Tabas Zoom Didn’t Satisfy Activists; Suspicions Remain

Tabas Zoom Didn’t Satisfy Activists; Suspicions Remain — Josh Prince told Chesco United, last night, July 28, that Lawrence Tabas’ Zoom with county party bosses two days earlier was ineffective and impotent. It gave no resolution to the disunity bubbling among Pennsylvania Republicans.

Prince is a Berks County attorney who was a Commonwealth Court primary candidate. He had written a series of blog posts describing how GOP establishmentarian leaders have been purging Trump supporters and others who put the middle class ahead of corporatism.

Prince said Tabas, the state GOP chairman, declared that he shouldn’t have to deal with county issues. He told the bosses to resolve the matter themselves. He suggested that non-conformists merely be assigned extra door-knocking rather than be expelled.

Those targeted, however, had not violated any bylaws, Prince said. Fights are allowed in direct-election primaries. He noted that in one contentious Chester County issue, party leaders neglected to provide sample ballots leaving the locals to get their own printed in which they omitted the name of an endorsed county judicial candidate whom they did not favor.

Rather than blame the hard-working volunteers, perhaps the ire should be directed at the Chesco bosses.

They really didn’t distribute sample ballots?

Attending the event were some of Chester County’s most active and effective volunteers.

There was much talk of selective boycotts of state candidates. This would be a tragedy considering the importance of November’s election.

It was also claimed that the state party is getting marching orders from Matthew Brouillette’s Commonwealth Partners which promotes issues beloved by the globalist corporate class. 

It was speculated that the reasons for the purge were to decrease Trump supporters for the 2024 campaign and increase supporters for Dave McCormick who is expected to try again for a U.S. Senate seat.

McCormick was accused of being affiliated with the World Economic Forum. He had been CEO of Bridgewater Associates, a hedge fund, before he entered politics.

Tabas Zoom Didn't Satisfy Activists; Suspicions Remain

Tabas Zoom Didn’t Satisfy Activists; Suspicions Remain

12 thoughts on “Tabas Zoom Didn’t Satisfy Activists; Suspicions Remain”

  1. This is nothing new with the pay for play Republicans. You either toe the line or you don’t get the support. Delaware County is known for this. It was so evident in the Governor’s race. They never supported Mastriano because he wouldn’t go along with their agenda, in addition to being the uniparty.
    They scratch one another’s back and make sure everyone is placed in their cushy jobs.

    1. It was Mastriano who screwed us with mail in ballots re: act77. Mastriano is NOT A PATRIOT..

      He even donated $10,000 to the unethical and ZERO EXPERIENCE (in court NEVER tried a case), the endorsed beholden candidate for judge, Megan Martin.

      MASTRIANO IS A TRAITOR TO THE PATRIOTS OF THIS COUNTRY. And he FOOLED so many …….And I was spouting this long before he ran for Governor.

      Dont be fooled again.

  2. Look at Aston Township GOP as an example. A bunch of narcissistic old fossils who, in some cases, literally cannot navigate a set of steps let along go door knocking. It’s a disgusting joke perpetrated on the voters. The GOP voters who blindly follow these foolish committee people to the detriment of their own economic well being.

    They ALL need to be purged in May 2024 and replaced with Patriots. Period.

  3. I forgot to include that it was mentioned that the five Democrats running for judge of Chester County Common Pleas Court are all extreme progressive radicals and that the term is for 10 years with only retention elections following.

  4. Whatever we Conservatives do, we must not allow “them” to win by not voting in force. The turmoil within our party at the state and county levels is unfortunate, but letting the Leftists skate over us because of it would be worse by many orders of magnitude. We need to stand tall and take on the state and county “bosses” and support those of our fellows on the various Republican committees who are on the front lines in that fight. We are dealing with arrogant bullies and it’s time for us to tell them where they can stuff it!

    1. P.S. Josh Prince is a class act. We need a lot more like him to make things right on the Right.

  5. Same old top-down status-quo, self-serving elitist establishment it always was. Ask not what you can do for your country, but how you can serve our political oligarchy in PA. Tabas, as you know I helped get him in and VD Boy out, made veiled threats for ten minutes that you must do what they say or you’ll be removed and can’t come back onto your seat.

    This is where we’re at. Well done all the folks who failed to stick up for me when I was being thrown under the bus 4.5 yrs ago by Lyin Liz—4-time loser—democrat in disguise Preate Havey, why we have a totally blue MontCo. We need more visionaries, winners and courageous leaders to stand up but I have no faith in that feckless no-good committee with its broken system that fails the ppl—Republican voters of PA and disenfranchises them.

  6. The PA GOPe is actively removing duly elected committee members who support Trump bc they want DeSantis (or Pence). It started with me in Dec 2018 and my former Chair (Liz Havey) is now working for DeSantis as she had falsely claimed to support 45 for years but instead undermined him, fought him, removed delegates from their posts along with myself.

    So staggeringly authoritarian and unethical, but the end justifies the means to them. Her and Tabas are tight too. Let’s make it the end of the corrupt PA GOP.

  7. I’m all for a write-in campaign for Josh Prince and McCollough. They are 2 constitutional patriots and we would be honored to have them on the bench for us.

  8. Bleed the GOP of every dime. If they refuse the will of the voter, they refuse the donations of the same. Spread the word. When the PA GOP goes bankrupt, we can blame Tabas’ ineffectiveness as a leader.

    I’m sick of Tabas’ ineffectiveness and the purge of MAGA (young and fresh energy for the party). In Berks, we’ve dealt with a batshyt crazy executive committee who are bent on helping the democrats win with every inept decision. Bleed them of their cash and donations. Do not support from the outside as a elected yet rejected precinct committee member. Advocate only for direct donations to candidates. Rebuild the party framework from the ground up. ‘F’ them. As Breitbart would say #WAR

  9. It seems like the Pennsylvania GOP is in trouble if they continue to let the globalists lead the way.

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