Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.; Why Play Games If No Vote Fraud?

Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa. — Judge Barry Dozor, in November, garnered an agreement for a hand recount of ballots in the 3rd Precinct of Haverford’s 2nd Ward from the just-past election.

It would be voluntary, non-binding and the sole purpose would be to alleviate the suspicions of vote fraud for those who brought the matter before him.

It was held Jan. 12.

At the Jan. 18 Delaware County Council (Pa.) meeting, Jim Allen, who is Delco’s director of election operations, crowed that it was found to be 100-percent in compliance with the official results, and those with concerns were allowed within two-feet of the ballots.

We heard him at the meeting and felt good. Maybe Delco, is not some kind of banana republic, after all.

But it looks like we were fooled.

You should have followed Democrat SOP, Jim, and kept them 20-feet away.

One of the observers was Erich Speckin of Speckin Forensics, one of the nation’s most respected experts in document analysis with a long legal track-record in cases ranging from Hollywood to Big Oil.

And yesterday, Feb. 14, he released a report.

He says the ground rules laid by Allen included a prohibition on photography of documents, something Speckin found unusual in his 29 years of experience, and found the ballots had been already placed in non-secured trays and bags upon their arrival.

“The mail-in ballots were not secured in the process from the time they are opened from the envelopes and stored in plastic totes,” said Speckin.

He said the manner in which the ballots were counted were akin to how one would count a deck of cards.

Damningly, the ballots had different shading in the backgrounds and color of red. This would not have happened if the ballots came from the same printer in Albany, N.Y., as Allen claims.

“If the process of shifting ballots were slowed down or the ballots actually examined under magnification, further instances of printing process anomalies may be found,” he said.

He recommended an examination of a broader sampling of mail-in ballots.

If Allen had nothing to hide why would he play games? Why not bend over backwards to ease all concerns about the legitimacy of the election? Let the ballots be photographed. Keep things secured until the count. Don’t shuffle the ballots like a card shark. Is he not aware that he is becoming a bit of a national figure?

Those running Delaware County should care that a large percent of residents have concerns about its elections. Obviously, they don’t.

County residents must not get discouraged, though. We must stay involved in the process. It is more important than ever that we vote as it is the only way to force their hand.

Below is Speckin’s statement. Click to enlarge.

Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.
Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.
Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.; Why Play Games If No Vote Fraud?

Delco GOP Endorsements For Council, DA and Judge

Delco GOP Endorsements For Council, DA and Judge — The Delaware County Republican Party has endorsed for County Council Jeff Jones, of Upper Darby; Upland Mayor Bill Dennon; and Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby who taught American History at Penn Wood High School until her retirement. Mrs. Schwartz also coached the school’s mock trial team which represented the county at the 2019 Pennsylvania Mock Trial State Tournament.

For district attorney, Beth Stephanie Miscichowski has been tapped to take on Soros-backed Jack Stollsteimer. She worked for the district attorney’s office in the 1990s before starting her own law practice which included work as a public defender.

For Common Pleas Court Judge, the party has endorsed Dawn Sutphin of Prospect Park, a law professor, who career has included clerking for federal judge William W. Caldwell; corporate law, private practice while raising her children, and then serving as an assistant public defender with the county from 2012 to 2021.

The primary election is May 16.

Below are their biographies. Click to enlarge.

Delco GOP Endorsements For Council, DA and Judge
Delco GOP Endorsements For Council, DA and Judge
Delco GOP Endorsements For Council, DA and Judge
Delco GOP Endorsements For Council, DA and Judge
Delco GOP Endorsements For Council, DA and Judge

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah — Election integrity activists Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom implored the listeners of Face The Culture, yesterday, Feb. 8, to stay involved and vote despite the ever-more visible depravities of the lizardly leaders of the Uniparty.

Greg and Leah are poll watchers from Delaware County, Pa. and the authors of The Parallel Election, a history of what occurred in Delco in 2020.

Face The Culture is hosted by Pastor Steve Gruen and Kim Kennedy and airs 7-8 p.m. EST weeknights on the Liberty Channel on Archives can be found at A link to yesterday’s show is here and below.

