30 Million Dollars Found Money

30 Million Dollars Found Money

30 Million Dollars Found Money if Pennsylvania changes the law.

The Springfield School (Pa) District is pushing for a new $150 million high school that would add about $400 to the already crushing  and ever-increasing school property tax for the average homeowner.

Leaving aside the dubious necessity of the building, that cost could be cut by $30 million almost literally overnight simply by putting some ink on paper — or erasing some off.

Pennsylvania’s prevailing wage law adds 20 percent to cost of all public construction projects for absolutely no reason other than to enrich those whose wealth comes from playing politics and it is these who are the true “1% ers”.

So why not scrap a law that impoverishes 99 percent of us? Because 99 percent of us don’t like to play politics. We better learn. Springfield residents contact your state representative Bill Adolph (R-165), who has quite a bit of say in what goes on in Harrisburg, and let him know you can’t hurt anymore. Let him know your grandparents can’t hurt anymore. Let him know your children can’t hurt anymore.

30 Million Dollars Found Money


12 thoughts on “30 Million Dollars Found Money”

  1. Disgraceful!
    Why do these so called solons think that more money will fix the awful state of education in Pennsylvania?
    Off course they know better, They just want the lucre that the deep-pocketed teacher’s union feeds them.
    It can be fixed, of course. with term limits, and no pensions.

  2. I remember when teachers were grossly underpaid, Now they are grossly overpaid. I think I like old way better because now, old folks can’t afford to pay the taxes and are losing their homes.

  3. 1- I’m puzzled why you would regard the need to replace a high school that was built the 1930s and 1950 as “dubious.” You clearly have not toured the building or attended any of the town hall meetings.

    2- Quite a lesson for our young people. Cut the wages of working middle class carpenters, plumbers, electricians and bricklayers by 20% and drive them further into poverty. How does a living wage impoverish workers?

    3- Not sure where paying a living wage to construction workers benefits the 1%?

    4- Instead of putting the burden of funding public education on property taxes, (senior citizens) lets go back to making the largest corporations (Comcast, GE, the energy companies) pay their FAIR SHARE of state and corporate taxes.

    5- A 4.5% extraction tax on natural gas from the Marcellus Shale would net the Commonwealth approximately $1.5 billion based on 2013 extraction figures. That is enough money to fully fund public education throughout the state and reduce the burden on local taxpayers. The natural gas industry has stated that they are NOT opposed to an extraction tax as long as it is fair. (4.5% is the lowest tax among major natural gas producing states- West Virgina)

    6- What does any of this have to do with school teachers or teachers unions?

    I have documentation to back up any of the facts listed here. I am a longtime Springfield taxpayer and parent. I am not affiliated with the school board or any Springfield School District teacher.

    Thanks for the opportunity to state my case.

    1. 1- I’m puzzled why you would consider the lack of outcry to replace Swarthmore College’s Parrish Hall (built 1868), Monsignor Bonner (built 1955), the Delaware County Courthouse (built 1872) and the Pennsylvania State Capitol (built 1906) as reasons that maybe the high school does not need replacement. Clearly, we have toured the building and attended a town hall: https://billlawrenceonline.com/new-springfield-high-plan-leaves-crowd-leary/

      2- Quite a lesson for our young people. Artificially increase the wages of those who have well-paying jobs to further drive into poverty the elderly, unemployed and working families who have to pay them with taxes.

      3- You’re not sure where artificially inflating the wages of union members whose dues are automatically deducted benefits the 1%? Check this out: https://billlawrenceonline.com/john-kane-compensation-challenge/

      4- Make Comcast et al pay their FAIR SHARE? Good luck with that. They pretty much own the Democrat Party: https://billlawrenceonline.com/the-1-percent-are-democrats/

      We’re still trying to get them to unbundle services.

