Video Of Illegals Bathing In Creek Blows Up Delco Council Meeting

Video Of Illegals Bathing In Creek Blows Up Delco Council Meeting — Delaware County’s illegal alien crisis simmered through the evening, July 3, as citizen after citizen implored County Council to act.

It exploded at the end when James Small displayed video of illegals bathing in Darby Creek at Springfield’s Rolling Green Park.

Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther, who had been just been blasted by a Springfield woman for being “so smug”, sent things over the top when she rather smugly told the crowd that Rolling Green wasn’t a county park. They should take matters up with Springfield, she said.

The meeting was soon called to a close.

Springfield, June 18, banned bathing in township parks to address the problem.

It was bizarre Ms. Reuther couldn’t get that this is everybody’s problem.

Small, of Marple, noted that two white vans filled with apparent illegals have as been seen at the Wawa on Township Line Road, Upper Darby. This is a few hundred yards from the park.

Earlier in the night, Charles Alexander of Marple told Council that it will be tarred and feathered if an illegal commits a murder in Delco He noted he has video on X of bathing by apparent illegals in Darby Creek.

Gary Rider of Marple said illegals were an obvious burden. They swim in the creek naked and cause car accidents.

“How can you let this happen in this county?” he asked.

He noted the tax burden illegals cause

“(US citizens) don’t get $1,200 a month and free medical,” he said.

He pointed out that children who don’t speak English are flood Delco’s schools and taking teachers from the children of citizens.

Carris Kocher of Concord said if sheriff’s department began using the power granted it, it could resolve illegals.

A woman who described herself as a teacher and mom asked council to protect elections and its citizens from those who come here illegally.

Tom Flocco of Media said millions are illegally crossing the border.

This means poor Americans will remain poor for generation, he said.

He accused Councilwoman Elaine Paul Schaefer of pushing hard for illegals to come to Pennsylvania and noted she was a board member of the local HIAS chapter. Illegals get free treatment at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital and are the distributed throughout the county, he siad..

Tevin Dix of the Drexel Hill section of Haverford called council liars for denying that Delco was a “sanctuary county”. He thanked God for Alexander and his video.

“Your party wants to live in a fairy tale,” he said. “You are going to use illegals for votes.

He said he was praying for them.

Sharon Devaney of Haverford noted Delco was obviously a sanctuary county and its getting worse and worse. She said she had just seen a frail 70-year-old man thrown in jail for a minor bail violation while the illegal who crippled her in a car accident seven years ago was never prosecuted and remains fancy free in the county getting free stuff.

She said she saw on the SEPTA busway in Ardmore an apparent illegal with his arms and face covered with tattoos. Face tats are a gang sign.

Rosemarie of Marple said there was proof of illegals and blasted Council’s dismissal of their concerns. She said they weren’t listening and just “hoping we go away”.

Nobody has a problem with legal immigrants, she noted.

A woman from Media and a man defended Council’s policy regarding illegals.

A video of the meeting can be found here.

And here is the video presented by James Small that turned the meeting upside down.

Video Of Illegals Bathing In Creek Blows Up Delco Council Meeting

Charlie Alexander addressing the crowd, last night. That he faced the crowd rather than Council would bring forth a smug comment by Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther about public comments being open mic night. It basically is Christine for three minutes.

2 thoughts on “Video Of Illegals Bathing In Creek Blows Up Delco Council Meeting”

  1. I will continue to let my voice be heard every time I go to these meetings and I want this county to address the problem that we have a serious issue with illegal immigration in this county. I will continue to use Sharon’s story for an example.

    Every time I go to these meetings, I learn that the county has a spending problem and they continue to ignore the rise in illegal immigration. My favorite part about my speech was calling Kevin Madden a liar when he said Delaware county is not sanctuary a couple of weeks ago.

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