Make Teachers Filthy Rich

It was described here months ago how to make good teachers filthy rich and so it shall be reiterated.

Per pupil spending in Pennsylvania in 2009 was $14,420.  Most school districts in Pennsylvania have a school year of about 190 days with the state mandate being 180 days.

To make Pennsylvania teachers filthy rich — and save taxpayers money:

End all local school spending so all the money comes from Harrisburg.

Give each person up to age 18 an educational voucher of $5,000 per school year to be spent on a standard, state-approved curriculum.

Cut the school year to 120 days which will allow teachers to reasonably teach two school years in a calendar year.

Allow a maximum class size of 30 pupils which those of us who grew up in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s experienced and which can easily be handled by a competent teacher.

So with $5,000 x 2 school years x 30 pupils per school year teachers would be guaranteed $300,000 revenue per year. Of course, just as other professionals such doctors and lawyers, they would have to bear the cost of insurance,  building space and other expenses but it is very unlikely that that would exceed $50,000 per year.

So competent teachers could look forward to incomes of at least $250,000 per year under this plan and I for one would be quite happy for them.

Especially as it would mean more over all education –240 days vs 190 days — and an overall tax decrease –$10,000 per pupil vs $14,420 (2009).

Make Teachers Filthy Rich


Make Teachers Filthy Rich

4 thoughts on “Make Teachers Filthy Rich”

  1. So, here we have some, what I deem to be “free thinking”.
    This we need.
    We also need the truth….We do not need liberals and conservatives, but they have their purpose.
    Mark my words !
    IF our people think of nothing else other than “richness”, our nation is doomed.
    AND ! If we think of nothing else other than efficiency , we are also “doomed”, as a nation .
    Balance is the key.

  2. Teachers are not interested in making more money? I’ll remember that the next time they call a strike.

  3. AND ! If we think of nothing else other than efficiency , we are also “doomed”, as a nation .
    Balance is the key.

    I agree completely. We should balance our educational system with school choice and vouchers.
    Let the parents decide where to send their children and let the taxpayers decide on how much they want to pay for their education.
    Remember that balance is the key.

  4. Vouchers are not the answer. Ending compulsory education, teaching licensing requirements, and adopt private accreditation is. Private education cost would drop, education standards increased, and teaching profits would sore.

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