Republican Mess In Butler County Pa

Poor Lawrence Tabas. He faces a Republican mess in Butler County.

The Pennsylvania GOP Chairman’s head must be spinning 360 degrees 24/7.

Butler County is a GOP stronghold north of Pittsburgh.

MAGA Republicans took control of the party last summer with Gary Vanasdale becoming chairman.

The May 16 primary occurred without controversy and District Attorney Richard Goldinger, who held the post since 2007, appeared to be waltzing to another term without a Democrat to be seen in oppostion.

But then Vanasdale’s wife, Jennifer, decided to run against him as an independent claiming he was soft on crime.

The howls quickly came and the State Party heard them.

Vanasdale offered to take a leave of absence until after the election with Internal Vice Chairman Chester Jack filling in.

Not good enough said the State Party.

It demanded that Vanasdale support Goldinger over his wife and that was something he wouldn’t do.

And now according to Corey Check –who had chaired the county’s Southeast District until a few days ago — the State Party has dissolved the county party and is holding a reorganization meeting next Monday, Sept. 25.

Check suspects the motive is deeper and uglier than just maintaining party discipline.

“The establishment is united to maintain the status quo,” said Check. “This is our fundamental disagreement. We want to change the status quo and let the people decide.”

Check, who is 21, thinks party leadership’s motivation is power and not service. He says they are not encouraging youth involvement unlike the Democrats.

The kids, though, are taking their own initiative.

Check notes that three 20-something conservatives ran in GOP ballot in Butler, this primary.

Really Larry, the smart play would have been to keep your nose out of it and let Chester Jack handle things until after the election. Vanasdale’s side won fair and square last summer, after all.

Republican Mess In Butler County Pa

Republican Mess In Butler County Pa

4 thoughts on “Republican Mess In Butler County Pa”

  1. The Pennsylvania Republican Party should dissolve itself and start over.

    Bunch of bums.

    Aston GOP is full of fossils that can barely (literally) negotiate a set of steps let alone go door knocking and whip up votes.

    Never, I repeat, NEVER ever give your hard earned money to the GOP. Donate to candidates directly. Better yet go do the job ofyour committee people (who ren’t doing their job) and whip up the votes yourself.

    Then next year run these bums out of their committee seats in the April Primary.

  2. And no “poor Lawrence Tabbas” about it. He wanted the job. Get the job done or resign. Period.

    Same for Agozino in Delco.

    1. Thank you but please know:

      1. My husband is an individual, as am I. He does not control my decision. That is what the PAGOP wanted. Even President Trump did not fire Mrs. Conway because of the words and actions of her husband.

      2. I was asked to run by concerned Republicans. I was not able to run in the primary because my father was ill and I was out of the state helping him. Our current DA has the worse record three years in a row. Only 5 out of 1,941 cases to a jury. Sweetheart deals to criminals and defense attorney friends. No justice.

      After 16 years, it’s time for Change.

      Thank you Jen GV
      for District Attorney

      1. Jen
        Your just spreading lies across the state. Why don’t you tell the story how you and Gary teamed up with Bill Halle (who’s currently facing charges of having sex with a young girl in his non profit) to destroy the Butler GOP because you a vendetta you 2 had?

        Trying to compare yourself & this situation to Kelly Anne Conway is ridiculous, Kelly’s husband wasn’t running for office YOU are. You are an independent using the Butler GOP to push for you to be DA, I have the petitions signed & carried by those from the group.

        You were asked & convinced by 1 citizen to run for office, not multiple. You’re using people’s tragedies to push a false narrative which I find absolutely appalling & so does half of Butler County. As I told you before you have hatred in you & you’re hellbent on getting power for some bizarre reason, it’s a shame you don’t do things for good. You don’t do things for people you use people for power.

        You know nothing about criminal law, you’re a family lawyer that hasn’t practiced in over a year. Every judge at the courthouse recuses themselves from your cases, along with the entire lawfirm, because of your antics & lies. You cost taxpayers money because we have to pay for an outside judge when your lawfirm has a case!

        Let’s talk about a sweetheart deal when YOU had your driver taking pics in the courtroom, the AG dropped the case because of YOU & YOUR unhinged behavior. What happened in the Koehler case that you had it sealed? Why would you want it sealed?

        How about when you field in Cranberry when you lived in Seven Fields? Again, you got a deal because Lawrence Tabas was your attorney & friend.

        Stop with your victim mentality & destroying people. People like you that try to destroy people for power the problem.

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