Depopulation Is The Topic

Let’s make this a conspiracy Saturday. Depopulation is the topic.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, discussed, July 25, NSSM-200, The Kissinger Report, which was a national security directive completed Dec. 10, 1974 by the Nixon Administration to coerce worldwide population control.

It stresses that weaving the concepts of family planning into health programs is a strategy for gaining acceptance, Malone says.

“The report explains that the International Planned Parenthood Federation and USAID were ‘testing commercial distribution schemes in various Least Developed Nations to obtain further information on the feasibility, costs, and degree of family planning acceptance achieved through this approach,'” Malone says.

He notes that “the report favors large-scale programs that will induce fertility decline in a cost-effective manner, and enthusiastically describes controversial examples, such as what it calls the remarkably successful experiments in India in which financial incentives, along with other motivational devices, were used to get large numbers of men to accept vasectomies.

Malone lists 10 ways how globalists are imposing depopulation although these are his observations rather than spelled out in an official plan.

  1. Transhumanism
  2. The food supply
  3.  Same sex relationships
  4. Genetically Modified Organisms
  5. Abortions
  6. Environmental Manipulation
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases
  8. No cures for diseases
  9. Wars
  10. Targeted sterilization

Details are at his article.

Which brings us to this via The Punisher from Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura in 2009. It features Alex Jones and Dr.  Rima Laibow who say the bad guys will orchestrate a pandemic followed by a mandated, sterilizing vaccine.

Finally, there’s this talk about Bobby Kennedy and the CIA’s involvement in biowarfare which Nixon banned but came back again with the Patriot Act following 9/11.

Who was put in charge?

A guy named Anthony Fauci.

Kennedy points out that the Milgram experiment shows that 67 percent of us will accept authority regardless of what it asks. Don’t be part of that group.

Depopulation is the topic
The late, unlamented Georgia Guidestones called for eliminating 7.5 billion persons. Odds are high you’d be one of them.

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