Swarthmore Stop Sign; It’s What Plants Crave

Swarthmore Stop Sign; It’s What Plants Crave — Bob Small sent us this photo of a stop sign at Kenyon and Yale avenues in Swarthmore, Pa., where everyone considers himself smarter than thou.

Someone should put an advertisement for Brawndo on it.

Hey, maybe it’s ironic Dada hipster art.

That just makes it better for a Brawndo ad.

Swarthmore Stop Sign; It's What Plants Crave

3 thoughts on “Swarthmore Stop Sign; It’s What Plants Crave”

  1. I see it from another perspective. I’ve been tempted to put up something like this, though bigger, maybe using a 4×8 sheet of plywood, and with a little more profanity. I don’t see it as being smarter than others, whatever obtains down in Swarthmore. I see it more as a sign of frustration with assholes who ignore stop signs and endanger others. It runs from coasting through a stop to just blowing through altogether without stopping. Beyond those people, there is a lot more carelessness on the roads these days than a decade or so ago.
    Now, as for the “watch for motorcycles” bumper sticker, I say to that, “No, everyone should watch out for everyone else” I see just as many motorcyclists engage in careless behavior in proportion to their numbers as car drivers. I see motorcyclists weave in and out of dense traffic on 4-lane highways. I see motorcyclists try to get past stuck traffic on the interior shoulder along median dividers, let alone on the outside shoulders of roads. They’re subject to the traffic laws, just like everyone else on the road. So that bumper sticker’s message has little meaning.

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