Levine Incompetence Led To Elderly Deaths

Levine Incompetence Led To Elderly Deaths — Chris Saullo sent a link to this article from the Delaware Valley Journal describing how the incompetence/indifference of the Wolf Administration and Health Secretary Rachel Levine led to thousands of unnecessary Covid-19 deaths in Pennsylvania.

Wolf and Levine ignored desperate pleas from advocates of the elderly as deaths in long-term care facilities exploded.

And now Illegitimate President Joe Biden has nominated Levine, a seriously disturbed person, as the nation’s assistant health secretary.

Pennsylvania has 20,063 covid deaths as of today (Jan. 22), with 10,212 coming from long term care facilities.

Levine Incompetence Led To Elderly Deaths
Levine Indifference Led To Elderly Deaths

2 thoughts on “Levine Incompetence Led To Elderly Deaths”

  1. I read this informative article earlier I think it was also on CFP, good as people need to know, this is happening across Canada and in other countries as well.
    Did you also see that our post national state of Canada also helped (secretly to us), the spread of this virus, last Oct. 2019, our government is an enemy to Canada and the USA, as it sent our military to China, they have also had the CCP military here but Oct. 2019 the military all came back sick with this virus.
    Also the Chinese seem to run our version of the CDC, and the USA caught some of them in the USA, with strange vials they were delivering ? somewhere and no one knows what that whole story is still, or what it was but they were charged as spy’s?, and so far I cannot find out anymore information and that was in Oct.2019 as well, but CSIS supposedly cleaned out the other Chinese scientists, but it is rumored they are still working there, then again, this last part may be wrong as it was in our Canadian bought out mainstream media. Sometimes it is good to keep these things in the back of your mind and hope the whole story and truth will come out, maybe but…

  2. Richard Levine is mentally ill. He needs help, better help than any he has gotten heretofore, and he does not need indulgence in his delusion.
    And he should not have any position of public responsibility; he’s not fit. We’ve see the results.
    But it’s all part of the first days of President Asterisk’s circus.

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