Even if a tenth of what the pair describe is true, huge problems remain obvious.

Leah notes that Delaware County has 46 percent of Pennsylvania’s election ballot drop boxes with 42. Maybe it’s hard to believe as Pennsylvania has 67 counties but Philadelphia, the largest county, has but 18, while Allegheny County, the second largest, has none.

Delco’s drop boxes are open 24/7 dubiously monitored by solar-powered cameras. Why would one need 24/7 drop boxes with mail-in voting anyway? Mailboxes are basically drop boxes. Getting rid of the county drop boxes would save money, simplify logistics and, most importantly, ease suspicions.

Challenge To Be Arrested

Leah, Greg and state rep candidate Ruth Moton filed a lawsuit In November 2021 based on information from a whistleblower regarding improprieties from a year before. The matter came before District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer as the revelations involved crimes.

Stollsteimer sent a letter to County Council, May 4, 2022, saying the allegations were fictions. He said comments on video by election workers were taken out of context or doctored. Council read the letter into the record May 18.

Sollsteimer said his investigation was based on three videos taken from the internet. He wouldn’t give the whistleblower, Regina Miller, a standard immunity agreement to let her speak freely.

Leah noted that their evidence, however, involved 37 videos and several audio files, all of which came directly from the whistleblower. None of it was from the internet. None of them were doctored.

She said presenting doctored evidence is a crime. She challenged Stollseimer to arrest them.

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Leah said the attacks from the establishment have been relentless. She said she and Greg talked with noted author Mark Bowden for three hours lead to his book, The Steal, depicting them as liars and calling them “trumpanzees”.

Leah thanked him and said the book made them national figures advancing their cause.

She has gotten no help from the GOP. The Delco Republican Executive Committee was part an initial lawsuit that reached Commonwealth Court but was kicked off after not responding to any filing after the initial complaint.

Beating they System

Greg noted that the corporate two party system manipulates people against each other for their own interests. A Massachusetts native, he says many of his friends and family remain Democrat while also remaining his friends and family.

Greg said voting is extremely important, and people must not become discouraged.

“If you don’t vote, we can’t find those 70,000 ballots. If you don’t vote we can’t see your signature,” he said. “Trust me, this is a painful process but one day soon we are going to get our day in court and we are going to see your signature on the mail-in ballot or we are going to see where your vote where you signed in the blue book when you came in . . . and we are going to be able go in and say we can prove that vote you counted for Joel was not his vote.”

He said that a reason officials were curating a lot of votes was that they were counting people who didn’t vote and they had to get them out of the data base so there wouldn’t be evidence of those people voting .

“If you don’t vote, you’ve given into the system,” he said. “. . . We need you to vote. We need citizens to engage in their government. They have to engage. They have to vote.”

Good People Exist

Greg further noted that not everyone is corrupt and that there are good people in the system.

“Everybody thinks that everyone in the FBI is corrupt. Nobody joins the FBI to be a bad guy,” he says. “. . . There are good people in the FBI. There are judges out there that love the law and one day we are going to get in front of them. We are going to get in front of good special agents in the FBI. There are good people out there and if you believe that as I do and as a God-fearing person I know there are good people out there and they just have to speak.”

He said it is a small minority that is causing the havoc.

“What Leah and I are trying to do is to for people is to give them courage. Say stand up, look what happened, I’m still here. I haven’t been hung from a tree, shot in the chest with my hands tied behind my back with a suicide note stuck to my forehead,” he said.

He said all have to fight this out even if it means going into court and embarrassing yourself.

“I will stand on the Empire State Building in a tutu with a clown hat on my head if that’s what it takes,” he said.

“If we don’t do this our children will go through an even greater hell,” he said.

A link to the show:

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K%

Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K% — Delaware County was saying its new $20 million health department had administered 172,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses as of the end of November.

Terry Tracy of Broad and Liberty investigated and could only confirm 1,149 jabs at a site in Yeadon.

When confronted, the county revised its claim to 2,364 county-wide.

