Fifth Column Environmentalists

Fifth Column Environmentalists — The confidence Russia had in its Ukrainian invasion stems from the world’s dependence on its oil and natural gas.

One of the reasons for this dependence is due to policies passed in the name of environmentalism in Western democracies.

Several European counties — including Germany — have banned fracking, notes Gatestone Institute.

Germany is also shutting its nuclear power plants.

This important nation is almost entirely dependent on Russia for its energy.

Of course, the US can’t help. Two years ago we may have been an energy exporter but now with Green New Dealies running things and pipelines shuttered, not so.

What’s horrifying is that this weakening is not the result of domestic stupidity but out-and-out treasonous greed.

Yes, our environmental activists are getting mega-bucks from Gazprom, the Russian energy giant which is funneling the money through Bermuda.

They are literally fifth columnists.

Bet your left and right foots that our media outlets and politicians are getting cuts as well.

Oh, the Chinese are also giving greenbacks to greenies, says Gatestone.

Be mad, be angry.

Don’t bleat, roar.

Fifth Column Environmentalists
You know they care about the environment because of all the $$ they give environmentalists LOL
Fifth Column Environmentalists

One thought on “Fifth Column Environmentalists”

  1. Great info, Canada also has these anti oil and gas protesters but our lying paid off with our tax dollars media and the few independent medias left are still telling us all these protesters are shipped in and paid by the USA? False media all of it. I also read in some EU news, so probably false too that the USA has upped and doubled the amount of oil and gas from Russia. As the lies in Canada who’s puppet government claimed to have sanctioned Russia totally is still having it shipped in and sold to Canada through Quebec? But we must stop North American oil and gas for the CCP’s UN – WEF’s puppet governments and all their corruptions they must get a world war going nowso N.America totally collapses sending in through our now open boarders all the UN’s paid human trafficking, drugs, and disease etc. that we all end up supporting?
    So they have their placed comedian corrupt puppet leader in Ukraine now, and now Russia’s leader Pres. Putin is gone to this WEF too? So all the civilians now armed (even KIDS) and being killed, butchered fighting with the Ukraine’s military and the Russian young men in the Russian military are all being actually horribly murdered by WEF corrupt puppet placed leaders and more UN WEF corruption ? Anything to get another World war going as WEF puppet comedian Zelenski keeps calling out for, but along with the green new deal and other UN takeover agendas he also has time in a war to go on about, while encouraging his citizens to die for their now UN taken over country. The world UN’s 2030 game takeover plans, with the Chinese leading all? For, and the regular peoples numbers being taken way down as their flu/and jabs, and more hidden labs still working, has not worked as well as they wanted it too or maybe just another agenda much faster working, to distract? Yes we could feel all the hate and divisions, we noticed all the agendas and propaganda’s being driven with their paid zealots,and useful idiots, stupid lock downs, masks, illegal mandates, the taking over of our police and our good real judges and law and order ?ignored and ?rewritten. the enforced confusion and the total destruction now almost of education and schools, the CRT, and the criminal sexualizing and prepping of young children. etc, etc, Read news from around the world if you can still, you get a really terrifying look at what is really happening, it is so sad. Please USA save your country, I am still hoping for what was Canada but it has gone way too far here now maybe and I am old.

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