Chesco Sued For Unmonitored Drop Boxes

Chesco Sued For Unmonitored Drop Boxes — America First Legal (AFL) and counsel Wally Zimolong, Sept. 15, filed a second lawsuit in Pennsylvania on behalf of registered voters in Chester County, Pa. against the Chester County Board of Elections and its board members to compel their immediate compliance with Pennsylvania’s election laws in connection with ballot drop boxes.

Chesco has 13 drop boxes authorized for usage in the November general election. Voter services, however, failed to monitor two of them during the primary, according to the suit, to ensure they were being used in full compliance with the Election Code, including Pennsylvania’s statutory requirement that only one person was delivering his or her own ballot. 

Especially damning was that these boxes were open 24/7.

There were security cameras impotently watching which recorded 330 individuals depositing void, invalid, or multiple ballots at once without repercussions, according to the suit.

Chesco Sued For Unmonitored Drop Boxes
Chesco dropbox being stuffed on May 12

AFL seeks the court’s immediate action to enjoin the Election Board from accepting, counting, or canvassing any ballots that contravene the lawful use of drop boxes or to receive invalid ballots from drop boxes in Chester County and commingling these with validly cast ballots and to compel the County to put into place the following measures:

  • Drop boxes must be physically monitored in-person to assure that the person delivering the ballot is only delivering his or her own ballot or is an authorized agent of a disabled voter with the proper affidavit signed by the voter and verified by the election board.
  • Chester County Election Board shall otherwise fulfill its statutory duties to ensure that void and invalid ballots are not commingled and counted in all future elections.

The lawsuit can be found here.

Chesco Sued For Unmonitored Drop Boxes

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