That’s about 5,000 percent less than what it initially claimed.

The Health Department was created in April.

Now someone tell us how many incidents were logged during the month the 24/7 ballot drop boxes were active. There were diligently surveilled by solar-powered cameras all the while. Obviously, some incidents worth noting would have occurred, right?

Assuming they really were diligently surveilled.

Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K%
Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K%

George Hill Prison Again Before Council

George Hill Prison Again Before Council

Max Orenstein formerly of the Delaware County Public Defender’s office, called out County Council, Feb. 1, for dissembling about problems at the county prison, Joy Schwartz tells us.

Orenstein, who helped reduce numbers at the jail during the pandemic, says the numbers have now ballooned despite council’s claims of otherwise.

Orenstein says the inmates are living in sub-human conditions. He urges rejection of the proposed $40 million new juvenile facility and encourages all to resist council propaganda.

How can the George W. Hill Correctional Facility have a net increase in prisoners when the crime rate is down?, he asked.

Guards are also sounding the alarm about things at the prison.

The council heard numerous complaints from environmental activists about the proposed Penn LNG liquid natural gas export terminal proposed for Chester.

We will give our green friends odds this is going to come to pass. The people running things may give caring looks when talking to their faces but they are laughing their asses off at them after they walk away.

Carris Kocher expressed disappointment that council will not respond to questions or engage with constituents, and expressed dissatisfaction with the changes in the code regarding elections, especially the omission of the Return Board report.

She also expressed concerns about ZenCity, the artificial intelligence program council is adopted to assist with (or make?) policy.

Joy also tells us that the Board of Elections failed to give the required three days notice Jan. 24 meeting. They announced it on Jan. 23, she says.

George Hill Prison Again Before Council
George Hill Prison Again Before Council

ChatGPT Delco Vote Fraud Expose

ChatGPT Delco Vote Fraud Expose — We were challenged to have our newest correspondent do a piece on vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa.

Well, here it is:

Vote fraud in Delaware County, Pennsylvania is a major issue that has plagued the county for decades. Despite numerous attempts by the state and local governments to address the problem, it continues to exist. The issue is so pervasive that the county has been dubbed the “epicenter of vote fraud” and has earned the nickname “Delaware County, the Falsified Vote Factory.”

Delaware County has a long history of vote fraud. It was first documented in the late 1800s when political bosses controlled the county’s election process. The bosses would purchase votes with money, alcohol, and other bribes to influence the outcome of elections. In the 1920s, voting machines were introduced but were easily manipulated to produce fraudulent results. In the 1940s, the county began using optical scan voting machines, which also proved to be vulnerable to fraud.

In recent years, the issue of vote fraud in Delaware County has been exacerbated by the proliferation of absentee ballots. Since absentee ballots are much easier to manipulate, they have been the source of numerous voting irregularities. In addition, the county is known for its lax voter registration and ID laws, which have allowed non-citizens to register and vote illegally.

The state and local governments have taken steps to address the issue of vote fraud in Delaware County. The county has implemented measures such as requiring voters to show ID, cracking down on absentee ballot fraud, and conducting investigations into voting irregularities. However, these efforts have not been entirely effective, as the county continues to be plagued by vote fraud.

The issue of vote fraud in Delaware County is a serious one that must be addressed if the county is to have fair and honest elections. It is essential that the state and local governments take steps to ensure that all votes are cast legitimately and that the voting process is secure and trustworthy. Without these measures, the people of Delaware County will continue to suffer from the scourge of vote fraud.

We have to concede it does a better job than the Daily Times and Inquirer, although the claim that “state and local governments have taken steps to address the issue of vote fraud in Delaware County” made us laugh.

You can play with ChatGPT here.

ChatGPT Delco Vote Fraud Expose
ChatGPT Delco Vote Fraud Expose

Delco Council Accused Of Ignoring Prison Crisis

Delco Council Accused Of Ignoring Prison Crisis — Frank Kwaning, president of the Delaware County (Pa) Prison Employees Independent Union, told County Council, last night, Jan. 18, that things are bad at the prison and that the county has been ducking requests for meetings with the union to resolve matters.

