Delco Patriots Hear Chris Stigall

 A crowd of more than 80 braved the ice and a snowbank-filled parking lot, tonight, Feb. 18, to meet candidates Bob Guzzardi and Roger Howard and hear  WPHT radio host Chris Stigall critique our present class of politicians.
Especially the Republican class.

Stigall was the guest of the Delaware County Patriots at the Newtown Square, Pa. Knights of Columbus Hall.

“I struggle to understand what Republican means anymore,” he said. Stigall, who is bald, said if he “had hair he’d pull it out” after hosting two prominent Republicans on his show.

Stigall noted that “big tent” once meant agreement on the major principles while overlooking minor disputes.

“We may not agree on every issue but we agree that the country is in trouble,” he said. “The ‘big tent’ has been highjacked.”

He said some in the party establishment are trying to spin Ronald Reagan as having been a “great compromiser” rather than the great communicator as he was known in his lifetime.

He read a long excerpt from a 1977 speech by Ronald Reagan that could have been made regarding today’s political circumstance. He noted there were no compromises on principles.

Stigall, who was once a congressional assistant to Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO6), whom he still greatly admires, said the general public has a tendency to put politicians on a pedestal, a fault he once considers himself as having.

“This deifying is another something I won’t do anymore,” he said. He said the final cure came after he was invited to a one-on-one dinner by a prominent politician and lectured about “getting his mind right” after he had been criticizing the policies the pol had been backing.

He said he has taken to emphasizing that our political class are merely public servants.

Stigall noted that our Republican-controlled state has been unable to end socialism regarding the sale of liquor, nor do much of anything else regarding the advancement of economic freedom such as ending automatic deduction of union dues from the workers paychecks.

Stigall thanked Guzzardi who is taking on Gov. Tom Corbett in the May 20 Republican primary and, Howard who is running for the 158th District seat being vacated by long-time state Rep. Chris Ross. He said, however, his policy is to not make primary election endorsements.He said, though, he will never support a Democrat and give full support to the Republican winner.Guzzardi, it should be noted, got strong applause when he was introduced by moderator Lisa Esler.

Stigall did say regarding the governor’s race “I want that nut job  (Allyson) Schwartz to get the (Democrat) nomination” as he feels that  would be surest path to a Republican victory.Stigall had an interesting comment regarding ultra-liberal Philadelphia Daily News columnist Will Bunch, who he says has lost his temper in discussions with him to the point where Bunch has called him a racist. Stigall said he read Bunch’s column regarding abolishing the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Delaware River Port Authority, which are graft magnets. Stigall welcomed Bunch to the conservative club, at least temporarily.Stigall can be heard from 5:30 to 9 a.m. on WPHT 1210 AM



2 thoughts on “Delco Patriots Hear Chris Stigall”

  1. How does Bob Guzardi feel about term limits, school vouchers, right-to-work, selling the damn liquor stores, public works wage scales? That’s a start!

  2. The GOP controls the house, senate and governship. That’s a good reason for term limits. They can’t even sell the State stores, Think they might be in the pocket of the unions?

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