Pennsylvania Lincoln Dinner Gossip

Pennsylvania Lincoln Dinner Gossip — Here’s some gossip from the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner, Feb. 2.

When keynote speaker Ben Carson threw a zinger at Nikki Haley, 10 state committee people stood up and left. This included Philly GOP Chairman Vince Fenerty and his table.

York County District Attorney Dave Sunday was solidly endorsed in his bid to become state attorney general. Tough break Craig Williams who reportedly is still circulating petitions.

Bucks County Chairwoman Pat Poprik anticipates strong voter turnout. It was revealed, though, that she and others in leadership are being sued by “the far right MAGA group there” over access to petition signing meetings.

Whoever could they be? Betcha they are friends of ours. Go get ’em Barry, Dawn and Andy.

There are primary battles in Bucks for delegates, committee seats and, of course, congress.

A primary battle for congress looms in Delco as well for the the 5th District seat held by Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon. It’s between Dasha Pruett and Alfie Goodwin. The Delco GOP has endorsed Alfie.

In Philly, Sam Oropeza-backed Patrick Gushue is taking on party-backed Aizaz Gill to unseat Democrat Kevin Boyle in the 172nd District State House race.

The competition is good news and shows that Pennsylvania’s GOP is far from dead.

One point of concern, however, is Montgomery County. They are short committee people and can’t find candidates for four State House seats in the eastern part of the county.

On the other hand, there is battle for the Swarthmore Western committeeman seat between Bob Small and Jim Rivello.

It is speculated that Rivello is being backed by “far right MAGA groups.”

Bob, however, is one of the excellent writers at and we hope all vote for him.

Senate candidate Dave McCormick gave an hour-long speech which was apparently well received. We are going to have trouble filling in his block, and we mean for the general election.

We like air conditioning and we don’t want crickets on our menu.

By the way, Oropeza, who just ran for Philly Council, and David Oh, who had been a long-time member of Philadelphia Council, are moving to Delco this year. They cite better schools for their kids and less crime.

Pennsylvania Lincoln Dinner Gossip

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Lincoln Dinner Gossip”

  1. This sounds like another deflection by Ms. Poprik, if that is what she said. Pat Poprik is being sued by 50 BCRC members for overseeing her own election in June 2022 using an unregistered, illegitimate set of bylaws, that were subsequently switched out in an effort to cover up their sloppiness and/or chicanery. The Board of Elections employee Kelly Gale then lied about this switch-out on an affidavit in response to my Right To Know request. The PAGOP is complicit allowing Bucks and other counties to have bylaws that are not consistent with those of the state party, as required by the PA election statutes. They are enabling and allowing this corruption by not requiring Bucks to correct their bylaws. You can see the lawsuit filing here:

  2. The PA GOP is a machine and any appearance of competition is superficial. Until there are three and four, if not a half dozen or more, candidates vying for every open seat on every ballot I believe these selections are made well in advance and foisted on us.

    In Delco we NEVER win and I believe the powers that be are just fine with that.

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