Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances; Charlton, Bucks Reps Nays

Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances Or Alex Charlton, What’s Up? — A commonsense anti-vote-fraud bill overwhelming passed the Pennsylvania House, Sept. 26, and is now before the state Senate.

The bill no longer restricts poll watchers to their county of registration allowing them to monitor anywhere in the Commonwealth.

The vote was 106 to 91. Naturally, every fraud-dependent Democrat present — three weren’t there — voted against it,  but strangely so did 13 Republicans including Alex Charlton of Springfield (165), James Santora of Drexel Hill (163); and Bucks County reps Gene DiGirolamo  (18), Bernie O’Neill (29), Marguerite Quinn (143), Craig T. Staats (143),  Katharine M. Watson (144) and Scott Petri (178).

So what’s up with that Alex Charlton? More interestingly what’s up with that Bucks County? What all do you have to be afraid of?


Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances Or Alex Charlton, What’s Up?

Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances Or Alex Charlton, What's Up?



13 thoughts on “Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances; Charlton, Bucks Reps Nays”

  1. You can bet the Philadelphia Dems will be out for vengeance in the next elections since Trump won PA.
    Most likely 130% of a eligible voters voting Democrat

  2. Alex is terrible he has lied to my face about the sancuary city bill, he is a political hack, never had a real job, too rich to care about us normal folks.

  3. I heard a rumor Charlton is not running again, his campaign social media was taken down a few days ago. He doesn’t have Bill Adolphs to carry him anymore either he doesn’t want to run or the GOP doesn’t think he can win, anybody know?

      1. It’s weird that his social media is down and your correct he certainly isn’t voting like he wants to stay, but who would replace him? I’m pretty sure he wasn’t the 1st pick last time.

  4. Anyone see the article in the Delco Times this Sunday with the Springfield woman that is running against Charlton? I’m ready for him to go.

      1. Article didn’t say it was in this Sunday’s DELCO Times, her background sounded appealing, Charlton mine as well be a democrat so I’m not that concerned about party in this particular race.

    1. Couldn’t disagree more, people and issues before party, just voting bc someone has And R next to there name is how we end up with a doddering old racist, out of touch milionare, draft dodoging, race baiting, Manhattan liberal as our current President

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