Others have also reported on the dangerous conditions at George W. Hill Correctional Facility.

The county took over the prison on April 6. It had been privately run since 1998.

Councilman Richard R. Womack, Jr. said he was unaware there had been an attempt to schedule a meeting and pledged to connect.

The drug crisis was also discussed along with a discussion on how to spend the $63 million settlement the county received as its share of a billion dollar settlement with pharmaceutical firms Cardinal Health, McKesson, and the Conshohocken-based Amerisource Bergen regarding their involvement in the wrongful distribution of opioids. The payout will be $3.5 million per year for 18 years.

It was noted that there were 1,584 overdose calls in Delco in 2022 which is believed to underrepresent the number of actual overdoses as people reported unconscious would not have been recorded as an overdose.

 Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther came close to blaming racism for the crisis. Here’s a thought, stop mentioning skin color. Allocate resources according to the rate of occurrences. Nobody will object, and you end a point of division while advancing unity.

Christopher Welsh, who heads the public defenders offices, announced that all public defenders were now full time employees of the county and members of the United Auto Workers. And listing one’s pronouns on an official government document is rather unserious.

There was a first reading of an ordinance updating the county code regarding parks. It was noted that existing code was decades old and failed to account for things like drones. The new ordinance would require a permit for filming. Wonder if they are accounting for things like cell phones.

Also, 24 agenda items were approved by consent; Councilwoman Reuther was appointed to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission for one-year term; David L. Walker, Claudia Cueto, William T. Smith, John Gillespie and Brian Razzi were appointed to the Delaware County Planning Commission for a term ending January 2027; and 16 property tax refunds were approved.

For a story about the changes made to the county election code follow this link.

Delco Council Accused Of Ignoring Prison Crisis

Delco Council Accused Of Ignoring Prison Crisis

Delco Council Changes Election Code For Worse

Delco Council Changes Election Code For Worse — Delaware County Council (Pa), tonight, Jan. 18, as expected, changed its code making elections less transparent and giving veto power to the ruling Democrats as to who the state-mandated minority party member of the three-member Board of Elections would be.

The new law allows the board to reject all members on a list of three names submitted by the Republicans for the seat and restart the process. Previously, they had to accept one of the names.

Councilwoman  Christine A. Reuther justified it by saying the Republicans did it once when they were in control.

Council also ended the requirement of a public report from the Election Return a bi-partisan organization created to double-check election results. The reasoning seemed to be that they weren’t following the law anyway.

That, however, wasn’t the fault of the Return Board.

Those speaking out against the change included Chris Fabre of Upper Darby, Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby and Carris Kocher of Concord.

Gregory Stenstrom of Glen Mills noted that he and Leah Hoopes have three court cases still alive regarding election issues involving the county, and that the names of the County Council members along with the Board of Elections and the County Solicitor William Martin have been added to CV-2022-008091 which is before Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

He also noted that the Board of Elections has been fighting, rather strangely, multiple right-to-know requests for public records and that it has ignored orders to produce the information in at least one case.

Ms. Schwartz expressed concern over a plan to consolidate voting precincts hence weakening local control. She also asked about a report that the county sought to abolish precinct voting.

While Ms. Reuther admitted that Council thought some of county’s 428 precincts were too small and should be consolidated, others were thought too big and should be broken up.

She said only the state legislature could end precinct voting.

Fabre warned Council its actions will raise suspicions among the public as it is removing transparency.

Mrs. Kocher noted that the new ordinance appears to be at odds with state code especially regarding the elimination of the need for the return board to advertise its report.

Martin revealed that a voluntary hand recount was held in the 3rd Precinct of Haverford’s 2nd Ward to ease concerns of another group regarding November’s election.

James Allen, the county director of election operations, said it was watched by those making the request who were allowed within two feet of the ballots. The hand count was found to be 100 percent in compliance with the official results.

For other things that happened at the meeting — including the revelation that council is ignoring a crisis at the prison — see next story.

