Poprik Claims She Can’t Fill Committee Vacancies

Poprik Claims She Can’t Fill Committee Vacancies — Bucks County GOP Chairwoman Patricia Poprik told PhillyBurbs.com that grassroots activists are lying about how she is purposely leaving committee seats vacant to maintain power.

Poprik Claims She Cant Fill Committee Vacancies
If you can’t cook, get out of the kitchen

She said she has been desperately tying to fill the 200 or so vacancies but nobody wants to step in.

Andy Meehan, the leader of the rebellious faction, says he would have no problem filling them.

Hey Pat, if you can’t fill them and he says he can why not give him the chance? It’s all about strengthening the party, right? If you can get the people elected who will protect the county from impoverishment and servitude, you don’t care about being the boss, right?


Poprik Claims She Can’t Find People To Fill Committee Vacancies

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  1. Poprick needs to go the way of Lyin’ Liz Havey, who also can’t and chooses not to fill Committee seats…we have over 300 vacant! Only half of the total (800) are active and that’s being generous. These organizations are anything but grassroots, run by power-hungry elitists looking to step on others to get ahead and take credit while never being held responsible for such landslide awful failures in the once red Philly ‘burbs.

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