Even-handedness Sought From Delco Domestic Abuse Project

Even-handedness Sought From Delco Domestic Abuse Project — Ulysses Slaughter of Media, Pa. is trying to create an online petition calling for the Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County (DAP) to become more circumspect in accepting claims of abuse.

Unfortunately, Change.org keeps removing it.


A reader flagged it as “potentially problematic” and Change.org said it was “online intimidation.”

As opposed to demanding that commencement speakers being removed? All petitions can be defined as “intimidation”. They are, after all, meant to coerce “change” by mass appeal.

Slaughter was evicted from his home Aug. 4, 2021, by State Police when his now ex-wife falsely accused him of assault.

His four children from another marriage were evicted five days later.

The couple had been officially married for six months but Slaughter says its true start was in 2019 when they exchanged vows in a Quaker ceremony.

Slaughter says he and his ex bought the home in her name to avoid an issue with a tax delinquency in his. The expectation was that she’d add his name to the deed.

That didn’t happen.

The assault allegation did.

The then-wife then requested a protection from abuse order.

A hearing for the PFA happened Aug. 12, 2021 before Common Pleas Court Judge Andrea Puppio.

She ruled for Slaughter.

Slaughter is involved with a group seeking to stop false allegations for advantage in domestic matters.

He notes that a DAP representative had appeared with his wife at his hearing to give credibility on a claim that was quickly revealed to be spurious. He had hoped to petition the organization to become less knee-jerk. He notes that he had worked with, and supported, DAP. Slaughter recognizes that domestic abuse happens and condemns it. He just wants DAP to understand that false claims have become a common strategy to gain advantage in marital breakups.

Slaughter says he is suing his wife for breach of contract for refusal to add his name to the deed.

We have been writing stories about moms falsely accused of abuse, the claims of which have been uncritically accepted by Delaware County Children and Youth Services.

These moms have lost access to their children for months

Two of these moms were teachers and they can’t work because they are listed as child abusers.

None have been convicted much less tried as such.

Then there is the case of Jody McMahon, who hasn’t kissed her children in five years because the Montgomery County courts think she poses them some kind of danger. Her nightmare started, ironically, with an abuse allegation against her ex husband.

Renee Mazer wrote a book regarding her own nightmare that started in Chester County courts and ended with her losing access to her youngest son for several years.

This also started with an abuse allegation against her husband.

Renee says that fathers are more likely to get custody now than mothers because of the Personal Responsibility and Work Reconciliation Act of 1996. She says this incentives courts via federal funds to take the dad’s side.

She recommends Motherless America by Doreen Ludwig to explain this. The book concerns Ms. Ludwig’s nightmare in Lancaster County.

Considering that those coming forward to describe custodial horror stories are overwhelmingly women, we think that perhaps the pendulum has now swung a bit too far.

This shouldn’t be a boy versus girl thing.

If 100 dads out of 100 get custody that might be right.

Of course, so might vice-versa.

Ending the profit incentive for lawyers and court-appointed counselor to keep things going as long as possible could be a good first step.

Yes, family troubles have become a get-rich-quick thing by some rather bad people.

Making divorce a bit harder when kids are involved would also help.

“Hypothetically, I can unequivocally say . . . I would choose a psychopathic, child torturing spouse I haven’t had sex with in years over child torturing psychopathic lawyers and judges who screw me on a daily basis,” Renee says.

Even-handedness Sought From Delco Domestic Abuse Project

Even-handedness Sought From Delco Domestic Abuse Project

Proof Positive Establishment Press Is Propaganda

Proof Positive Establishment Press Is Propaganda — Those who still assume the American media are tenacious watchdogs pursing truth without fear or favor should watch this video of snippets showing otherwise.

The media you’ve been taught to trust since childhood are lying propagandists on behalf of an anti-democratic oligarchy that seeks to impoverish and enslave you.

This is proof positive.

Only a fool will not seek other sources.

There are plenty out there.

Proof Positive Establishment Press Is Propaganda

Great art of living William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 5-23-24

Great art of living William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 5-23-24

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