Delco Council Changes Election Code For Worse
Delco Council Changes Election Code

Delco Council Weakening Minority Input For Election Board; Ending Return Board Report

Delco Council Weakening Minority Input For Election Board — Delaware County Council (Pa) is expected to vote tomorrow, Jan. 18 on significant changes regarding the how elections are run.

The out-of-touch Democrats who run things reportedly plan to eliminate the requirement of a report from the County Return Board, a bi-partisan organization created to double-check election results and whose findings have been problematic to the official narrative.

The Democrats will also change the law to allow Council to reject the minority party’s nominee list for the Election Board in toto forcing them to submit a new list.

A minority party member is mandated by the state for the three-person board.

A discussion can be found on DelCo Deepdivers Telegram channel.

Here’s the real question, though: Where is the Delaware County Republican Party’s opposition to the ordinance?

Delco Council Weakening Minority Input For Election Board; Ending Return Board Report
What they want to do
Delco Council Weakening Minority Input For Election Board

Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20

Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20 — Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes case before the Supreme Court concerning 2020 vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. has been scheduled to be distributed for conference on Jan. 20.

“The conference is a private meeting held by the justices each day during argument week,” as per Jay Stephens on Quora. “At the conference, the justices meet, discuss the arguments held, take an initial vote on the merits of the appeal; and the chief justice then assigns one justice the task of writing the opinion reflecting the decisions made in conference.”

Here’s another explanation.

In other words, Greg and Leah’s case is not dead.

The case number is 22-503 and can be tracked here.

It is appealing a decision by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and was filed Nov. 22.

The points Greg and Leah are asking the court to address are:

  • Is the spoliation of election materials and evidence, required to be maintained by federal and state law, by election officials to perfect massive election fraud, evidence of said fraud by itself, and/or sufficient to infer adverse verdict?
  • Do duly appointed, certified poll watchers, who have taken an oath to fulfill their lawful duties as intervenors for both the candidates they represent, and the citizenry, have standing to petition the Courts on their own behalf to remedy grievous violations of election law, election fraud, and associated civil law?
  • Does the Court of first remedy in considering alleged grievous election and civil violations (in this case, the Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, Pennsylvania), have a duty to have an evidentiary hearing, and be presented evidence of allegations of massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, before ruling there isn’t a “scintilla of evidence” and otherwise ruling on facts not in evidence?
  • Does immediate notification of spoliation and destruction of election materials required to be maintained by federal and state law for 22 months (or as long as litigative controversy is pending), that proves massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, require the Court of first remedy to intervene to secure said evidence, as the lawful arbiter to preserve the integrity of the election system?
  • Are lawyers and “esquires” a special class that can unilaterally decide the outcome of litigative controversy without transparency, input, acknowledgement, or permission of petitioners, plaintiffs, and defendants and the citizenry, without public hearing, transcript or accountability?
  • Should both candidates for election represented by counsel, and Pro Se citizen litigants, be afforded the latitude and grace of the Supreme Court of the United States, as final arbiters of the Republic, to curate technically deficient but meritorious cases regarding the most sacred right of voting by the citizenry of the United States in their selection of their elected representatives, given the Court has repeatedly done so for other cases?
  • Is it lawful for public officials to intimidate, harass, and demand civil and criminal sanctions, and against lawful intervenors, candidates, citizens, and their attorneys for having the temerity to challenge grievous election law violations that would change the outcome of elections?
  • Should petitioners lawsuit(s), who hold hard physical evidence, sworn affidavits, whistleblower videos and audio admissions of election officials committing criminal election fraud, documentation, unreconciled returns, and a literal mountain of evidence that approximately 327,000 votes were fraudulently certified in Delaware County, PA, in a presidential election that Joseph Biden allegedly “won” by approximately 80,000 votes, and undercard statewide elections of lesser margins, be considered for public remediation by the United States Supreme Court, or returned to the Court of first remedy (Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, PA)?
  • Is it lawful for the beneficiary(ies) of alleged election fraud to unilaterally investigate and adjudicate said fraud (i.eThe Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro and District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer).
Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20
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