Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue?

Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue? — A controversy has erupted as to whether Alex Charlton is being supported by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation as is being claimed in his campaign literature.

Charlton is the incumbent representative for the 165th District in the Pennsylvania House. He is facing retired math teacher and Springfield resident Regina Scheerer in Tuesday’s (May 15) primary election.

Charlton has angered many activists for his strange opposition to mild bills that would curtail the cronyism rampant in this state. What really inspired Mrs. Scheerer’s campaign, however, was a meeting she attended by several persons including Father Anthony J. Costa, who is pastor of Saint Francis of Assisi Church  and Father John Gabin who is pastor of Holy Cross Church, both in Springfield, to discuss Charlton’s Dec. 12 vote against SB 3 .

SB 3 would have limited abortions in Pennsylvania to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy rather than the existing 24. Liberal Sweden bans them at 18 weeks while most of the rest of Western Europe bans them at 12 weeks.

Charlton was only one of six House Republicans to vote against the bill which passed both chambers but was vetoed by Gov. Wolf.

At the meeting, Charlton reportedly defended his vote with vigor saying he does not know where life begins and that dismemberment abortions are not the norm.

With Mrs. Scheerer’s campaign, however, Charlton has been claiming to be pro life and defender of the “vulnerable”. He  cites his vote for HB 2050 which would “prohibit the abortion of any child solely due to a diagnosis of possible Down Syndrome.

That vote, however, was cast on April 16 long after Mrs. Scheerer received 900 signatures to get on the ballot much of it due to Charlton’s position on abortion and some observe that the qualifier “solely” arguably makes the bill meaningless.

Anyway, last week, Charlton again strongly promoted a claim of being pro life. A constituent letter from State Sen. Tom McGarrigle, his former boss, specifically cited Charlton as being “supported” by the influential Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

Those  affiliated with Mrs. Scheerer’s campaign have said they have been in contact with the group’s legislative director Maria Gallagher, who, they say, claimed never to have spoken with McGarrigle and that her group has not endorsed Charlton.

An email has been sent to Ms. Gallagher for clarification and we await.

Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue?

Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue?


8 thoughts on “Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue?”

  1. Regina Scheerer just forwarded us the below letter from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC confirming she has the organization’s highest rating:

    Dear Regina Scheerer,

    We are pleased to inform you that the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Political Action Committee has awarded you the rating of PRO-LIFE—our highest rating.

    We thank you for your commitment to protecting our hard-earned taxpayer dollars from being spent on abortion. We are also grateful that you believe in common sense measures such as informed consent and parental consent prior to an abortion. We also thank you for your support for compassionate counseling and help for pregnant women in challenging circumstances.

    Please feel free to disseminate our announcement in any appropriate manner.

    We thank you for your commitment to helping to restore protection for human life and we look forward to continue working with you for the cause of life.

    All the best,

    Maria Gallagher
    Legislative/PAC Director

    If Alex got something similar we’ll be happy to report it.

    Of course, we will also wonder what the Pro Life Federation is thinking.

    1. A little too late, after their full-throated endorsement of Alex Charleon, isn’t it?

      Methinks their name is Mudd after all this.

  2. Mrs Scheerer just posted on her own facebook page a letter from PA ProLife Federation that Alex Charlton received their support –

    And due to this letter she is now questioning the integrity of the Pro Life Federation, which she so proudly posted earlier about getting an A-Rating?

    It seems to me that Bill Lawrence is trying to stir up controversy where it doesn’t exist. Someone needs to get this guy out of his basement and interacting with people to get him in touch with reality where it’s possible to have two candidates for office be pro-life.

    1. Sure it’s possible to have two candidates that are pro life.

      But is it possible to have a pro life candidate who thinks the abortion limit in Sweden is too restrictive for Pennsylvania?

      Don’t think so.

  3. Mr. Hayden, Alex Charlton had a meeting with a prolife group in Delco. After the meeting the following information was sent to the Pa prolife organization and as you can see, she did respond with THAT IS SO SAD, thanking them for sharing the information. Note the date they received it

    From: PA Pro-Life
    Date: January 26, 2018 at 11:01:12 AM EST
    To: Ted Meehan
    Subject: Re: Results of our meeting with State Rep. Alex Charlton

    Dear Regina,
    That is so sad. Thank you for sharing.
    Maria Gallagher

    On Jan 26, 2018, at 10:49 AM, Ted Meehan wrote:
    Alex Charlton is NOT Pro-Life.

    From: “Regina Scheerer”

    Subject: Results of our meeting with State Rep. Alex Charlton
    Attending were Father Costa, Father Gabin, Phyllis Heppard, Regina Scheerer, Anita Galligan, Donal McGuire, George Farrelly, Lori Cotterall and Jeanne McGuigan.
    Unfortunately, after our presentation and insightful comments and facts, his heart and mind were not moved.
    He equates viability of the fetus with life, says he does not know when life begins,
    and that a fetus with a genetic defect incompatible with life does not have the right to life.
    So he opposes limiting abortions to 20 weeks because genetic defects right now are not detected until 20 weeks, and the mother should be able to abort until 24 weeks.
    We pointed out to him many examples of wrong diagnoses and mothers who made the choice of life for their babies.
    As for dismemberment abortions, he says they are not the norm, but as we pointed out, they are still an option for the doctor and are performed.
    He WILL NOT support or vote for this bill if it comes up again unless it includes the exception for genetic anomaly.
    Please pray for his enlightenment.
    God bless,

  4. Good point and I think the voters should trust the largest and most respected pro-life group in the state over you- a failed candidate who is responsible for ensuring a radical democrat who will never vote pro-life is now in office and a failed reporter who lives in his parent’s basement.

    Pro-Life Federation is supporting Charlton, not Sheerer.

    1. A good candidate who fails is always better than a crook who lies. The people responsible for putting in fake conservatives into power are more culpable than a radical democrat showing their true colors. At least the Democrat wasn’t lying. Mrs. Esler is commended for attempting to right the ship; you are merely showing which side of the aisle you’re on.

      Pro-Life Federation is obviously showing their true colors.

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