Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa

Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa — Delaware County, Pa., Councilwoman Elaine Paul Schaefer left council’s May 1 meeting early to attend an event concerning antisemitism.

It was announced at the night’s beginning she would be leaving at 7:30, which is an hour-and-a-half after the meeting’s start.

When she arrived at her other event she reportedly told her audience: I’m very sad to say I’m late tonight because I was at a council meeting at which there was an angry mob of 150 people. And the hate speech we’re hearing now, which is probably the reason, which is directed at immigrants. It is really just characterizing our incredibly vibrant, wonderful immigrant community as just not human. It’s really hard to hear.

We actually like Elaine. We wouldn’t vote for her but we don’t think she is a bad person.

She is fibbing through her teeth, however.

She left the meeting five minutes before her announced departure time. This was four minutes before public comments.

Check out the video. She gets up at 1:25:28 and is completely gone in 10 seconds. Public comments don’t start until 1:29:30

Whatever the reason she was late, it was not due to an “angry mob.”

We strongly urge the councilwoman to realize that dishonesty — even thoughtless, unintended dishonesty — is the major cause of divisiveness.

We strongly also urge her to understand why the citizenry calls illegals “illegals.”

Illegals are those who enter America in violation of its laws.

Immigrants are not illegals. Immigrants come to the United States legally.

Refugees are not illegals. They enter the United States legally.

Joe Biden is reportedly bringing murderously antisemitic Hamas-supporting Palestinians from Gaza to the United States as refugees.

They would not be illegals.

They would be murderously antisemitic supporters of Hamas, it is true, but they wouldn’t be illegals.

Why Biden wants them here is a different subject. Perhaps the councilwoman should broach it with her group concerned about antisemitism.

Councilman Kevin Madden also left early, at 7:45, as had been announced at the meeting’s start. Perhaps he was not late to his other event and felt no need to concoct a phony excuse.

Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa
Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa

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