Gary Cobb Fights For Fathers

Gary Cobb

Gary Cobb Fights For Fathers

Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Gary Cobb is seeking the vacated Congressional seat long held by Rob Andrews in the staunchly Democrat 1st District of New Jersey.

He’s running as a Republican. Cobb, like many, started off as a D went to the GOP  after watching how the policies of the Democrat Party destroyed African American families.

“(They were) an incentive for the man to leave the home, and it’s destroyed African-American families throughout the country,” he said.

“All my brothers and sisters have gone to college,” Cobb said. “The reason we were able to have some success was our dad was there, there was some discipline in the home.”

The 1st District includes Camden County and  parts of Burlington and Gloucester counties..

He will face state Sen. Donald Norcross, who is brother of George Norcross, the one-percenter Democrat power broker who just lost control of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.

The publications’ parent company, Interstate General Media, is now under the sole control of H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, who bought out the shares of Lewis Katz following his death.

Gary Cobb Fights For Fathers

3 thoughts on “Gary Cobb Fights For Fathers”

  1. While the Democrats rant and rave about being for freedom they are slowly enslaving blacks day by day with the tie of their hands and no opportunity as they cause differences with them and encourage illegals to enter this country. There are many more reasons why one would leave the party, however, I suggest making it better by fighting those who abuse the existence of the party and the Republicans will never give you the respect as a black man unless you are spineless as would be a spineless woman. I haven’t seen that yet outside myself.

  2. “Spineless” as in being facetious of course. If you can not stand up to the Republicans with bold favors from your heart and if you can not ignore how they laugh and play as if you are insignificant in your face and crowds you speak in, its not going to work for ya. Now, its not just the Republicans, the Democrats are the same.

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