Proof Positive Establishment Press Is Propaganda

Proof Positive Establishment Press Is Propaganda — Those who still assume the American media are tenacious watchdogs pursing truth without fear or favor should watch this video of snippets showing otherwise.

The media you’ve been taught to trust since childhood are lying propagandists on behalf of an anti-democratic oligarchy that seeks to impoverish and enslave you.

This is proof positive.

Only a fool will not seek other sources.

There are plenty out there.

Proof Positive Establishment Press Is Propaganda

3 thoughts on “Proof Positive Establishment Press Is Propaganda”

  1. Just some examples, 1210 am, the conservative circus, The Imaginary conservative. By the way,
    first heard The conservative circus on 610 am BIN (The Black Information network, usually to the left). Try to listen to at least half a dozen talk station presets, Philly and New York). Headphones while working in the poison ivy.

  2. Try and find alternative sources. I found the conservative circus on
    Bin aka black information network
    Which is usually left. Am radio
    710 am 1 210 am. Etc.and podcasts etc

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