Alex Charlton Accomplishments Via Campaign Lit

Alex Charlton Accomplishments Via Campaign Lit
Regina Scheerer, also a nice person but with actual accomplishments.

Alex Charlton Accomplishments Via Campaign Lit — We just got a piece of campaign literature from incumbent 165th District Pennsylvania Representative Alex Charlton.

It says he’s a devoted husband and father of three daughters, is a life-long resident of Delaware County and is a graduate of West Chester University and Penncrest High School

It pointed out that he is State Sen. Tom McGarrigle’s former chief of staff, had been president of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, was a former board member of the YMCA of Delaware County and once chaired Values into Action, an organization for the physically and mentally challenged.

Those are nice things. Alex is a nice guy. But so what? How is that helping cut the cost of the new Springfield High School by many millions?

Alex’s Republican primary opponent, Regina Scheerer, is a nice person too.  She is a wife, mother and grandmother and she has lived in Springfield for 40 years which is much longer than Alex has. Unlike Alex, though, her career did not involve politics. Regina is a retired middle school math teacher. Most will say that trumps being a senator’s chief of staff when it comes to understanding the needs of the people.

Regina gets the cost of wasteful spending and the burden it imposes. She gets and is willing to fight the corrupting influence of special interests. She understands that it is the elected official that is the servant and not the other way around.

She says she will not take the pension offered to Pennsylvania legislators.

What is interesting in Alex’s campaign lit is that he didn’t list any legislation he introduced nor boast about any of his votes.

That’s understandable. Alex strangely voted to maintain the practice of automatic deductions from state workers’ paychecks to pay for politicking. This is a major tool of empowerment for special interests.

Alex also voted against a mild, but significant, anti-vote fraud bill that would have allowed poll watchers to work throughout the state. The law now restricts them to the county in which they are registered.  He opposed a  bill limiting abortions in Pennsylvania to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy rather than the existing 24. It should be noted that liberal Sweden bans them at 18 weeks while most of the rest of Western Europe bans them at 12 weeks.

The primary election is May 15.

The 165th District has 63, 769 residents as of 2011 and consists of Morton Borough;  Springfield Township except for the 2nd precinct of the 3rd Ward; Marple Township except for the 5th Ward; and the 4th and 6th wards of Radnor Township along with 1st Precinct of the 1st Ward, the 1st Precinct of the 3rd Ward and the 2nd Precinct of the 5th Ward.

Alex Charlton Accomplishments Via Campaign Lit

10 thoughts on “Alex Charlton Accomplishments Via Campaign Lit”

  1. Alex Charlton lied to fiscal conservatives.
    Then he lied to social conservatives.
    And now Charlton is lying about why he lied.
    Alex Charlton is shameless.

  2. Great column Bill and right on the mark! Regina Scheerer is DEFINITELY honest and straightforward. Her word is her bond. I have worked with her for years and can say unequivocally that she would be a phenomenal representative of the people. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, principled and
    communicative. I only wish I could vote for her but I moved from Delaware County
    to Chester County some time ago. I would urge EVERYONE in her district to vote
    for her. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Thank you for letting your readers know about Rep. Charlton’s voting record. Memo to Alex: We’re tired of insiders who say anything to win and don’t keep their promises. You will be held accountable.

    Dot Stipa

  4. Alex Charlatan accuses Regina Scheerer of misrepresenting his vote against the Republican Budget Bill. Could this be true?

    On his own “Charlatan for PA” page, it says the following…
    Friday, September 15, 2017
    Charlton takes stand against GOP funding plan
    “Rep. Alex Charlton, R-165, of Springfield, continues to show an independent streak. He voted against the GOP plan, and it’s not the first time he’s bucked his own party.”

    Somebody is a two-faced, lying, phony-ass RINO! And, I don’t think it’s Regina Scheerer.

  5. I was very upset that Alex Charlton voted against the bill limiting abortions to 20 weeks. Before the bill was voted on, I called his office to express my hope that he would support this bill to save babies’ lives. His spokesperson said Alex would not vote for the bill. He said babies could die at this stage. I said perhaps a baby would die naturally, but that doesn’t mean we should kill the child.
    I am glad Regina Scheerer is running with her strong pro-life belief and actions!

  6. I read that Republican (?) Alex Charlton voted to continue using our tax $ to finance dues collections for government unions, voted for Michael Bloomberg style background checks for gun purchases and voted against abolishing the abominable practice of dismembering pain capable babies in the womb.

    Bad record in my view. 165th – vote for Regina Scherer.

  7. I keep getting very colorful flyers about Alex Charlton but cannot find a list of actual accomplishments. He has initiated no legislation on his own! He appears to be a great follower, but hardly the great leader these flyers claim him to be. We don’t need more rubber stamps in Harrisburg…we need real change and we can begin with electing Regina Scheerer on May 15, 2018!

  8. Here’s what Alex stands for, right from his campaign literature: “Women’s Rights”. ….As most Pro-Life voters know, this really means “Abortion rights”. Alexis is squarely on their side with his recent veto on the bill limiting abortions.
    I would expect that from a Democrat, but not a “so called” Pro-Life Republican. Alex, we need a principled person who is willing to stand up to the pressure. You’ve proven by your tepid track record that you are not the right one. I’m protecting the rights of future women by voting for Regina.

  9. Alex has nothing but excuses, typical of a politician who cares more about himself than the barbaric procedures on the unborn and the increase in taxes on his constituents. He is just another self-serving politician worried about his own career.

  10. I know Regina personally and can attest, without a doubt, she is a woman of her word. Political leaders who lack this basic characteristic should not be re-elected, plain and simple. It undermines the political system. We become a government no longer governed “by the people.” We have our vote, our voice stolen from us.

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