us back to the WaPo propaganda piece. The Post doesn’t mention Robertson’s party which is Democrat. Far more damning, the Post failed to note that his campaign manager and political supporter was Gov. Tom Wolf.

It is not the Trump people who back racists. Wolf, if you don’t know, is a very “progressive” Democrat.

Hat tip Ted Meehan

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem



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