Anti-Semitic Podcast Hosted By State Department Worker

Anti-Semitic Podcast Hosted By State Department Worker

By Bob Small

“If we don’t believe in free expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” — Noam Chomsky

Hate speech, as long as it’s only speech, is reprehensible and regrettable, but not illegal, at least in the U.S.

Now we get to, a podcast by Fritz Berggren.

Six years of “The Jews worship Satan and they’re Satan’s own children” just might qualify as hate speech.

So why does this particular hate speech matter more than other?

Berggren is a long-term employee of the U.S. State Department. He was removed from the Bahrain embassy after complaints from fellow workers yet he remains working to represent America’s interests abroad.

This is despite 70 members of Congress in 2021 and 2022 urging he be canned.

More than 70 State Department staffers in 2021 called on Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who is Jewish, to take action.

Nothing happened.

Berggren received a PhD in 2001 from the University of Miami. He is married with four children.

His connections with the U.S. State Department were outed by Politico.

We recently saw The House on Carroll Street which was based on Operation Paperclip, in which the government brought 16,000 former Nazis into America in the 1950s. entailed the US Government bringing approximately

Berggren is also anti-LGBTQ, anti African-Americans, and anti anyone who is not a white Christian supremacist. His belief is that “Jesus Christ came to save the world from the Jews” — ignoring the fact that Jesus himself was Jewish, as was made very clear to me when I was being harangued by a chapter of Jews for Jesus.

Possibly the U.S. State Department is constrained by the First Amendment. Any thoughts?

Anti-Semitic Podcast Hosted By State Department Worker

Anti-Semitic Podcast Hosted By State Department Worker

6 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Podcast Hosted By State Department Worker”

  1. Yes, I expected that all employees signed a statement respecting Bill of Rights and US Constitution. But since 2008, the alphabet gender group has forced compliance if the nations want foreign aid. So new rules come with new rulers.

  2. The First Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on our right to free speech. It does not prohibit the government from firing public employees for bad judgment. However, none of that matters in the context of the Biden Administration’s treatment of our inalienable God-given rights, some of which are enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. The Bidenestas never miss an opportunity to infringe on our rights whenever it suits them, whether the First Amendment, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth or any other that puts We, the People, above they who supposedly serve us. Before we all jump on the bandwagon of firing Berggren for his reprehensible words, I suggest we keep our knees from jerking without some reflection. I suggest we look at his professional record and job performance and see if his poor judgment is reflected there, or not. I, for one, would rather protect our inalienable God-given rights instead of my (or anyone else’s) personal sensibilities about speech I (or they) find disgusting.

    1. That is a whole other problem. It makes the protections that unionized workers get from firings look like child’s play and is wholly unjustified and against the public interest to make it so hard to get rid of poor performing public employees. That said, if he’s in an appointed position, then he “serves at the pleasure of” and can be dismissed at any time and for any or no reason. If his conduct is disruptive to the agency he serves or the government generally, that is more than enough.

  3. If the State Department cannot fire him, they should make him responsible for cleaning every toilet in every State Department facility in the world. Someone fouls the toilet in the embassy in Baku – Off he goes !

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