Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes

Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes — Delaware County Pa. is refusing to let Republicans count mail-in ballot envelopes from the May 16 primary election spawning a request for intervention in Commonwealth Court; demands from John McBlain, who is the minority member of the Board of Elections; and a letter from Delco GOP Chairman Frank Agovino to County Election Director James Allen asking him what’s up.

“I cannot fathom why the county will not allow examination of the envelopes,” Agovino said. This is a pretty simple request. And, as (McBlain) has indicated repeatedly, this is in direct violation of state law. I cannot in good conscious abide by the county’s current position.”

Agovino told Allen to consider his letter a formal request to conduct a count on behalf of Katie Ford, the losing candidate in a special election to fill the 163rd District State House seat. A victory by her would have given Republicans control of the House.

The Commonwealth Court filing was made by County Council candidate Joy Schwartz of Drexel Hill along with poll watchers Greg Stenstrom of Glen Mills, Leah Hoopes of Chadds Ford and Paul Rumley of Springfield.

The docket number is 258 MD 2023 and can be found here.

When a government fights this hard to hide something, something bad is being hidden.

It’s really becoming hard not to believe Delaware County’s elections are rigged.

Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes
Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes

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  1. In an aircraft the automatic pilot is designed to keep the plane on a safe course. In governance the automatic pilot is designed to deny the public any request for transparency, keeping the government on a course of secrecy and concealment. Why is it that whenever a right to know request is made to the DELCO and virtually every other county Board of Elections (there are a few who buck this trend), the automatic answer is “NO”? The supposition is that “they” have something to hide. Even if that isn’t the case, the knee-jerk refusal of transparency without a fight taken by Mr. Allen and his ilk, raises suspicion. It’s time for the PA legislature to do its constitutional duty (under the US and PA constitutions) and make our elections as transparent as possible. No more lip service and deflections.

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