Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies

Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies — David Galluch at Broad+Liberty points out that Pennsylvanians could be living in clover if the state wasn’t run by those who hate energy.

At least for most of us.

Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies
Gov. Hypocrite

Of course, they love energy for themselves. One can’t go to a free Super Bowl party on a bicycle, right Josh Shapiro? That would be gauche. A private jet is required.

At least we hope it was a private jet. Josh isn’t really saying.

Oh, if he went commercial our poor governor would have been snickered at the whole night by his 1-percenter buddies.

Anyway, Galluch points out that Shapiro appears to be planning to maintain Pennsylvania’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which makes it impossible for Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry to operate.

“So much for supporting an industry that supports the employment of over six percent of our commonwealth,” he says.

Read his column, here.

Phony Josh Flies While Pennsylvania Dies

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