Guns Gays And June

Guns Gays And June — Delaware County Vice Chairwoman Elaine Schaefer during her short speech at Monday’s Media Memorial Day event alluded to the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uldave.

She said we should embrace our common values and consider curtailing our freedoms.

OK, we can work with her. Can she work with us?

The intransigency by gun right defenders comes from the reasonable assumption that for those like Ms. Schaefer it is about banning guns and not about stopping mass shootings, or even mundane weekly shootings in places like Chicago and Philadelphia.

We challenge Ms. Schaefer to make the first step of faith. Simply say, “I support the right of a sane, law-abiding adult to have an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine.”

“Law-abiding” should be self-evident but we can start considering the definitions of “sane” and “adult”.

We can then start discussing whether ending cash bail is wise and do the same for not just defunding but demoralizing the police.

We can ask how we can create a culture where life is revered. When prominent politicians express support for the literal killing of babies it’s easy to see how certain ungrounded young can acquire a nihilistic philosophy.

How about instead of our schools teaching that we exist by chance and nothing matters once we die, we start teaching that we are here for a purpose and that we face a judgement after death at which we must account for what we have done?

No sane, law-abiding adult supports mass shootings or mundane weekly ones. That’s the common value we share.

Gay Be Not Proud

June is being pushed by the establishment bullies as “Gay Pride Month”. We should love everyone and we can think of a couple of gay journalists who have become heroes of ours, but it’s beyond stupidity to encourage pride in participating in objectively destructive sex acts or rejecting half of humanity and not creating children of your own.

What one should be proud of is standing up to establishment bullies.

Guns Gays And June
Gillette Stadium lit up in celebration of #Pride2022
Guns Gays And June

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  1. Hi Mr. Lawrence. Thanks for this commentary on Elaine Shafer’s remarks. The county’s gun grabbing efforts became very apparent last night. I was present at that meeting last night and made comments about the Nov 2020 election. Amazing how our DA wants to eliminate guns but won’t prosecute election crime.

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