Why There Are No Black Republicans

Philadelphia Weekly interviewed three black Philadelphia Republicans who gave an honest critique as to the dearth of black Republicans, and yes the lion’s share of the blame came down on the GOP leadership. Robert Mansfield, Lewis Harris, Thermone Spence Jr. note that not merely has the GOP not sought to reach out to blacks but has actively fought their recruitment into the party — at least in the city. Why There Are No Black Republicans

Another important point that one takes from the article is that while there may be a handful of black Republicans there are a whole, whole lot of black conservatives.

It should be noted that while blacks were coming out in record number to return Barack Obama to the White House in Michigan they were voting down a referendum that would have enshrined automatic deductions of union dues into the state constitution. The defeat would inspire the state legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder to turn Michigan into a full-blown right to work state.

When Scott Walker stopped automatic deductions of union dues from the paychecks of state workers in Wisconsin, refusal of blacks to support his recall gave him a larger margin of victory in his second victory than in his original.

It’s something of which Tom Corbett should perhaps become aware.

Let us further note that in Pennsylvania, it is the blacks who are supporting school choice and charter schools. It is the blacks who are trying to give abortionists the death penalty.

Here is the article: PW Roundtable: Black Republicans on Their Existential Struggles

 Why There Are No Black Republicans

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