      5- A 4.5% extraction tax on natural gas from the Marcellus Shale would net the Commonwealth approximately $1.5 billion based on 2013 extraction figures — which would be used for higher wages and bennies for state employees and more pointless grants for politically connected NGOs. You want to use it to replace the property tax, though, you won’t get an argument here. But the property tax goes first.

      6- What this has to to do with teachers unions is that all the money comes from the same pot. If teachers had a defined contribution retirement plan like most of us rather than a defined benefit one, the money would be there for the new school. The union fought and continues to fight tooth and nail to keep this from happening.

  4. Mr. Lawrence-

    Thanks for posting my response and for your comments.

    1- Swarthmore College & Monsignor Bonner are private institutions. There is no comparison. Besides, I guess fixing a 70 year old high school will cost taxpayers next to nothing. I’m sure parents will love having their children attend classes inside portable trailers or in classrooms where workers get rid of asbestos.

    2- What construction workers and school teachers are having their wages artificially increased as a result of the prevailing wage? You are blaming middle class workers for driving seniors and the unemployed into poverty? Did the middle class cause the financial crash of 2008? I challenge you to drive past any school or construction site tomorrow and marvel at the fancy cars these greedy bloodsuckers drive. Maybe their cars are parked at their McMansions in their three car garages. That is so absurd I have no further response.

    3- Interesting you mention Comcast as owning the Democrats – which may be true – but you give yourself away with that comment. Nothing to say about the energy companies that are taking our natural resources and polluting our environment without paying a dime to the public? Nothing to say about the energy companies that funded Corbet’s campaign and Bill Adolph’s campaign? You can’t have it both ways sir.

    4- Governor-Elect Wolf plans to direct extraction tax revenue from Marcellus Shale directly to public education. I hope the legislature agrees. It will help to reduce the burden of local property taxes, especially on seniors.

    5- The unions are not perfect. They do however work to protect working Americans to maintain what little is left of the middle class. For years my school teacher friends were ridiculed by those who worked in finance or law or sales. They were ridiculed for working 70 hours a week and dealing with unruly children and carefree parents for starting salaries less than an assistant manager at Burger King. Now that many of them have become the victim of Corporate America themselves, they want to take away the few worthwhile benefits (like a pension) that public employees receive. Sad and shameful. Its a race to the bottom.

    As you can tell I respectfully but passionately disagree with your talking points. I will pray for you and your friends every day that you will support what is right for everyone in the community and especially for our children.

    Thank you

    1. 1. Swarthmore College & Monsignor Bonner are private institutions. BINGO. Change the law so that public projects can be treated no differently than private ones and our public buildings will become much better maintained (and much cheaper to build if necessary).

      2. Every construction worker on a public project has a wage set significantly higher than one on a private project solely because of a state law. If you think market wages are unjust: ask yourself the next tine you remodel your kitchen or get your roof fixed, will you insist on paying the workmen prevailing wage?

      Prevailing wage does not apply to teachers.

      3. Comcast was your example 🙂

      4. Wolf does not plan on cutting other taxes, in fact his goal is to raise the income tax. Our suspicion is that most of the Marcellus Shale money will go to those on the public payroll or with government connections rather than the rest of us.

      5. Now you are hand-waving. A specific reform that will greatly benefit most and put a burden on some that most already have is being opposed by a specific union. They should be called out on that. We are not against labor and recognized the need or organizations that look out for the rank and file. However, as you noted, they must not be considered holy.

      Teacher compensation has been above average for decades, and with its inherent job security has been a much better than average job. There is an enormous surplus of those seeking to enter the teaching profession. It should be further noted that the better Democrat presidents were very much against public-employee unions.

      For the record, our view is that teachers should be “filthy rich”. https://billlawrenceonline.com/teachers-should-be-filthy-rich-and-heres-how-to-do-it/

      Prayers are always appreciated but let us not forget the Christian value of humility. I certainly recognize that I can be wrong. Can you?

      And regarding the children, ask yourself this: Should someone who threatens children for personal gain be allowed near children?

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