Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape

Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape — Former Chester County, Pa. Sheriff Bunny Welsh appeared, today, Sept. 6 on WWDB‘s Don’t Back Down and AM 990’s Chris Stigall show to describe the ongoing effort to capture Chesco prison escapee and multiple murderer Danelo Cavalcante, who has now been on the lam for a week.

The escape has made international news.

Cavalcante escaped from the prison, Aug. 31, after being convicted 15 days earlier for the April 2021 stabbing of Deborah Brandao, his ex-girlfriend. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Cavalcante, who entered the country illegally, was also wanted for murder in his native Brazil.

While we missed the Stigall show, we heard her tell Don’t Back Down hosts Stan Casacio and attorney Andy Teitelman that a plea in Portuguese from Cavalcante’s mother for him to surrender is being broadcast from aircraft over southern Chesco. She noted that men and women in law enforcement are diligently searching the area in the 90-plus heat all the while wearing body armor and carrying full equipment.

She said that Cavalcante, who is only about 5-feet tall, is believed to have some survival training, which is helping him avoid arrest.

Ms. Welsh said that Cavalcante’s prison shirt has been found.

She noted that if the Chesco Sheriff Department kept its K-9 squad Cavalcante would likely been arrested hours after his escape.

She said the prison in Pocopson is designed for 1,100 inmates but now has a population of about 600.

Ms. Welsh, who was among those consulting with President Trump regarding law enforcement issues, also told a story about the compassion of the President. She said that family whose son died of a fentanyl overdoes asked her to pass on a letter to Trump. She said that he took it and offered condolence. Following the event, though, he approached her, talked with her about it and then wrote a personal note to the family.

Trump never went public. The only ones who know about it are the ones she tells.

Hopefully, she never stops telling it.

She said that Trump, in person, is gentle and more inclined to listen than speak.

Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape

Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape

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  1. Bill – Thanks for the shoutout. It’s Nice to know that foreign criminals have such an easy time breaking into the country, taking up residence in one of our sanctuary locales where they show their gratitude by committing more crimes, and then such an easy time breaking out of our “sanctuary” prisons – if they’re even caught and prosecuted for the crimes they commit while they’re here.

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