The Parallel Election Left Me Gobsmacked

The Parallel Election Left Me Gobsmacked

By Bob Small

Mostly I read the Delco Times, Jewish Currents, and National Geographic and a smattering of articles, other magazines, the internet, and poems, but usually don’t invest my time in a book.

The Parallel Election by Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom is the only book I’ve read this year. 

However, after buying a copy from Leah at the 2023 Bill of Rights Banquet, ostensibly for a friend, I decided to at least start the book. Four hundred pages later, I realized how extensive the level of fraud was in 2020.  I was truly gobsmacked.

Now in one of my  my previous lifetimes, volunteering for the Greens, Independent, and Libertarian candidates, we knew the Democrats and Republicans would fight every signature to keep us off the ballot.  They would use every means, financial and legal and— If we finally made it on the ballot, we had exhausted all our financial and volunteer resources and could not win, except for occasional Judge of Election races, but nothing that could change the dynamics of uniparty rule. Period, end of sentence, as they used to say in South Philly.

But this book reveals a whole new level of cheating, shall we say the “Super Bowl of Cheating”. Much better than either Northeast or South Philly, where the dead continued to vote, but only for “the right Party.”  This was the attack of the “Uniparty”, both Democrat and Republican.

The evidence here was shocking.  Yet the evidence couldn’t be presented nor the results definitively challenged.

How is our system different from a totalitarian regime?

Consider an example of cheating in a non political world. 

That happens, too.

 The Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 World Series through a unique sign-stealing plan.  Major League Baseball finally (January 2020) confirmed this even though the record books still list the Houston Astros as the winners in the 2017 World Series.  Steps were taken to prevent this happening again and, presumably, are effective.

Let me end this, not with an answer, but with a question.

Having said all that, how do we approach changing the rules of the 2024 Primaries as opposed to changing the results of the 2020 Election?

The Parallel Election Left Me Gobsmacked

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