Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops

Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops — The Wolf administration in its not so brilliance closed rest stops on Pennsylvania’s interstates excepting the Turnpike.

The oh-so-necessary-in-these-times truckers objected. The Trump Administration learning of the stupidity confronted the Wolf gang who agreed to reopen stops in seven counties albeit the one in Delco on I-95 stays closed.

As with the Turnpike, the indoor bathrooms will remain closed but each stop will have five portable toilets that will be sanitized daily along with two hand-washing stations.

Medical personnel have noted that the outdoor toilets are far more likely to spread the Wuhan virus, than the indoor ones.

In more stupidity, PennDOT has suspended all construction projects. You would think now would be a pretty good time to get the work done.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Monday (March 16), sent home all toll booth operators. Motorists who don’t have E-ZPass will have their license automatically photographed and a bill for the toll sent to them. A man-made traffic snarl has just ended. Will the toll booth takers ever come back?

And Philly will not be enforcing its parking kiosks, meters or residential parking time limits.

Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops
If the trucker is resupplying the TP it could work out, maybe

Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops

9 thoughts on “Trump Hears Truckers, Makes Wolf Reopen Stops”

  1. Yesterday, when my daughter and I went to NYC, we stopped at a service rest stop to eat. We were on I-95, a toll road.

    We were able to go in, get our food and sit down at a table to eat. Although it was not packed, there were plenty of people there. Each group of people stayed separated from other groups. No problem.
    So why is Wolf wanting to shut down truck stops? That way supplied cannot get to the stores to re-stock.

    Wake up, people! We are being indoctrinated, groomed, for Socialism!

  2. Open the bathrooms for truckers and travelers. Porta potties are emergency not real sanitary and hard to use for the handicap.

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