CYS Agencies Spawning Protest Movement

CYS Agencies Spawning Protest Movement — The government agencies allegedly meant to protect children are being found to profit-making protectors of pedophiles and exceedingly cruel tormentors of mothers.

They have become the subject of protest songs.

This one is called The Free. Lyrics are by Renee Mazer with music by Joe Mass.

CYS Agencies Spawning Protest Movement

Delco Dems Hire Tabas Firm To Fight Open Records Appeal; What’s Up With That?

Delco Dems Hire Tabas Firm To Fight Open Records Appeal; What’s Up With That? –Delaware County has hired the powerhouse Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel law firm to fight a right to know appeal by Leah Hoopes of Chadds Ford for county election return board records.

The appeal was made May 8 to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.

Seriously, Delco what is the big secret? You realize how many Pennsylvanians no longer trust the elections? A little transparency would go a long way.

Leave that aside, though, there is a more troubling issue.

Lawrence Tabas is a partner at Obermayer, where he heads the Election Law Practice Group.

Tabas side gig is chairing the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

If Tabas wants to put on the fig leaf that it’s his law firm and not he that is involved in this defense of Delaware County Democrats, it’s sleight of hand to distract from the point.

Namely, Tabas, the leader of the opposition, is refusing to take a free, easy and effective shot at the other side.

Why isn’t the Delaware County government being called out for its lack of transparency?

The state and county GOPs should be releasing statements and holding press conferences asking what is this thing the Democrats are fighting so hard to hide.

They are not.

Kind of makes you go hmmm.

By the way, Obermayer has tasked attorney Terry Mutchler with defending the county. Ms. Mutchler was the first director of the Office of Open Records when it began in 2008.

A whole lot of effort is being made to keep the public from seeing this records.

Again, hmmmm.

Delco Dems Hire Tabas Firm To Fight Open Records Appeal; What's Up With That?
Delco Dems Hire Tabas Firm To Fight Open Records Appeal; What's Up With That?
Seriously, Larry, whose side are you on?

Delco Dems Hire Tabas Firm To Fight Open Records Appeal; What’s Up With That?

Critter Crossings In Pennsylvania

Critter Crossings In Pennsylvania

By Bob Small

The Pennsylvania State House is backing “critter crossings”.

These are bridges or tunnels that let wildlife cross the roads.

Many states have them and now it appears the Keystone State will be joining them.

It’s understandable as Pennsylvania leads the nation in leads the nation in animal-vehicle collisions. Critter crossings: Pa. builds safe road passages for wildlife

Pennsylvanians have a 1 in 57 chance of hitting an animal on state roadways, says State Farm Insurance. Nationally, it’s 1 in 115 .

A Bi-partisan resolution introduced by Mary Jo Daley (D-148) and Jason Ortitay (R-46) asks a legislative body to help PennDOT develop a plan.

Not everyone has applauded this proposal which passed on a 129-72 vote.

Barb Gleim (R-199) expressed concern that the state would use eminent domain to seize property for crossings.

It should be noted there is a total of $350 million in federal funding for “animal infrastructure” from the Feds for the states.

There are already 35 “critter crossings” on state highways but only one on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

PA is due to receive $840,000 from the Federal Highway Administration for the crossings.

In Canada, where they have moose and caribou there are 38 undercrossings and six overcrossings in the Trans-Canada Highway which have reduced wildlife collisions by 80 percent.

Another reason for these “critter crossings”, is to “expand the dating pool” for these various animals.

According to Patricia Cramer of the Wildlife Connectivity Institute trainer deer teach other animals how to use the crossings.

Now some areas have highly intelligent animals. Brian Goldfarb says urban coyotes in Chicago look both ways and cross at the crosswalks

tSadly, our Pennsylvania deer are generally, not “roadsmart”.

For a counterview, see Is it safe? Why some animals fear using wildlife crossings

Critter Crossings In Pennsylvania
An obviously dumb deer in Delco

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Answer to yesterday‘s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.
Frederick Douglass

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