Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt

Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt –The Chester County Commissioners ‘subject this morning, Sept. 14, was naturally yesterday’s capture of Danelo Cavalcante.

Cavalcante had been terrorizing the area for two weeks since his Aug. 31 escape from the county prison in Pocopson.

Commissioner Michelle Kichline expressed hope that Yoda, the K-9 that captured the escaped murderer, could attend a meeting of the board.

The audience wasn’t buying the cuteness. Cavalcante would have been nabbed within hours if the county had not gutted the Sheriff Department’s highly regarded K-9 squad it had a mere three years ago.

About 40 were in attendance when comment time arrived and this did not count those watching on the web.

One woman noted that if the county had used the money they spent on the manhunt to fix the problems that arose at the prison — such as short staffing and demoralized guards — the escape would never have happened.

Several, including Bobbie Surrick (sp) of East Bradford, asked why Chesco was a sanctuary county, which means a county that does not prosecute violations of immigration laws.

Another woman noted that if Chesco cooperated with immigration authorities, Cavalcante would have been deported immediately after ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao filed a protection-from-abuse order. Her children would never have had to watch her brutal stabbing death.

Jennifer Farnum (sp) said a illegal was set on fire and killed by two other illegals in Chester Springs. She said the matter got no publicity.

One woman said the ReadyChesco alert system failed miserably during the prison break/manhunt.

Most of these comments came via Zoom and all were supposedly restricted to agenda items.

We had to leave before those who wished to comment on general items had their chance.

The Chesco public is not happy with its government.

Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt

Forrmer Chesco Deputy Matt Mendenhall and Nero. Once upon a time Chesco had an excellent K-9 squad.

Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt

6 thoughts on “Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt”

  1. Wasn’t Cavalcante actually captured by the great bounty hunter Gov “The Dog” Shapiro? He hadn’t even finished clearing the dust from his suit after singlehandedly repairing I-95, when he led the manhunt for Cavalcante right after the point of capture to bask in the glory. In other breaking news, the Chesco commissioners announced they are changing the name of the county to “Dhemster”, abbreviation “Dhemco”, in recognition of the complete take over of its governance by Progressive Leftists Democrats. Dhemco’s new county moto is “Sanctuary for all but the Taxpayers”! This will be inscribed the newly authorized statue of Cavalcante being built in front of the prison.

  2. All valid observations if disturbing to remember them.I tried to post about getting rid of the bloodhounds on FB….regected!!
    above is what happens when red turns blue like night comes after day!!!

  3. The asinine and trite comment by Commissioner Kichline is also indicative of the weakness of all three Chesco Commissioners in general. Please let’s get rid of all three of them! Remember in November.

    1. Only two of the Commissioners are running for reelection – the two Dems. The Sheriff is running for Common Pleas Court.

      Remember in November !

  4. Yes, CHESCO’s incompetence was on display for the whole world to see. But thankfully, now they can get back to ensuring that they are all addressed by their proper pronouns. After all, that is more important and a little escapee running around the county.

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