Sharon Devaney Gives Answer To Inquirer

Sharon Devaney Gives Answer To Inquirer

Here’s an update

By Sharon Devaney

Jesse Bunch of The Philadelphia Inquirer emailed me yesterday, May 3, and asked for an interview.

She wanted to know why I was against The Savage Sisters packing 17 Tenby Road in Havertown with recovering addicts.

Here is why Jesse:

Haverford Township law only allows three non-related people to live in a residence.

Savage Sisters president Mary Nolan says she will fill the single-family home with 25 persons.

Further, it appears the person charged with managing the home will not be certified in CPR, first aid and other relevant matters including child trafficking. These certifications are required for every licensed professional in the state. I even have them.

I will send you a link to this story and that way you won’t have to waste your valuable time interviewing me.

Sharon Devaney Gives Answer To Inquirer

Sharon Devaney Gives Answer To Inquirer

4 thoughts on “Sharon Devaney Gives Answer To Inquirer”

  1. Drug Recovery Houses are just get rich schemes that I know from personal experience within my own family. I looked into investing in this model, however I have a soul and actually care about recovery. You can see this girl Laurel running the human trafficking drug house is just in it for the money. She does not care a bit about the recovery of addicts, or she would be at Drug counseling or inpatient meetings counseling them, and not profiting and collecting money from Josh Shitpiro’s DEI criminal racketeering programs that he promotes. How much does Ms. Laurel get per crack head to live in the house is the real question?

    1. Exactly Sean , I’m concerned about these people not getting adequate care. They should be licensed and certified in case of a emergency.

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