Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies

Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies — The Chester County Pa Sheriff Department has a designed a dingbat schemed to end its dearth of deputies.

Undesired publicity leads to desperate measures, we guess.

No longer will those seeking employment for this important law enforcement job need to meet the same certification level as municipal police officers.

Yes, Chesco voters your new deputies will now be more likely to be grifters, incompetent, lazy or violent.

Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies
Problems plague department under Sheriff Fredda Maddox

Actually, all of the above.

The department is down at least 40 deputies.

When Bunny Welsh was sheriff just four years ago the department was fully staffed and highly admired.

When Democrat Fredda Maddox took over things went south. Morale collapsed by all accounts. Nobody wanted to work for her. There was bullying and partisanship.

Fredda is stepping down as sheriff and hoping to step up to Common Pleas Court judge this Nov. 7.

She has hand-picked her assistant Kevin Dykes to be her replacement. He’s said to be just as bad if not worse.

Running against him is Republican Roy Kofroth.

Chesco, you have a choice.

Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies

2 thoughts on “Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies”

  1. Let me guess-Fredda Maddox’ chief qualifications are that she’s a black woman. That’s a pair of aces in the game of victim group poker.
    If she’s a lesbian, too, that’s 3 aces, and almost unbeatable.

  2. During the second Pocopson Town Hall meeting held on Wednesday evening, September 20, even after being introduced by County Commissioner, Josh Maxwell (another failed politician who is running for a 2nd term on Nov 7), Freda Maddox sat in the audience with her head face planted downward and focused on her cell phone screen while typing away. Can anyone say “complete incompetence and disregard” for what the residents and their families agonizingly experienced for two weeks? Freda is incompetent and not worthy to serve the great residents of Chester County in ANY future elected position.

    Too bad I’m unable to support this comment by uploading a photo of Freda typing away on her cell phone during the second town hall meeting.

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